Episode 73: Expect To Be Misunderstood

“I think maybe I am so good at not having emotion because no emotion was given to me”

“I don’t want to be a star. I want to help people from the shadows.”

“The Truth is a non-negotiable with me”

“It is a lonely road when you’re the only one that believes”

“I don’t give a fuck! I don’t need your support. I’m gonna do it on my own, with or without you.”

“I’m not a victim, I’m a victor”

“I love that we just started a supplement brand to just middle finger everybody”


  • Surprise! Welcome Back: 00:30
  • What the hell are we gonna talk about?: 1:05
  • People Begin To Expect Different Things From You: 4:30
  • Forward Thinkers Are Misunderstood: 18:00
  • Why Do People Care What Others Think: 25:35
  • What Happens When You Make A Bad Decision: 37:45
  • Closing Remarks: 44:50



People can begin to think that people like John and Cory are so self sufficient and so effective that they are essentially robots. Even family members can start to take the human aspect out of the person because they see them as these intense, ultra focused people without real emotions. Sometimes these skills that are so great for business can be harmful to personal relationships when they leak over. Sometimes the individual’s personality can impact the amount of dehumanization that occurs to a person. John experiences it far more than Cory and this could be a result of personal or familial differences.┬áJohn is not a “shine guy” because in business shine does not connect to currency. Someone can remain in the shadows so to speak and make 10x the amount of money as someone with a similar job description who is in the spotlight. Because John has had so much success in the past it has become less of a big deal for his family. Essentially he can come home after making several huge business deals and no one really cares because it is expected of him to do that. Whereas someone who does not typically achieve much, has a minor accomplishment and it is treated like the biggest deal in the world. People’s expectations of you change. This can be difficult and it is certainly unfair but hey, life isn’t exactly fair.

When Cory was trying to come up, the fact that no one was listening to him was difficult. It made him feel really alone at the time but he knew that if he could just keep pushing eventually a platform for him would open up. He knew there had to be a way to get out of his situation and he wanted to be the guy that people from his hometown could look to and say “if he can do it then so can I”. In addition to providing advice to people who are going through similar things to what he did at a young age.

People who are forward thinkers are always, at the very minimum misunderstood. They are often attacked, persecuted and even executed for what they are thinking. It is not easy being a forward thinking individual. The second you don’t want to look at the truth because it is not telling you what you want to hear then that is the second you stop being effective. Most people are afraid of the truth but when you are a forward thinker the truth is simply mandatory. The truth is non-negotiable and if you are not speaking the truth then you may as well not be speaking at all. When you are dealing with people who want to hide from the truth, you can scare them.

Deciding to do you and break away from familial expectations is one of the hardest things to do. Expect to be misunderstood. Be ready to be hurt and be ready to be mistreated by those who are closest to you, but you do not have to apologize to them. If they want to treat you differently or disrespect you then it is on you to decide whether that person should be in your life. In nearly every instance, the cause of this is the other person’s insecurity.

Why do people care what other people think when every successful person has spoken on how detrimental this is. People tend to allow the thought of what others think into their head and that creates doubt then that doubt snowballs. If people are laughing when you are saying things and you believe in your vision then you need to tell that person that you don’t need their negativity. This is a game of self-reliance. As an entrepreneur you sail or sink your own ship. Others cannot understand how much a true entrepreneur believes in their own ability. Other people also have no concept of what you are willing to do. Most people cannot conceptualize the true winning mentality that entrepreneurs have. People who punch the clock at 5, sit on the couch and watch TV at 5:30 until they go to bed are not going to be part of this conversation. For real entrepreneurs it is in the DNA. There is no punching out for someone like John and Cory. That willingness to make it work is what everyone else does not see. Being underestimated is the most motivating thing in the world. Success is the ultimate trump card. When your actions are so heavy and so impactful, you don’t have to say a word to anybody. When its all said and done it comes down to whether or not you are a big decision maker. If you are going to be the big decision maker you have to take self interest out of it and focus on what is going to be best for the business. Remove personal thoughts and ego, understand that you don’t matter because there is a greater cause and purpose.

When you make a bad decision, you must realize that it was a bad decision and then run a post game analysis. It is imperative to understand why the bad decision was made so you can learn from it and become better. This can only be done by being honest with yourself. Understand if the reason was personal or something else, learn from it and move on. Beating yourself up does not help anyone. Everyone fucks stuff up but those who are able to learn from them are the ones who succeed. After a bad decision is made, it could be time to audible. Understanding when to call an audible and when to power through can separate a company from being a massive success and bankruptcy. If a company stays rooted in its ways for too long, it can be detrimental. If you screw something up it is good to acknowledge it and call it on yourself. Business is a percentage game. You don’t need to win every time and you won’t. You just need the percentage to work out in your favor.

Your greatest trials and adversities teach you the greatest lessons. Through most adversities there is a blessing on the other side if you are willing to look for it. Nothing in life that is great is easy. You better be willing to give up a lot, in order to succeed.


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