Episode 74: How To Monetize Yourself

“MaxEffortMuscle.com fueling big weiners all around the world”

“You are worth what you ask for” 

“I remember thinking, ‘oh I should be happy with X’, Nah fuck that. You’re meant to blow the ceiling off”

“I always got more money for one simple reason, I asked for it. Then I followed it up with reasons why”

“How do you get paid a dollar for what you want to do”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • Throwing Ideas At The Wall: 1:30
  • Respect Your Own Time: 3:15
  • Cory Receives A PRESTIGIOUS Academic Award: 17:15
  • A Story About The Diaz Brothers (Nick and Nate): 22:20
  • Where To Start: 27:30
  • Closing Remarks: 35:50


Sometimes you just have to throw shit at the wall and see if it sticks. When you are just throwing stuff at the wall that is when a lot of creative thought happens. When there is not inhibition or worry of judgement because it is understood that things are flying off the cuff. With no fear of judgement, great ideas are had.

There is always a way to monetize your passion. Anything that has to do with service, whether it is coaching, training or whatever there is a good guy/bad guy complex. This means that prior to monetizing your passion, for example personal training, many people struggle with asking for the money. They may be approached by someone they know asking for help, the trainer may know that their time is worth money but they are too uncomfortable to tell their friend what the fee is. People tend to think that if they “ask” for money, they are doing something that is wrong or bad. Everyone’s time is worth money and start respecting your time. You have spent all this time learning stuff the other person did not want to, so why would you not charge? You are worth what you ask for. If you ask more of yourself and ask for more for yourself then you are worth that much. Moving forward, when you start service you have to put the monetary value out up front. Don’t just start service then sheepishly mention “hey could you maybe start paying me something” later on. You never get your time back so why would you not make the most money for your time. If the uncomfortableness of asking for money is the limiting factor, you need to change your thinking. It all comes down to fear. Everyone wants to make more money but they believe if they ask for more money, they fear the moment they are asked “Why do you think you are worth that??”. You have to be prepared with your rebuttal and be ready to fire back. When John was hustling sponsorships in his early days of working with the UFC and MMA space, no one understood why he was making more money then the other agents/managers out there. The answer was simple, HE ASKED FOR IT.

Once you understand the value proposition for what you are worth then it is time to ask for what you’re worth and GET IT. Go in with a plan. Walk into the office, training studio or whatever and have a plan. Go in knowing that you are going to respectfully sit someone down and tell them why you are worth more money. Make your mind up and stop procrastinating it.

Even Cory and John have been nervous about asking for money initially. It is uncomfortable and can make you feel uneasy but it is the only way to really get what you are worth. Once you ask for money and it is delivered, then you build a reputation if you can deliver on what you claim you will.

Usually the easiest way to monetize a passion, is in a service fashion. Service and sales do not require any startup capital. You do not need to develop a product in order to get started. Understand that the entry point is not the be all, end all. Cory started by nervously asking for $20/hr and now trains thousands of people all over the world. The first question you have to ask, is how do you get paid a dollar for what you want to do. If possible, start your career life with someone who is successful and you can look up to. Someone you can learn from. Being around someone who understands the game is huge.

If you are not monetizing your passion, begin brainstorming ways to make money. Ask for what you are worth. Before you ask for it, get ten bullet points ready to explain why you deserve it.


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