Episode 72: How YOU Can Communicate More Effectively

“Assumption is really the lack of communication”

“The curse of an entrepreneurship brain is that it never wants to turn off”

“Your body language is probably more important than what is coming out of your mouth”

“I can do what the fuck I want”

“People are so scared to look stupid. You can’t be afraid to look stupid”

“So my point isn’t to lie to people, though I did”

“Don’t be a fidgety fucking weirdo, stop sweating everywhere and have a little self confidence.”


  • Welcome Back/John Is Too Striated For His Shirt: 00:30
  • The Importance of Communication: 2:00
  • Assumption And Speculation: 9:50
  • The Balance and Communication – Conference Calls and Meetings: 20:45
  • Body Language: 27:05
  • Summary: 41:00
  • Cory’s Deal With Birdman: 43:30
  • Closing Remarks: 47:30



Communication is arguably the best skill to have in business and in life. You cannot lead people or work well with others if you cannot communicate effectively with them. Without quality communication there will undoubtedly be problems. Communication is not just talking, there is a strategy behind it that is important for achieving long term goals. High level communication is an art form and you cannot expect to achieve what you want without diving deep into the strategy and practicing your ability to communicate. Strong communication skills are what enable you to close big deals and sit at the “big boy” table of business. You should always have an objective when you are going to be communicating with anyone. If the goal is to motivate or get something done quicker you have to ask profiling questions or make profiling comments. For example ask how their morning was and then gauge where their head is at based on how they respond. If there response is of lower enthusiasm than normal then you may not want to be as aggressive with your ask or game plan. It is less about the answer and more about their tone.

Assumption is the lack of communication. If you assume something you run the risk of making unnecessary mistakes. You may feel stupid asking the question and it may add one extra step to clarify but it is better than adding multiple steps to fix the mistake made because of an assumption. There is no stupid question in business because if there is a 1% chance that you are assuming then you are potentially putting your job and/or the business at risk. You will not come off dumb for asking the additional question. More likely you will be viewed as responsible for ensuring every “I” is dotted and “T” is crossed. If you are the lead guy in your business you should create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up to be certain they have the correct information. No one should feel scared to ask questions. You are far better off clarifying and receiving confirmation than risking your livelihood to protect your ego. By being more humble and asking more questions you are hedging against a serious problem that you could have. Right there with assumptions is speculation. Speculation is different from preparation. If you are just speculating hundreds of “what if” scenarios and you’re not preparing rebuttals or strategies then you are just wasting everyone’s time.

With regard to the personal side, as an entrepreneur it is naturally difficult to turn off the business part of your brain. This is where communication is key if you have a significant other or a family. It is easy for things to be thrown out of wack in either direction. You have to be able to tell your spouse when there is a lot going on in business and that you need to really focus on that right now. It goes the other way too. Your spouse should be able to tell you when you are drifting too far away from your family and bring you back to a sort of equilibrium.

Most young companies do not have enough meetings or open conference calls because they are busy trying to make their vision come to life but they forget that in order to accomplish that goal they need to come back to center and organize the foundation of the company. On the other side of the spectrum, large companies will have meetings about meetings and over communicate causing small tasks to take forever. It is always good, no matter the size of the company, to schedule times to communicate with different levels of the business to allow new ideas to be expressed and ensure everything is flowing smoothly.

Your body language is probably more important than what is coming out of your mouth during a first meeting. For example, if you are fidgety and speaking quickly it does not matter how great the things you say are, all the person is going to be thinking is, why the hell is this guy shaking and sweating? When you are communicating in person it is essential to be cognizant of what your body is doing and your rate of speech. The more smoothly you are able to communicate the more you are going to be able to get done. You need to practice and gain confidence in situations that can be difficult. If you are going into a pitch you must spend 90% of your time in the other person’s shoes. In order to be successful in these situations it is imperative to see the issue from their point of view. If you stay in your shoes then you will get destroyed.

If you are a leader or an employee it is a good thing to ask if there is anything else your team needs from you before leaving or ending a conversation. The act of opening the door like that can make people feel more free to speak their mind and get some questions out that have been festering for awhile.

Creating content can be the most fun part of a job but in order for it to be fun you have to get over the notion that you are going to look stupid. Who cares? Ask yourself who exactly are you going to looks stupid too and why the hell you would let their opinion hinder your chances of success? When you put yourself out there for content creation, you make yourself vulnerable to judgement, but you cannot let that scare you away. You need to man up and create it! You are only hurting yourself by not creating.

Is your communication set up properly within your business and are your daily asks in line? How are you measuring communication? Through this communication great things can come about. It is not necessarily about what you say but the way you say it. The way you say things is what leaves a lasting impression and evokes emotion from people. No one wants to listen to a text book, they want to feel comfortable and have a conversation so even if you know all the information you still have to communicate it effectively. When you are put on the spot you won’t be able to perform without communication skills and being put on the spot is how the big boys test you and that is where big money is made.


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