Episode 71: The Max Krispy Treat

“When you touch it, you might have an orgasm!”

“We aren’t looking at the fluorescent science project, AKA the supplement industry. We are looking at things that evoke emotion in people”

“I’m just not surprised anymore when people fuck stuff up.”

“The sustainability of success, rests solely on forward looking thinking.”

“I’m a professional in making people nervous.” 


  • Welcome Back/NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: 00:30
  • Kyrie vs Lebron and The NBA Update: 3:15
  • The Launch of The MAX KRISPY TREAT: 11:15
  • When Make The Jump To Entrepreneurship: 27:30
  • The Concept of Retirement/Expanding Your Wheelhouse: 41:45
  • Operating Around High Level People: 52:30
  • Lessons From The Boiler Room/Closing Remarks: 58:30



John respects Kyrie’s decision to leave because he feels that Kyrie is the first person to speak out and say he is tired of working with the “diva” that is Lebron James. Kyrie is a star and the league but was being treated like a second class citizen because of Lebron’s shadow. Cory’s take is a little different. He respects that Kyrie wants to split off and be his own man so to speak but not necessarily that he was treated poorly in Cleveland. An NBA locker room is full of big egos and big money. It is not like Lebron is the only player running his team. That aside, the Celtics vs Cavs season opener is a great marketing move and it is unlikely it would have been the opener without the drama between Kyrie and the city of Cleveland.

Max Effort Muscle is introducing an all new protein bar, a Max Krispy Treat, but it is not like the protein bars you are familiar with. Think of a Rice Krispy Treat, add some chocolate and make it healthy. That is the concept of the Max Effort Muscle protein bar. The introduction of the protein bars diversifies the business because now, even if someone takes another company’s supplements they can come to Max Effort and build a stack in the snack category (Baking Mix and Protein Bars). This opens up the company to a whole new market. Leading companies spit out paste and bake it into a bar. Cory and John, as always, decided to go against the grain of mainstream supplements in order to provide a better product for the customers. It is not about what is easiest and it sure as hell isn’t about doing things one way because thats what everyone else does. It is about bringing unique value to the customer and that goes for any business. These are not getting shipped out in cardboard boxes either. The goal is to create an experience unlike any other when you receive your product and that is what Max Effort has done, yet again. The question is always, “How can we be different?” When you do the same thing as everyone else that puts you in direct competition with them but when you innovate, you create your own category that you can take hold of. Max Effort Muscle has made the choice to stay out of retail because these stores take large percentages of revenue but the idea at Max Effort is that it is better to spend that money on the customer not the retailer. This is not the easy way but it is the better way. When you innovate there is no process in place so you are in charge of creating the new idea but also creating the process to transform the idea into reality. Creating these bars took twice as long as was expected. It always takes longer than you expect when you are creating something new. Partially because this process forces you to put faith in other people and people fuck up. John has come to expect people to screw up but never to accept it because it costs the business money. Just because someone runs a successful business does not mean they are a good businessperson. People can hit an industry at the right time and have success but may have very little business prowess.

Everyone has the same opportunities to create something or be a part of something massive and oftentimes when you look behind the curtain of something that is perceived to be some big operation, it isn’t all that complex. The opportunity is there for everyone, we are just the ones who decide to take it. You still have to go out an execute on the ideas and whatnot but by seeing it first hand, the wall is brought down and it is viewed as more attainable. It all comes down to the risk, the excitement, the creativity and the factor of trying to do something that has not been done before. The timing and decision of “when do I leave my office job to start something of my own” is a double edged sword. It is a massive risk to leave the stability that has provided for you and your family to pursue an idea. It is a suicide mission when you leave the stability to pursue a PARTIAL dream. It is advisable to make the change slowly. The risk is astronomical and you do not want to dive all in before you have a solid base set up because there is a good chance you will fall flat on your face. When you are finally able to make the leap and if you have what it takes to succeed, it is an incredibly freeing feeling and it is a confidence builder. Once your brand has been created and once you have your “A-Team” set up, the cultivation of new ideas and creative thought is where you want to deploy your talent. Most business fail to sustain success because the creativity that built the initial product or service is no longer being used to move forward. When people think about entrepreneurship they tend to envision this Utopia at the end of the race where they are set for life and don’t need to work again. This could not be further from the truth. True entrepreneurs can never just sit back and ride it out. They are always thinking about whats next and are never satisfied with where things are currently at. The second you get comfortable and take a breath, you are losing. The game of business is not over until you sell your company and retire.

Many entrepreneurs, Cory and John included, struggle with retirement because they cannot picture themselves being stagnant. John sees himself building businesses for the foreseeable future and owning three houses in various locations around the country. Cory believes he will be similar to Louie Simmons. In that he will continue to create content probably until the day he dies. It is not about money for either of these guys. Cory and John both want to continue their crafts for as long as possible because it is what they love to do. Though they have had great success in monetizing their passions, that has never been the primary motivator.

When you step out of your wheelhouse it can be a little uncomfortable and that is what is happening with Cory and John and their new venture with rondarousey.com. They have been used to doing everything themselves for awhile, which has resulted in a great deal of work for each of them. More recently, they have seen the benefit of having built an exceptional team enabling them to work less than they have and make more money than they have before. This should be the natural progression because of the systems you have put in place and the delegation to your A list employees or partners.

A great takeaway from working with people like Ronda Rousey or Tiger Woods is that it is important to realize that they are regular people too. They just happen to be really f***ing good at their craft. Ronda is an awesome content creator and a really cool person but it just so happens she could also kick your ass. Tiger is arguably the greatest golfer of all time but at the end of the day he wants to talk about his kid’s soccer game. When operating around people of stature, bring it down to the human level.

Get out of your comfort zone and push your business to do something new. Always be looking for that next level. There is always something you can be doing to make your business better. Constantly think about how to innovate your industry. Don’t do something just because it is what everyone else is doing. If everyone else is doing something a certain way then that is an indicator to do something different!


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