Episode 66: Don’t Take Yourself So Serious

“You can’t really care if someone looks at you and says, this dude fuckin sounds stupid” – Cory

“Cory, the podcast cannot be stopped and sometimes the snake cannot be stopped” – John

“I can’t draw and I can’t play music but I feel like one creative motherfucker.” – Cory

“Hold on a second bro. You’re not like me, and let me tell you why..” – Cory

“Too many people stick to the plan because in their mind, its the plan.. Well the plan is fucking shit. What good is a plan if it doesn’t work” – John

“Invest in your culture. Invest in your people. Have fun in a productive way” – John

“There is no science to this, be yourself, embrace it and display it.” – John

“Tap into the goofy part of your personality and let it fly. ” – Cory


  • Welcome Back/JOHN FOSCO HAS A GIRLFRIEND: 00:30
  • Don’t Worry about Other People Will Say: 04:00
  • Creativity Is Key: 10:50
  • Don’t Stubbornly Stick To Your Plan: 17:45
  • How To Get Over Worrying About What Others Say: 21:30
  • The West Coast Max Effort Team/The Value of Company Culture: 28:00
  • Be Yourself And Have Fun: 35:30
  • Video Games: 42:00
  • Closing Remarks: 46:20



You can’t care if someone looks at you and thinks your content is stupid. If someone thinks what you are doing is dumb, it does not matter. If you let that fear creep into your marketing you will be stuck. You have to get out of your own way and in a sense just make fun of yourself. When you are thinking that you need to grab attention, look at what the guys from Jackass did.. it may be intimidating but YOU KNOW people will look at your content if someone gets ‘leveled’. The more extreme, the more probability for views. Obviously you should be safe and not hurt yourself but be creative with your content and have fun with it. Typically when a company does a promotion for a deal, the product is front and center. Max Effort Muscle, on the other hand, has the product in the background and the shenanigans are front and center. You should get the customer thinking, ‘Okay.. what are they gonna do now?’ Creativity is key to the formation of exciting content. Promotions cannot simply be someone sitting in front of a camera blandly telling the customer about the deal.

Taking a brand from inception to a seven figure level is not easy. It is a skill. It is comparable to the ability to knock down threes. People can see basketball skills because it is physical but business skills are not so tangible which makes many people think success in business is lucky or easy. When Cory and John come together and go back and forth over an idea, it isn’t luck. Their skillset is such that they can discuss something at length, come to a decision and operate from a position of confidence. When both guys are in agreement, it is incredibly unlikely the result will be a negative.

Where many people get caught up, is that they plan and rely strictly on that plan. Then when data begins to contradict that plan, most people will stubbornly stay the course rather than pivoting to a new strategy. A plan is worthless if it isn’t working. There is no point to stick with a strategy when the numbers are showing that the plan is ineffective. When you change course, it may not work either but it is ALWAYS better to make adjustments when you know what you are doing is not working. If you came up with the plan yourself, do not try and force it to help your ego or image. A business will be successful when ideas are credited collectively not on an individual because that is when people become selfish. Let other people help you and everything becomes easier.

It is not easy to forget about what others might say about the content you put out into the world. What makes it easier is being the same person in front of the camera that you are off camera. Don’t change yourself to appease others. It is liberating to have the ability to be yourself on camera. When you are yourself, those that know you won’t have any problems with what you do.

Max Effort Muscle has people coming in as unpaid interns to work full time because the culture is that fucking good. That goes to show how important company culture is. Many companies struggle to get people to be invested in their work for more than 6 hours when the individual is getting paid 40K per year but Max Effort has managed to build a culture that has people moving from states away to come work for free, just to be a part of it. Invest in your culture and have fun in a productive way. There is no science to this, be yourself, embrace it and display it. Do not overthink your content. When you constantly show strictly highlights you lose people because no one can relate to that. Tap into the goofy part of your personality and let it fly. What is the worst that can happen? You don’t get a lot of views and some random person leaves a rude comment? WHO CARES. Just record every day and something will catch fire. You will find your niche through practice and it will just get better from there.

Every year on “2K Day” (when the new 2K drops) there is a 6% increase in people calling in sick the next day. As far as being a business, NBA 2K18 is killing it. They have done such a good job with their graphics that people who walk into your home will think an actual game is on TV. When you invest so deeply into that kind of quality you get that kind of ROI. When people invest in their work and take it seriously, incredible things can happen.

Not taking yourself so seriously, is not something to really think about and try to do. Don’t force it. Just don’t change who you are. Give your business a personality and let it make friends.




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