Episode 65: WE GOT HACKED

“Exclusive and unique. Thats what changes the game” – Cory

“Get it out there, be true to yourself, be true to your brand and just stop hesitating!” – John

“We are just a couple guys who like to have fun” – John

“When you are in your own element, enjoying yourself you will ALWAYS be your most effective” – John

“People get stupid, lazy and become engulfed in their own power and greed” – John

“Then I’ll make 1/16th of what Connor made and I’ll be on Instagram with my wealth belly” – Cory

Episode 65 Index:

  • Netflix wants to license John’s photo gallery/Welcome Back: 0:30
  • Curated Content vs Creating Your Own: 2:15
  • The Creation Of The Song “Everyday I’m Hustlin” by Rick Ross: 10:30
  • Be Creative, Be Unique: 14:10
  • The Power of Having Fun: 21:45
  • The New iPhone and Your Privacy: 24:45
  • Hurricane Destruction: 44:50
  • Boxing Match Between Canelo and Triple G: 54:35
  • Closing Remarks: 58:45


 “Content is the bait at the end of your hook that you cast out when go fishing for customers” – John

“Listen, I think I’m sexy.. and solid. Sexy and solid. S&S Baby.” – John


Netflix is poised to spend 6 billion dollars in production of their own content. Not licensing shows from networks but for building exclusive content like House of Cards, Narcos, Bloodline, Stranger Things etc. Prior to the success of House of Cards, it was unheard of for a streaming service to spend money on production. Now the content streaming platforms are putting out is so good that it will be the death of cable TV. Platforms begin growing with curated content and then the company realizes, they are paying for this content anyway, why not just create it. Similar to what Cory used to do with his old supplement company and when he would produce content for fitness websites then moved to build his own platform. When creating content for these other fitness sites they would charge exorbitant amounts of money to feature Cory’s content because they viewed it as a marketing platform and charged as such. Doing this does not make these sites the bad guys but rather shows their prowess as a business. They are able to successfully leverage their unique visitor base to bring in massive amounts of revenue outside of sales.

The person who made the beat for Everyday I’m Hustlin woke up one morning, heard the sound in his head and created something in music that had never been done before. Sometimes things like this just hit you. Cory goes more in depth on this topic in his Daily Fire “Capitalizing On Flow“.

If you are not creating content, especially exclusive content you will not reach higher success in your business. Be exclusive and be UNIQUE. Anyone can be a “me too”. That is someone who simply copies what other people in their industry are doing. Think about your business and ask yourself, “are you different”. Is there anyone else doing things the way you are? Other companies won’t do what Max Effort Muscle is doing because they are scared of being vulnerable. Many people get frozen in their content creation by fear of it not being perfect. No matter how many takes you do, it will never be perfect. Perfection does not matter. What matters is the quantity and consistency of your own content. Just get the content out. No one can predict what people will relate to or what will go viral next. Find your unique lane and own it.

You will realize that when you have fun with what you are doing, you become exponentially more effective. When you are grooving, everything just flows. Especially when you are in the right spot, at the right time and really feeling the moment because this is when you are allowing yourself to be yourself. When you are in your own element, enjoying yourself you will ALWAYS be your most effective and you will yield results you didn’t believe possible.

Many people do not realize the trade we, as a society, made when social networking blew up. We traded our privacy and part of our freedom for access to these networks and new technologies. The new iPhone offers “Face ID” where it will scan your face to unlock the phone. Do you think that scan is not on a server somewhere? Your face is now on file and you can be identified anywhere in the world that you may go. This is not to say Apple is going to use this technology for evil but there is serious potential for things to go awry. Think about what you are giving up in order to experience these new technologies. Social networks know everything that you are interested in. The level of depth these networks provide regarding demographics is astounding. The social networks aren’t free, you are paying with your data and then the networks sell that data to companies so they can target their marketing. When Facebook bought Instagram, Instagram was not making ANY money. They were purchased for their users. The user has become a more precious commodity than the money. The use of your data is so dialed in and most people do not even realize that they are being retargeted for something. You do not need to have a problem with the way technology is going but it is important to have an understanding of what is happening with your information.

The way people operate now is app after app after app. When you get an app for everything you stop interacting in the real world and become consumed by the technology. When this happens we lose the human connection and that is a problem. People check their phone every 13 seconds. It is an addiction. Every time you check your phone for a text or ‘like’ on Instagram you get a small shot of dopamine, physiologically rewarding you for that behavior. Even though checking your phone is empty. What’s real is people interacting with one another. Technology is not going to stop so the best thing we can do is mitigate the damage done. We cannot let human interaction fall by the wayside.

In islands off the US coast, such as St. Thomas, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left them demolished. Help has not been able to reach them and there are people looting and running through the streets with weapons. Essentially a state of anarchy has set in. Survival is the most powerful instinct in humans. It is amazing how quickly people turn to violence and destruction when their back is up against the wall. With all this going on it is astonishing that some politicians will still deny that climate change exists and will refuse to put money toward solving the problem or at least mitigating the damage. America is an empire and every empire in the past has fallen for similar reasons. People get stupid, lazy and become engulfed in their power and their greed. Unfortunately America is trending in this direction and if we do not stop it, we are headed for trouble.

The Canelo and Triple G fight is poised to be the best boxing match in recent memory in terms of skill versus skill. Each competitor is a ‘once in a generation’ level boxer and both men are fighting at the peak of their careers right now. Both men are aggressive fighters who will go after one another to do serious damage. This fight will be determined by the will of each fighter.

Cover the cameras on your phone and laptop when you are not using them and then uncover it when you need to use it. Before you open an email that seems legit but a little sketchy, mouse over the sender’s name to see the full email address to verify whether or not it is real. If it is invalid it will put malware on your computer and that is how the hackers get in and you become exposed.

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