How To Sell Yourself & Influence People

“You will never be able to maximize your business if you don’t understand culture.”

“You are selling yourself every day because it is all about what have you done for me lately”

“If it feels the same, it will yield the same.”

“You can’t argue results.”

“When you are trying to win big, your name doesn’t need to be on the building. You can win from just being around.”

“The long game is the only way you can truly get respect.” Continue reading How To Sell Yourself & Influence People

Impactful Movies & Why You Should Never Settle

“They can predict prison sentences based on third grade reading level.” “There are a lot of people making money off you being naïve.”  “As you get older, you feel very uncomfortable when you feel like you need to lie to somebody.” “There is nothing more freeing than owning your own life.”  “I need my dreams to be easy an easy yes.” “You want more? Do … Continue reading Impactful Movies & Why You Should Never Settle

Maintaining Creativity & Real Estate Investing Round Table

“The entrepreneur is the guy who brings the idea with the will to make it happen.”

“The first thing I tell women when I meet them is, ‘I’m an ex drug addict and I play video games.”

“Being a kid is just staying in the spirit of creativity.”

“Invest in what made you.”

“If I go and settle for something else, I am denying myself and not living my dream.”

“Stop putting a price tag on things that will fulfill you.” Continue reading Maintaining Creativity & Real Estate Investing Round Table

Are You A Paper Clip, Magnifying Glass, Teddy Bear Or A Slinky?

“If you understand people’s personalities and how they make decisions, you will understand the capacity at which they function.”

“Just because you are in charge does not mean you are the best at everything.”

“Empowering people is passing on your gifts.”

“Let the numbers make the decisions.”

“Namaste motherfucker.” Continue reading Are You A Paper Clip, Magnifying Glass, Teddy Bear Or A Slinky?

The Rapid Fire Episode

“Things don’t happen, we make them happen.”

“When you work on your craft at an obsessive level, the money will open up.”

“Nice things are cool but feelings are the only things that are real. ”

“If you learn to be self sufficient, you learn to be the master of your own mind.”

“There just needs to be less talking and more doing.”

“Life is a game and you are going to be down on your ass more than you are standing there with your chest up.” Continue reading The Rapid Fire Episode

We Live In Two Worlds: Inner & Outer

“It doesn’t matter what I do or what I have, I feel good about myself.”

“The deepest accomplishments come from your sense of self.”

“Your creativity is one thing that you have that no one can take away from you.”

“You can make as many mistakes as you want but they are not really mistakes. You are on a journey.”

“If pain isn’t part of the process, is what you are doing real?”

“People don’t realize how good discipline can feel.”

“When in doubt, the truth is the ultimate answer.” Continue reading We Live In Two Worlds: Inner & Outer

Leading With Support & Battling Pressure

“Suffering is all part of purification.” 

“If there is power, money or women involved people reveal themselves.”

“Wherever your treasure is, your heart is.”

“When they make it they don’t know how to manage it, they think money is made to be spent.”

“Through desperation people do desperate shit.”

“If you are on Instagram, haven’t had massive success but want to look like you have, quit being a fuck head.”

“Let the passive income pay for the liabilities.”

“The best way you can reinvest back into the world is to give what you have gotten.”

“I don’t look up to anybody, I just want to get better.” Continue reading Leading With Support & Battling Pressure

Freight Train Mode

“You got to that beach by being someone who gets high on productivity.”

“When I get up, I don’t have to try to get out of bed.”

“Everyone is searching for harmony.”

“People think their time is so much more valuable than it is.”

“In order to have staying power there is a level of grind that you must have.”

“Preaching lifestyle is more important than any monetary value.”

“I just don’t believe that I can get injured lifting weights.”

“Whatever you put into the world, the world will return to you.”

“Real power can’t be given, it must be taken.”

“The life that you have is the life you create. Just as the problems you have are the problems you create”

“Have hard conversations fast.” Continue reading Freight Train Mode

Make The Rules Or Follow Them

“When you think about it, its just gangster shit.” “You may not have to worry about getting shot but a motherfucker will stab you in the back.” “The criminal spirit is entrepreneurial.” “In business there is no fair and unfair.” “In business, the guy with gold makes all the rules and you want to be the guy with the gold.” “Follow the rules until you … Continue reading Make The Rules Or Follow Them