Episode 56- “When Shit Makes You Money”

“I don’t know about you John, but I love saying no” – Cory Gregory

“Think outside the box and do some self reflection and you will win every time” – John Fosco


  • Welcome Back: 0:30
  • Cory and John’s Experience on the Pat Mcafee Show by Barstool Sports: 2:04
  • Making the Decision to Relocate for Business Reasons: 5:14
  • Divide and Conquer, Trusting Your Business Partner: 12:40
  • The Knighting of a Test Booster Athlete: 20:50
  • Life Lessons From a Youth Baseball Tournament: 22:30
  • A Shitty Example of Outside The Box Thinking (pun intended): 35:45
  • John’s Dog is.. umm.. Gifted: 48:21
  • Closing Remarks: 52:06


It is important to look at people who do things differently than you. Like Cory and John on Pat Mcafee’s podcast and see how to use that information to help yourself grow. Pat has a comedy podcast but just because his podcast is not in the same genre as Business and Biceps, there is still a lot to be gained from observing a successful venture such as this one. Just because someone is not in your niche or area of business does not mean you can’t learn a lot from them. Keep an open mind and pay attention to successful people in all industries.

When making the decision to move, someone like John is conditioned to appreciate how difficult it is to succeed in business so the decision to move was basically automatic. The move was going to help the business presently and enable Max Effort Muscle to scale in the future therefore it was a must. Cory deciding not to relocate in his previous business it may have ostracized him to some extent from the other executives, putting him on the outside of some decisions. This is the price that can be paid when one chooses to stay put and it must be weighed against the pros such as being close to family and friends. Ultimately a move for business is a highly individualized choice that depends upon each person’s circumstance and business strategy. Focus on what is going to make you and your family better.

Divide and conquer. Two strong business owners can operate on opposite sides of the country because they are so transparent with one another. People can operate from many different areas successfully and grow the demographic for the business. Two alphas in close proximity 24/7 could actually lead to increased conflict and become harmful. You cannot know what your business will need from the beginning so it is important to be open to the needs that arise.

As a parent you cannot let your emotions overtake you to a point where you are interfering with your child’s athletic events. It only detracts from every kid’s experience and teaches the kids that same negative attitude. This story tells kids that they can give their all, win the tournament and be told “No sorry, these people are upset so we are going to appease them rather than keeping our word.” While this does teach the valuable lesson that life is not fair it also teaches kids something dangerous. It tells these kids that you don’t have to put in work and execute, you can win by just making a scene. When you are going through youth sports it is for the benefit of the kids, not the parents who are trying to live vicariously through them. Youth sports have the potential to teach kids how to dig deep and work hard even when the odds are stacked against them. These lessons will stick all throughout life. Thus, enabling them to operate on a higher level as they reach adulthood.

An app was created to provide accountability for people who do not pick up after their dog “uses the restroom” and penalize them with a fine. This application provides a better environment and generates revenue for the company that utilizes the app. The creator of the app l identified a need and capitalized on it. You too can look at your own life, identify things you find annoying (i.e. seeing dog feces outside your apartment) and come up with a unique solution. If you find it bothersome, there is a good chance many others do too. Know the marketplace and if you answer the need you will win!

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