Episode 75: Speculation vs. Preparation

ASK YOURSELF: Are you a speculator or a preparer?

“Fuck em all”

“When you speculate it is like being stuck in quicksand. You have paralysis”

“If I went in there thinking about my prevent defense the whole time, my offense wouldn’t near as gangster, bro”

“If you’re ready, then you’re fuckin ready. If you’re not, then you’re not.”

“I wanna just smash any motherfucker that comes near us!”


  • Welcome Back/Cory Has Signed G-UNIT Shoes: 00:30
  • Stock Talk: 3:45
  • Max Effort’s New Energy Formula: 10:50
  • Speculation Versus Preparation: 16:35
  • Knowing Your Information:
  • Being In the Present Moment: 33:30
  • Using Competitors For Motivation: 42:00
  • Summary: 45:50
  • Closing Remarks/Bodybuilding.com Tried Ripping Off Max Effort: 51:20



John is a long term believer in the finance sector of investing, this would be investing in things like banks over. In a world of fees, banks used to survive by making money on loans but now there are fees for everything. Banks have more revenue streams than ever. Because of this their money is actually liquidated, unlike when all their money was loaned out during the financial crisis. The banking sector is up in general because rather than putting their money into loans, they are now putting money into the market. When looking at making your own investments it is important to look at the sectors and how they are divided. This is what is meant by the term diversify. Diversification is to invest your money across these different sectors of the market. For your investments, focus on things that you use and know about rather than just blindly throwing money in to something that you do not have reference for.

JOHN USED TO DRINK 6 MONSTERS A DAY! Upon Cory discovering this he told John he needed to chill out with the Monster because he was concerned for his wellbeing. They then decided to formulate a product that could help those who get their caffeine from energy drinks. Something to take in lieu of Monster. In development Max Effort Muscle has Amino Focus. This product has caffeine to provide energy but also has natural nootropics to help you perform at a higher level cognitively. Oh yeah, and it is loaded with Amino Acids. This could also be used as a pre-workout for those who are sensitive to beta-alanine.

Do you need to speculate in order to be prepared? Do you need to speculate about everything in order to be ready for whatever may come your way? Not necessarily. You can never be prepared for everything that will come at you no matter how many scenarios you think you have planned out. At a certain point it becomes wasted energy thinking about what might happen and it pulls your focus from what is currently happening. You have to understand that business is a game of risk and you have to take the wins and losses with that. It is easy to suffer from paralysis by analysis. When you dwell on every possibility of what MIGHT happen, you don’t take any action toward what is currently going on in your business. It is best to put your best foot forward and take some action rather than trying to make everything perfect. Many times you just have to get rolling on something in order to really see what you are going to need to improve. There are always things to improve but you can’t let the fear of needing everything to be perfect prevent you from taking action with the tools you have now. On top of everything, speculation makes you nervous. It can fill you with anxiety about something that isn’t real. The best out when you don’t know the answer is to say “I don’t have that information right now but I will get that for you”. The worst thing you can do is make up an answer on the spot. Know your information and be confident. Less time speculating, more time preparing and executing. Know who you are going up against, know where their strengths are and prepare for that. If you know your information well enough then you can walk confidently into any situation and execute. Ask yourself if you are really preparing or if you are just speculating because many people can sit there and speculate but think they are preparing. Preparation is what breeds the confidence to execute. At the end of the day when the doubt creeps in that is when things begin to fall apart.

When you are in the competition setting whether you are getting under a bar or walking into a meeting, if you have prepared properly you are in the moment. You remain present rather than dwelling on what might happen. You are not thinking about whether or not you are saying the right things during a pitch. You are just letting it flow. If you obsess over whether you are delivering the information correctly, you will miss out on all the nuances of the person you are pitching that will help you to close the deal. The preparation gives you the opportunity to win. Then it is on you to execute and your probability to win is much higher. Giving yourself the best chance to win is all you can do because you cannot control what your opponent does.

Once you dial into these small intricacies, this is when you begin to string together multiple wins. It is a compounding effect. It is incredibly important to INTENTIONALLY put your mind in the other direction, if you find that you are speculating. When you find yourself speculating you need to make the conscious effort to push the speculative thoughts out. We all doubt ourselves at times and we all have fear but everything is about what you do with it.

Seeing other companies or other people coming near you can be awesome fuel to your fire and motivate you to be better. Cory was driven by wanting to be better than the old company when he started Max Effort with John. This was a tall order because it is extremely difficult to start from scratch and become better in a different way than something that already worked. Everyone says I am going to open a restaurant or I am going to start a supplement company but that is not the way it should be. It should be viewed as “I am going to start a brand”. No matter what vertical you are in, BUILD A BRAND!

Challenge yourself to prepare better than you were before. Think about why people who are at the top of their profession still put in the longest hours. Why do you think Tom Brady still puts in more hours of film study than a rookie? The same reason he does that now, is the reason he became the success he is today. If you expect to be great you better get ready for that level of commitment. If you just think its going to happen you will get smacked in the face. Look at successful people, look at their habits and then emulate how it happens. If you have some habits that you know help you but you aren’t really consistent with them, you need to create some non-negotiables in your life.

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