Dreams vs. Goals & How Family Shapes Us

“Life is not about doing or having. It is about becoming who you want to be.” “People don’t have a dream about the process. They have a dream about the destination” “Like battle, life is a fucking war.” “If you don’t understand it, don’t invest in it.” “If something ‘bad’ happens it is only bad if you perceive it that way” “I never gave a … Continue reading Dreams vs. Goals & How Family Shapes Us

Losing Friends, Sales Strategies and Twitter Q&A

“Don’t look at loss as a bad thing.”

“There are no free rides”

“So John, does this mean when you used to call me every Friday to ask about my chest workout that you didn’t really care? 🙁 ”

“I’m just a persistent motherfucker” 

“Your ideas aren’t shit until it is a great idea and a great idea is proven”

“I’ve heard all kinds of people tell me what they are going to do. The difference is, I go and do it.”

“Figuring it out and just making it happen is most of life.” Continue reading Losing Friends, Sales Strategies and Twitter Q&A

Natural Born Traits Of The Successful

“Bro I stacked paper so hard it was ridiculous”

“You create the life that you want to live”

“I just assume I’m gonna have to do more than what everybody else does to get the same result”

“I walk around trying to encourage motherfuckers all day”

“Never think preparation has to be negative.”

“What I am doing with my personal finances has nothing to do with who I am.”

“Life is how we think about ourselves.”

 “Information is the greatest commodity out there” Continue reading Natural Born Traits Of The Successful

Live Q&A From The Arnold

“I probably won’t cuss at all today because I’m in front of y’all..” * proceeds to cuss more than any of the hosts *

“I’m trying to solve a problem for the state. I don’t need anybody’s permission.”

“When something is right in anything you do in life, you don’t have to force it.”

“I used to ask my mom ‘Is it normal to think you are just never gonna lose at anything?’ She responded, ‘No John, thats just you.'”

“When my time is done and I leave this place, what I want is to leave something of myself behind. Whether it is a quote or more than that with a lot of fucking people.”

“I’m trying to solve a fuckin problem. Y’all are trying to make money. Big difference.”

“I don’t want this to come out like I’m hating on anybody but we’re better.”

“People accept too many thoughts in their lives. Reality is not words, reality is your thoughts.”

“I’m the original Zoolander motherfuckers.”
Continue reading Live Q&A From The Arnold

Limiting Factors of Success

“You were on house arrest in 8th grade!? This motherfucker…”

“In identifying the distractions in your life and finding the ability to transcend them you naturally attract the better things in your life.”

“Complaining and excuses start where thinking stops”

“People need to understand that how you feel and what needs to be done are two different things.”

“I practice a level of cocky humility”

“If you speak with conviction and confidence people will listen.”

“Care about your life enough to design your day.”

“I never really cared what people thought because for most of my life no one understood what I was trying to do.” Continue reading Limiting Factors of Success

Timeless Thinkers That Changed The World

“The primary objective is to subdue the enemy without fighting”

“Thought takes shape in all forms. Nothing intelligent can take place until thought and purpose are linked together.”

“I just remember telling myself, “I’m meant to do big things.”

“Don’t be influenced by a book’s title. Be influenced by a book’s content.”

“Motherfuckers got microwave mentalities. Everything is on the instant program.”

“To be wronged, is nothing unless you continue to remember it.”

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of your ignorance.”  

“No man is a free man until he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own personal initiative.” Continue reading Timeless Thinkers That Changed The World

Non-Negotiable Leadership Qualities

“Everyone wants be around someone who is enthusiastic about what they are doing.”

“I knew the intangible was the enthusiasm”

“Life is imagination. You’re living when you’re dreaming.” 

“The future is always unknown but you can use that to motivate you because in the unknown, anything is possible.” 

“If you’re not committed in every area, then you’re not committed in any area.”

“Hey motherfuckers, we’re talking about shit that has nothing to do with your feelings right now.”

“Loyalty is non-fuckin-negotiable. Period.”

“You are evolving today whether you know it or not. So get focused on it and take yourself in the direction you want to go” Continue reading Non-Negotiable Leadership Qualities

Living An Intentional Life

“Living life without intention is just wandering aimlessly” “It is an internal push thats on your mind to constantly get better.” “I would be cheating myself if I didn’t want to be the best.” “Good, bad or indifferent, when I make a decision, I’m all in.” “Human growth and development is not supposed to feel good” “This is a body of work that takes constant … Continue reading Living An Intentional Life

A Meeting With Warren Buffet

“There’s popularity and then there’s power and after power, you have people who legitimately move the world”

“He isn’t trying to rich or trying to be wealthy, he is trying to be a world changer.”

“I’m going to give my kids enough to do something but not enough to do nothing.”

“Money is not the root of all evil. Its a vehicle.”

“The rich get richer when the market crashes.”

“People are the biggest distraction in life”

“All these people who are super successful spend so much time reading and most people just don’t like fuckin reading.” Continue reading A Meeting With Warren Buffet