Episode 60: KILL IT In Sales With Our Top 5 Sales Tools

“Big money and fast don’t ever happen together” – Cory

“It doesn’t matter how wealthy you get, you always love free” – John

“If you’re sitting on your hands, saying ‘Wow look what we’ve done.’ and you’re not saying ‘What are we doing next?’ You are going to fall behind the 8-ball.” – John

“Let them think they fuckin won because you just destroyed them.” – John

“We are gonna get the fucking deal!” – Cory 


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • Lessons From The Max Effort Muscle Baking Mix1:00
  • Sales Does Not Have To Be Sleazy: 6:45
  • Top 5 Sales Tools: 12:50
    • Cory’s Number 1: 12:50
    • John’s Number 1: 15:33
    • Cory’s Number 2: 19:05
    • John’s Number 2: 21:00
    • Cory’s Number 3: 23:55
    • John’s Number 3: 26:01
    • Cory’s Number 4: 28:10
    • John’s Number 4: 30:02
    • Cory’s Number 5: 38:40
    • John’s Number 5: 41:45
  • Summing Up The Sales Tools: 47:12
  • Cory’s Boxing Prowess: 51:00
  • Closing Remarks: 52:42


The introduction of the Baking Mix opens up Max Effort Muscle to a whole new audience. Max Effort can now reach people outside of the gym atmosphere, those who are simply looking to eat a little healthier and just tighten up their diet a little bit. By diversifying the clientele Max Effort is poised for even greater growth because they were creative and thoughtful with the product design.

A true sales process should be educating, not selling. Selling is pushing someone to do something. You need to educate the customer on the product and then set up a transaction. It comes down to how well you know the product. If you are selling based on price alone, it comes off as sleazy. You must do your homework. Know the product and the person you are selling before you dive into the following sales tools. When you are making a pitch to a room of people it is imperative to at least know who in that room is the “Top Dog” and who is lower level. This way you can know who has the final say in making the decision and focus in on that individual.

Cory’s Top 5 Sales Tools

  1.  Sell Yourself First. The goal is for the prospective buyer/client can know, like and trust you in the first meeting. You want them to understand who you are first and get them to like you. People go to assumptions automatically, so if you can make a solid first impression and ingratiate yourself to them it makes the sale much easier.
  2. Know Your Craft. When you know your craft and someone asks a question you can naturally respond with accuracy and confidence. You must have the information on lock and have a next level understanding of what you are selling.
  3. Display Your Skillset. Lean on your experience and demonstrate how you execute. Tell and show them what you are going to do for them by showing what you have done for others.
  4. Consistency In The Follow-Up After The Meeting. You could make an incredible pitch but they are all busy so they forget about you by the end of the day. Reach out to them as soon as possible and set a time when you will be reaching out to them again so you can set up something for you to deliver on. Then you must follow up on that exact time.
  5. Innovation Of The Relationship. Taking your relationship with this partner to the next level after getting the deal done. Showcase your ability to do things differently and better than everyone else. You must continually bring something new to the table that confirms they made the right choice. Just because someone has bought from you before does not mean they will buy from you again. Constantly coming with something new is what keeps you afloat and propels you forward.

John’s Top 5 Sales Tools

  1. Understand The Doers/Pitchers and The Listeners. Size Up Each Individual Listener. The doer is the salesman and the listeners are the people hearing the pitch. The listeners only job is to sit there unless you, the doer, can have a profound impact on them. By sizing up and examining each individual you are learning a little piece of information about them that can be used to help sell them. Upon gathering the information become a chameleon. Understand that conservative businessmen are not going to respond well to a pitch with swearing or “bro language”.
  2. Create Comfort. Especially in a “high-brow”, conservative scenario, give them some of your credentials. Reference things you have done in field’s related to theirs and for people like them. If you deliver it correctly some guys who previously thought they could intimidate you will now think twice. Display credentials that relate to the people you are pitching.
  3. Listen and Watch How They React To Your Credentials, Pay Attention To Each Person Listening If you explain that you have done serious stuff for big players in an industry, it will be met with skepticism, be prepared for it. Watch those on the other side of the table. Most likely one person will be giving you positive vibes. That person is your new best friend. They will be your advocate on the other side. Lean on this person during your pitch.
  4. Shape Your Pitch To The Audience. When you deliver the pitch, everything you say is in their vernacular to the best of your ability. Do not go outside your comfort zone but find a middle ground between the way you typically communicate and the way they do. Go at their pace so you can showcase your ability to fit in with their culture. During his pitch, John may mention that he works with the UFC spurring one of the people on the other side of the table to state how much he enjoys the UFC. Now John can use this information and offer tickets to fights as one of the perks of doing the deal. Make no mistake, something like free tickets to a cool event can make all the difference during a sale.
  5. Overcoming Objections. I need to know their business just as well as they know their business in order to overcome the inevitable objections they will have. You must also anticipate what those objections will be. The two most common objections will be social acceptability (i.e. Board approval) and price. When dealing with price never ask for what you want, always ask for 50-80% more because they will work you down. You need to be able to back up why your product/service is worth that amount and then be willing to fall down to a lower price. Once they counter offer to your sweet spot do not accept immediately. Explain that you will have to speak with the others in your office before you can make that deal. You always make them feel like they won.

Working a pitch with a business partner is beneficial because the decision maker does not need to like both of you. You can run “Good Cop, Bad Cop” in a sales meeting. It is always about the objective of making the sale.



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