Episode 55- Our Take On Social Media & MUCH MORE!

“If you poke the lion with a stick enough times, don’t come crying to me when he claws you in the fuckin head” – John Fosco

“If I round out my skill set I feel like I’m achieving what God gave me and when it’s all said and done I want to achieve my full potential.” – John Fosco

“If you want to be a leader you have to have your own experiences and your own ideals” – Cory Gregory


  • Welcome Back: 0:30
  • Do you ever look back to check in on old business partners? 2:22
  • The Pull of Social Media – Business v.s. Personal: 6:45
  • The Value of Visualization: 26:22
  • Shocking Others Because of Your Evolution: 31:00
  • What is your plan? 34:39
  • Learning From Others: 41:00
  • Biggest Personal Influences and Characteristics That Resulted: 48:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:03:04


Life is about moving forward and checking in on people who are not involved in your life is kind of like mental gossip. There is no real benefit to it. There is a difference between reflecting on and learning from past experiences versus looking at an old partner. It is like looking back at your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Looking back on a former partner simply takes up space in your head and provides no value.

The interaction of social media is great but it is important to not let it consume you. Social media is a great tool, especially for business. It can build a level of trust with customers and followers to help build your business. However, you cannot let it consume you. Social media can quickly become an addiction where you are constantly refreshing your feed and this can take away from your ability to interact with others in addition to detracting from your ability to get your job done. Using social media for interactions is different than just looking through various accounts. It is “an unneeded busy”. When do you and when don’t you scroll through your social media? Its when not to, because you have all the other time to do it. Prioritize what is happening in front of your face, not what is on that screen. Focusing on organizing your thoughts and prioritizing your attention is a serious key for success. Social media can be and is dangerous to personal relationships as well as overall productivity. It can become a serious time waster and destroy real, in person social interaction if not used properly. That is not to say apps such as Twitter and Instagram are bad, these apps help connect the world and can bring closer to one another when used correctly.

John Fosco’s Pet Peeves For Young People: (Make sure you are not a part of this majority.)

  1. They shake my hand like a little bitch
  2. They can’t look me in the eye
  3. They don’t hold the door for other people
  4. They don’t say please and thank you

Visualize everyday where you want to be one day in your life. Do not just imagine or wish for it. You need to feel it in your body and all your senses. Notice and take part in the smells, the taste in your mouth, the sights and sounds. Most importantly feel the emotional reaction you will have when that day comes. The more vivid, the better the practice. Do this every day and you can, in a way, will it to happen. You know what you will do to get there. You don’t wonder if you will make it happen, you know you will.

When you are 20 to when you are 40 and you have nothing but gas in the tank. So you want to know my plan? I am going to go hard as fuck until I’m 40. It is incredibly difficult for these guys to ‘clock-out’. An exciting motivator is to be working when, everyone else is checked out on the couch. This is the difference maker. Those who work while others sleep or ‘clock-out’ are the people who are able to make an impact. There is no real end game for this stuff.

When you learn from someone else it is not uncommon to adapt their ideals and principles. It is important to not take everything someone says as infallible because they have achieved a certain level of success. One should listen, ask questions and run these principles and ideals through their own mental filter. You must remain your own independent person and not allow yourself to be swept up in the mentor. All the while, learning as much as possible to better yourself. Learn the principles from others but your development is on you. Be curious, search, follow and develop your own ideas. This will differentiate you from the pack.

Have the values instilled in you that allow you to operate at a high level every day. The appropriate way to treat people, being selfless, please and thank you, caring about people, go out of your way, respect elders, straight talk and enjoy the small things. It is not about you, there is always a purpose bigger than you. Always ask “Why?” and do not stop asking why until you understand it. If you keep asking why you will be able to figure out the real reason something is a certain way. When you grasp that the sky truly is the limit, the only limiting factor to your success is you getting in your own way. If you can foster these qualities and display them for the world, you will be successful as a person.

In order to become successful you must become comfortable with risk. If you do not take the necessary risks, the opportunities will be so small that you will never be able to reap any real reward. You must know the risk is real and know that you are not limited in your capacity to kill it. The risk is far less scary once you take that glass ceiling off yourself. Understand and assess the risk then find the confidence in yourself to attack and get shit done. There is a cumulative effect that builds up the confidence to take more risks and execute. It is incremental. Start small and then grow to the big wins. You cannot simply jump to making million dollar deals. It begins with a couple thousand and as you succeed here you take on more until you reach that ultimate goal.

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