Episode 59: F*ck College??

“Everyone of my friends who went to college for something specific, is not doing that” – John Fosco

“That piece of paper does not guarantee you a fucking dime” – Cory Gregory

“Instead of spending $120,000 on school, I was making $120,000 before I would have even gotten out of school” – Cory Gregory

“I’m a businessman and I GET MONEY!” – John Fosco

“How can you focus on a goal if you don’t know where the fuck you’re going”              – John Fosco


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • Most People Don’t Belong In College: 3:10
  • People Don’t Do What They Studied in College: 7:40
  • Making The Choice To Avoid Crippling Debt: 12:45
  • Social Life Tends To Be The Priority: 18:12
  • Missing Opportunities Because of Debt: 20:15
  • Passing Down The Value Of Doing What You Love: 26:04
  • Viewing College As An Investment: 28:50
  • Understanding Debt: 34:24
  • You Must Know Where You’re Going In Order To Focus On Goals: 38:10
  • So You Think You Hustle & Grind?! 41:00
  • What Do We Do For A Living?: 46:07
  • Being Yourself: 50:15
  • The Satisfying Feeling of Entrepreneurship: 53:44
  • Awe Inspiring Sights: 1:03:10
  • Business and Biceps/Max Effort International: 1:06:44
  • THANK YOU: 1:09:00



Fuck College is not universal to everyone. However, a significant percentage do not belong in college because they do not know what they want to do. For the majority, people just go to college because they believe it is what they are supposed to do, accumulate debt and learn virtually nothing about the “real world”. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer then obviously you would need to go through college. If you want to go get a job from somebody else then they will look at your credentials i.e. MBA and in that scenario the higher education can help but if you are looking to start something for yourself, you are only wasting time and money by going on in school. You would be better served to start now.

The VAST MAJORITY of people get a degree in X but end up doing Y for a living. They spent all this time, energy, money and stress learning how to do X in the real world but when they finally get out of school and find a job, that job teaches them Y and that is how they make money to pay off their debt. If you know you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer or a teacher that is a different story. In this case, you are certain that is what you want to do and the education is a prerequisite to follow your dream, then college is for you.

People feel college is an owed time to figure out what they want to do while they just chill and spend money. Society has painted college as this prerequisite for success when that just is not the case, especially in the entrepreneurial world we live in today. It is unbelievable how society claims college is necessary to succeed but also perpetuates the focus on partying 24/7 in school.

People can miss the opportunity to learn or build something of their own because the focus is on paying back their student loans, so they take the first job they can find rather than pursuing applicable knowledge or passion. You are so much better served to save that money, work for free for some ultra-successful individual and learn from them.

You are still going to have to do the same things after college that you could have done four years sooner and you would not have the business knowledge that is gained from real world experience.

This is not to say you should not go to college but rather you must be honest with yourself and determine whether or not you actually NEED to spend that money for the degree. Money is what brings people to college. It is an investment. You must ask yourself whether or not it is a good investment for you. Would that 120 thousand dollars be better off invested in rental properties or mutual funds or opening a gym perhaps? That is for you to decide. Max Effort Muscle was started for less than that. John started a website for $1,600 and netted 2.1 million. Cory and John are certainly outliers but you must consider the possibilities of using that money for something other than school.

Even if you are not in college you can still study for hours on end. Nothing is stopping you from learning. The difference is, you will be studying what you want to learn. Warren Buffett studies six hours per day, even now, still perfecting his craft.

Hustling is an art. Not something you post on Instagram then go back to bed. Everyone thinks they hustle and grind. If you are actually hustling/grinding you are not talking about it. You are too busy putting in fucking work to tell everyone how hard you work. People will know you are working hard because they see it, you do not have to tell people about it. A hustler has money. A hustler is always coming up with creative ways to make money. Grinding is putting your head down and putting in actual work. Others should dub you a hustler or grinder because they see what you’re doing.

As you achieve success it can provide a level of comfortability with who you really are and give one the confidence to be their true self rather than having to put on a show for some board room.

When you create money from thin air it is an indescribable feeling. The satisfaction of seeing something you built from nothing growing into precisely what you had envisioned is indescribable. The interesting thing about starting with a concept and growing it into an astounding success, is almost a humbling feeling. It can enable you to have a more open dialogue with others because you have nothing to prove. When you know you have nothing to prove, you open yourself up to real dialogue because you don’t spend your time in the conversation trying to convince the other person how great you are. The real toughest guy in the room doesn’t need to tell you how tough he is.

If you are a natural born hustler, then nothing will stop you because nothing will stop you. It does not matter what happens to you, you will eventually become successful. If it truly is in your DNA, when you least expect it the success will reveal itself. When you truly combine the hustle and grind together that is what takes you to the next level. Don’t Tweet about it, be about it.


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