Episode 54: Is It Possible To Have Real Personal Relationships At Work?

Me and Cory say we are gonna do something, we fuckin do it” – John Fosco

“The world is ‘what have you done for me lately homeboy?’” – Cory Gregory

Episode 54 Index:

  • Welcome Back! 00:30 
  • 4AM Crew update and swallowing nuts: 2:14
  • John moves out to west coast to help the business scale: 3:44
  • Business vs Personal relationships: 5:15 
  • Having separate lanes/wheelhouses within one common goal 8:45 
  • Communication and Trusting your business partner: 10:00 
  • The value of putting your ego aside learning from your business partner: 16:45 
  • Signs that you need to evaluate your partnership: 20:42 
  • Compromise Is Key: 21:45 
  • When To Introduce The Personal Relationship: 24:00 
  • Holding A Higher Expectation For Execution & Team Atmosphere: 32:00 
  • Flipping The Switch To Win The Day: 36:45 
  • Struggle As A  Prerequisite To Making It To The Next Level: 42:11 
  • Closing Remarks: 48:00 


Most often it is not the case where partners become closer as friends while building a business, the key is an understanding that the top 20 reasons they are together is to accomplish BUSINESS goals. There must be no concern about whether the other person will execute on their end. Most people go wrong by focusing on the friend stuff first. In order to get to the personal details you must smash the business objectives. There is no place for anything personal until the job is done. The way a business partner can show that they care about your family is by executing on the business end.

Communication is the key within any relationship, business or personal. It is important to understand when things in your personal life are affecting the way you react to a business situation.

Most people’s partners worry them.  To have a successful partnership there must be a level of UNCONDITIONAL TRUST until it is broken. It is bad enough to micromanage an employee, try micromanaging another alpha business partner. This trust allows you to not step on each other’s toes. The understanding between partners and coworkers must be like the Ten Commandments. Etched in stone. There must always be a governing law to point to. Opinions are not the governing law. Don’t let your ego cause you to believe that you are the law.

What is hard for a man to do, especially in business is give someone else props and say “wow I can learn from them” You should be able to learn from your business partner. Your partner should help you level up. You can’t be good at everything and this is why picking the right person is massively important.

Communication, alignment and trusting the other person are the foundation of any healthy partnership. If you do not make concessions and compromise with your business partner you will destroy your business. You cannot look at your idea being chosen as an individual win. It is a win for the business, not the individual.

Viewing your business partnerships as a team is vital. You must get rid of the term “I”. In a business relationship it is always “we”. Using “I” over and over detracts from the team atmosphere. Everyone on a team has their respective wheelhouse and when each individual raises the expectation out of themselves the team will be unstoppable. You can feed on each other and grow. If each individual creates their own momentum and work together then whole organization gains momentum.

When things are going well,  people get comfortable this is when things  can go downhill fast. Deposit value everyday and it compounds over time. “If you are in cruise control too long, shit goes the opposite direction.” It is not about what you did yesterday or what you say you will do in the future. It all comes down to what you are doing today.

When you make it through life events that challenge your soul, your baseline for pain goes up so high that you can later endure what most people cannot fathom. When you are struggling, lean on that experience to drive you forward. Not everyone feels great each day. Even Cory and John have the same negative thoughts everyone does, but what separates them is the decision to look at the bright side and accept the challenges of the day.

If you believe you have not faced real  adversity, talk to someone who has and listen intently.

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