Episode 58: Inside The Business of Podcasting With Pat Mcafee of Barstool Sports

Welcome back to another episode of Business and Biceps with your hosts John Fosco and Cory Gregory! This week we have a HUGE special guest on the show! Pat Mcafee joins the show to discuss the business of podcasting and MUCH MORE! If you enjoyed this show, be sure to give us a five star rating and a positive review on iTunes to help us continue to climb the Business charts!

“There is deeper meaning than a fucking paycheck and that deeper meaning is what I’m going to follow.” – John Fosco

“You cannot put a price tag on fulfillment.” – Pat Mcafee

“There’s people that definitely fuckin hate me but who gives a fuck because I would probably hate them too.” – Pat Mcafee

“I wanted to become great so I could talk shit.” – Pat Mcafee

“Individuality is the key to success, especially in media.” – Cory Gregory

Episode 58 Index:

  • Welcome Back!: 0:30
  • Pat Mcafee on Changing Careers and Money v.s. Fulfillment: 2:00
  • The Business of Podcasting: 18:10
  • Podcasting is the Future of Media: 23:41
  • The Education Bubble: 25:55
  • Hate Because of Going in a Different Direction: 30:24
  • Being Authentic: 33:43
  • Relating to Music: 42:00
  • Pat Mcafee in the WWE Monday Night Raw: 49:24
  • What is in Pat’s Sack?: 53:02
  • Closing Remarks: 54:19


Pat Mcafee felt miserable while driving to work as an NFL Punter but was feeling highly fulfilled during the offseason while doing stand-up comedy. He chose to chase fulfillment rather than money. Money is not the be all end all. Simply making money will not make you happy. Pursuing a venture that pays less but is something you love to do can make all the difference in your happiness. Being rich is not bad as it can provide freedom from many stressors but you can do it while benefitting the world and making yourself happier. You do not need to sacrifice happiness for money, nor should you. Once you begin helping people by doing what you love, it provides a feeling that is better than any drug you can take. Utilizing our natural gifts to bring value to people is why we are here in the first place. What is a gift you have that you can use to leave an impact?

Podcasts are the future of media because it is uncensored. People are free to say how they really feel because there is no executive sitting up in their office telling people what they can and cannot say. There is something special about being genuine. The listener can sense the truth and reality in the show, thus building a more loyal following. Barstool Sports is growing because the mainstream sports media is so cautious in what they broadcast. The people in front of the camera make the mistake of thinking they are bigger than the sports they cover and that will be there demise. Arrogance can be the downfall of many corporate giants.

The business class teaches how it is supposed to be, not how it actually is. It is imperative to listen to people who have been through the struggle of building a business. The guy who does not know much who is willing to outwork and learn from mentors will beat the guy with the MBA every time. The degree can get you in the door sometimes but outside of that it does not do anything. Having a degree does not mean you know everything about that topic, nor does it necessarily make you an expert in that field. Remain humble and know that you are not entitled to anything.

There was actually more “shade” being thrown at Pat when he was in the NFL because would speak his mind about people in mainstream sport’s media. Once he became his own host for Barstool Sports, the numbers spoke for themselves and mainstream media shut up.¬†Speaking from one’s mind and being authentic is better than trying force your way into a specific demographic by saying what you think people will want to hear. If you think it is funny, odds are someone else will find it funny too. Maybe people will agree with you and maybe they won’t. If they do, they do and if they don’t, they don’t. Just be you and people will respond accordingly. Being fake and trying to force it will not get you far because people will sense it. There are so few people who have the confidence to say they do not need to please everyone, but those are the people who can make the greatest difference. Know who you are and own it!



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