Open Q&A With Success Minded Millennials

“This happens for a reason, I got nothing to fuckin lose, lets just roll the dice and go.”

“Lift up your fucking head, you morons.”

“You can have a great idea, you can be motivated for a short period of time but shit fuckin changes.”

“Effort doesn’t get you shit. Execution gets you everything.”

“Luck is where preparation meets timing.”

“The smartest people extract knowledge from others” Continue reading Open Q&A With Success Minded Millennials

How To Develop A Bulletproof Mindset

“When you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like a chore” “The layman’s definition of anxiety would be, ask your subconscious a question it cannot answer” “The culture of the age perpetuates honesty as weakness” “The purest form of motivation is love what you do in the moment you’re doing it.” “Putting absolutes on uncontrollable outcomes is so dangerous.” “Learning is important because its … Continue reading How To Develop A Bulletproof Mindset

OSU National Championship Head Coach Joins B&B

“While you’re running, also read” I am devastated right now, but if this is the worst thing that happens to me in my life then I am a blessed man.”  “God knew I would be here way before I knew I would be here” “It is so hard to quiet your mind until you are in place of pain” “Make up your mind and then … Continue reading OSU National Championship Head Coach Joins B&B

The Pressure To Succeed

“Don’t tell yourself that what you enjoy is not a career”

“Living a simple life, if it contains happiness and excitement, is something you should not overlook.” 

“My level of success was always determined by me”

“They are too busy working and not busy living. Life is meant to be lived brother” 

“When its time to show up on game day, I will leave my spine out there to beat you. I want you to challenge me.”

“I was a success in finding my lane as a deal maker and making money but I was a fucking degenerate who lost all my values in the process.” Continue reading The Pressure To Succeed

Kill It In 2018

“It got me money but it didn’t make me happy”

“Money without happiness is just paper”

“Pressure is something you create for yourself, it isn’t really anything.”

“We found an identity of, ‘We’re just gonna fuckin wing it'”

“I’ll always be out of my mind and a maniac. I’m just trying to tell less people to fuck off”

“Its about having all three, fitness, business and personal locked in so they can synergistically work together.”

“I aint got shit figured out. Im just trying to get better every day” Continue reading Kill It In 2018

Defeat Self Doubt

“Self doubt is the killer of dreams”

“Decision making and emotion are like oil and water. They do not work together.”

“We get one motherfucking shot at this. Do not sacrifice it for the speculation in your head.”

“You are in control of your reality. It may sound hokey but it is the fucking truth.”

“You never want to write a check with your mouth that your fuckin actions can’t cash.”

“The stuff that I do day to day gives me the confidence I need to not believe in that stuff”

“I literally just think, ‘Im a Bad Motherfucker'”

“I remember thinking that you’re a little bitch ass motherfucker if you can’t finish this. If you don’t have the confidence to hang everything on the line for the story” Continue reading Defeat Self Doubt

Identifying Opportunity

“Real opportunities are so hard to come by”

“You did just tell the guy’s mom to fuck herself but I think we can just act like it didn’t happen…”

“When you see an opportunity, you have qualified yourself to put in work.”

“Opportunity is not delivered to you, it is created by you”

“To seize an opportunity you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Wanting it, in this game is ALL IN.” Continue reading Identifying Opportunity