Episode 53: Breaking Down the Barrier of Entry in Business

“Stop thinking ‘oh i need to know this or that’. Go out and figure it out for yourself” – John Fosco

“The confidence is the true intangible that if people don’t work on, they are never going to win.” – Cory Gregory

“I’m gonna be on the cover, they just don’t know it yet” – Cory Gregory


  • Welcome Back! 00:30
  • Insights On Clay Guida’s Upcoming Fight: 3:14
    • Clay went on to DOMINATE his opponent in this fight
  • Don’t Let The “Barrier” of Entry Keep You From Starting: 8:49
  • Marketing Mistakes: 23:30
  • Getting Started in Fitness: 26:40
  • The Power of Being Confident: 33:25
  • There Are Always Levels: 39:00
  • Gain Real World Experience and Evolve: 44:40
  • Can You Really Be Self Made?: 48:02
  • Creating Situations To Prove People Wrong & Having Fun With Business: 59:14
  • Closing Remarks/Recap: 1:04:10


Everyone thinks the barrier of entry into the fitness and sports industry is massive but it really is surmountable.

People tend to over complicate the idea of getting started. Many of the hurdles preventing you from starting your path to success are fictional, created in your own head. The best way to get past the barrier is to JUST START. In fitness and sports agency, what you are doing is selling yourself to one person at a time. Understand what your potential client(s) would want from you and figure out how to make it happen. You do not need permission from anyone to sell yourself. Start reaching out to companies. Utilize social media to reach out to athletes. Get the companies first then the athletes. Once you have the money it will make signing an athlete much easier. Then look beyond the money and make the athlete feel wanted. Once you build a relationship and deliver, word of mouth spreads and you gain clients. You cannot sign any big name guy without killing it for your other clients. You do not need to go through anyone to get started. To get started, you simply START.

When marketing focus on 18-34 year olds. These people are the golden demographic. This is why several years ago John and Cory were able to capitalize on the UFC several years ago. They saw an untapped market that held this demographic and used it to catapult their businesses.

There is never a right time to get started. Many people wait to get a job as a trainer until they have a degree or some certification but that is unnecessary. There is no law restricting people from becoming personal training. Don’t give society the power to tell you when you’re ready. Once you get in the mix you will be able to learn from the experience. In the commercial gym setting as long as you can sell personal training, people will see results and keep coming back. The person who rarely comes to the gym and has never really been in shape has such a small knowledge base regarding fitness that even if you only know a little bit you should be able to speak with confidence truly help them.

Exhibiting confidence is one of the most important things in business. When you hear that confidence from someone you begin to trust them. Project confidence in yourself, as well as in what you are selling. The confidence is the true intangible that if people don’t work on, they are never going to win.

Identify what the person on the other side of the negotiation wants, realize what you need to do in order deliver that and then you must execute. No matter how high up the food chain you make it, there is always levels. Know that no one is waiting on you. No one in a greater position of power has a chair at their table for you. You have to essentially pull up your own chair and deliver to such a level that they realize they need you at the table with them.

The sooner you can start, the better off you will be. If you are in school right now and know you want to be a personal trainer, you must start now. Go out and shadow someone, train people part time and begin growing. The way things are done in the real world is constantly evolving, many of the things you learn in school are outdated. By gaining real world experience simultaneously you will be able to dissect what is truly important. Get off your ass, get started and figure it out!

Many people help you along your journey to success but John believes you are the one who put yourself in the position to be given an opportunity. Anyone who gives you an opportunity, does it because they see a benefit for themselves. So it is up to you. Cory’s definition of self made is regarding the decision to make your life different from the norm. No one can make that decision for you. Regardless of means or current capability, you make the decision to change your life for the better.

You are the offense and the defense for your business. If you are not constantly making moves and evolving, it will all go away.

The chip on the shoulder, of “I’m going to show you.” can be one of the greatest motivators.


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