Episode 69: The Business Of The Penis

This episode is brought to you by the Max Effort Muscle Test Booster!

“When males are involved and it has to do with sex, its gonna be multi-billions”

“When the test booster was done, that was the first thing I felt. An ENORMOUSLY HARD morning!”

“So you pump it ‘1, 2, 3’ and you are at full mast.”

“If it is in position, there is no limit. You may ache, you may hurt, you may keel over and say I need lunch, you may need to be fed, you may need a shower, you may need to clean your sheets but you can continue”

“I refuse to adjust my life because something bad has happened and let them prevent me from living my life.”


Episode 69 Index:

  • Welcome Back With A Special Topic for Episode 69: 00:30
  • The Evolution Of The Penis Pump 3:20
  • The Science Of Penis Pumps: 7:35
  • Experiences/Encounters With Male Enhancements: 12:00
  • A Hard Segway Into The Austin City Limits Music Festival: 22:30
  • Live Your Life: 25:10
  • Technology Is Consuming Our Lives: 31:00
  • The Music Festival Business: 36:30
  • Closing Remarks: 38:45

Key Takeaways From Episode 69:

The penis pump existed in the 1950s and just like any industry it has evolved over time. Nowadays you are hard pressed to go to a gas station and not see some male enhancement pills or products. They charge $10 per pill and these gas stations have trouble keeping them in stock. Apparently men will spend an absurd amount of money for a placebo gas station pill that claims to help them in the bedroom. This comes as no surprise given that this complex with men goes back millennia. Ancient philosophers have theorized that major international conflicts have boiled down to sexual tension. How about that? Emperors starting wars all because they got blue balls.

Many men, for a variety of reasons, have issue performing so what they do to receive help is insert two tubes into the base of the penis through the bottom of the abdomen. The tubes are then filled with silicon, eliminating your body’s ability to fill it with blood so they implant a small pump in the scrotum. Once you pump it up a couple times you are fully torqued and then you are up there for as long as you want. Then when you are all done, you hold the pump down and it deflates. The erection is not connected to ‘release’ at all. Until you deflate it, you could keep going and going and going like the Energizer Bunny. No wonder these people are making billions. This business not going to slow any time soon because if you think about it, when are men going to want to stop performing at peak levels in the bedroom? NEVER!

Another side of this ENORMOUS (pun intended) business is something called “Trimix”. This is an injection with an insulin needle in the penis. Every guy knows there a levels to erections and this stuff guarantees a 13/10 every time, if you can, ya know, handle injecting yourself in the penis with a needle… I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

It’s like this, tell a woman she will be thinner and it will always sell. Tell a man his penis will get bigger and there is NO DOUBT men will always buy it. Even if guys are already confident and successful in this regard, many guys just want to feel like an absolute boss. This industry could be so big because men know that if you aren’t getting it done, someone else is. This would scare some men into doing just about anything to ensure they get the job done right, even injecting needles into their penis.


Cory and John discuss the horrors that occurred at the music festival in Vegas this past week. There were some real heroes in that crowd who were running around looking for people to save. Horrible people like the man who committed that atrocity, win when you adjust your life out of fear. Any day of the week we could walk outside and be hit by a car. No terrorist piece of shit should stop you from living your life because no matter what it could all be taken away tomorrow. So you have to live your life and enjoy every moment with those around you because you never know when your number will be called. Cory’s son’s school is closed because they are doing walk throughs of what to do in the event of a school shooting. We are in a place right now where fire drills are not what is interrupting classes, lockdowns are. It is a serious issue that we need to be prepared for but at the same time we cannot let fear drive us. We cannot let fear keep us from living. Everyone can look at the world and say “oh my god the world is so messed up”. What we need to be doing is figuring out what is causing the situation at hand. This starts with the individual because we can’t control what other people do. We control what we do.

Music festivals provide a sense of togetherness because you are all there for a common goal, to hang out and have a good time. Everyone is feeling the same vibe so you can walk up to some guy you’ve never seen before and high five him without any awkwardness. If you try that on the street, people will think you are crazy. Its because there is not that shared vibe or sense of togetherness on a day to day basis. These kind of events detach you from your technology an force you to interact with people face to face, which is foreign for many people. Why don’t we just do that regularly? The biggest addiction in America is our addiction to technology. People check their phones every 13 seconds. This makes it impossible to truly interact with someone.

The business of music festivals is absolutely booming. Usually when you try to sell tickets to something you lose money early on, but these festivals are popping up all over and actually making money. For entrepreneurs, try thinking about building a business that supports human interaction and togetherness rather than focusing on tech all the time. The human element needs to be in the forefront. This creates the culture that makes people want to come back over and over again.

Create a laid back environment for your business a few times each year where you all get away and just hang out for awhile. You will be astounded at the amount of great ideas that come from it. True creativity comes from this environment because it is such a low stress environment that people feel free to share ideas. It does not need to be crazy expensive and it is certainly worth the investment.


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