Identification + Implementation = Success

“Relationships, focus and mindset. When those things are clear, you’re going to find success”

“There is a selfish component to being great, and thats just the way it fucking is”

“When you’re in the cage, its only fuckin you.”

“In fighting, as in entrepreneurship, you sink or sail your own ship”

“It’s okay to say no. You can’t give to everyone. You can’t be there for everyone.”

“If I’m just laying around on the couch I feel like I’m losing.”


  • Welcome Back With A Special Guest: 00:30
  • Keeping Your Circle Tight: 2:00
  • What Lead Up To Clay’s Big Win: 12:45
  • Moving Away From Problematic People: 17:30
  • Parallels Between Business and Fighting: 28:45
  • Starting To Say No: 32:00
  • Closing Remarks: 38:30


People who are trying to make a better life for themselves will run into people who will be against them. People may not be in direct opposition to you, but they can hold you back. You can be so dialed in on your business but if your home life is chaotic then it is unlikely you will be able to reach that next level of self-actualization. If you are having trouble determining if someone is a real friend to you, look at what you do for them and assess what they do for you. Do you benefit from knowing them as much as they are benefitting from you? Relationships should be a two way street and if they aren’t, then someone is bringing the other person down.

The average UFC fighter’s career is 3.2 fights. Clay has competed in 25 UFC Fights and a couple days ago, in his 25th fight won by TKO in one minute. The reasons he was able to perform like this, when he had not succeeded to this level in the past were mindset, focus and relationships. When these line up and work in formation there becomes a moment of clarity. He was present, in the moment on another level.

During Clay’s entire professional career he was dating the whole time. Now he has been single for past year and has found more success in the octagon. That is not to say you can’t be successful while in a relationship but if that person is not right for you, meaning they are not helping you become better then they will only hinder your performance and growth as a human being. There is always a selfish component to being great. You have to make sacrifices in other areas in order to perform on a high level and oftentimes that means being somewhat selfish.

Everyone knows the pull of people who don’t have the same goals as you. When want to be the greatest this can be extremely difficult to deal with . If these people are true friends then they will understand when you don’t want to go to the bar with them. They will understand that you have to go to the gym so you can’t hang out late. Problematic people will harass you for not going to hang with them. Clay creates distance between himself and these people. He finds his happiness at wrestling practice and coaching youth camps. He will go do what he has to get done to create distance from people trying to drag him into activities that will not benefit him. Professional athletes especially have to be so dialed in to their regiment that the thought of going to the bar on a weeknight doesn’t even creep into their mind. There is no question they will be in bed, resting, getting ready to attack the following morning. Professional fighters are their own bosses. They are the ones paying their coaches and the people around them, not the organization. It is all, always on the individual fighter, making it easy to draw parallels between fighting and entrepreneurship.

Clay’s advice in business, don’t take no for an answer. No can be the greatest or the worst word in your career. Too many people use ‘no’ as an excuse. People are so afraid of hearing no that they fail to even try and if they do try, they give up upon hearing their first rejection. Well, in business most of the world is going to reject you so you have to become used to hearing no and learn to use it as motivation. Mentally, you have to find what motivates you and understand what scares you so you can be prepared. It all comes down to preparation.

You can only be spread so thin for so long. Clay having a daughter helped enable him to say no to requests from friends that he knew would lead him astray from his goals. Having that motivation, to provide a better life for his daughter, wanting to take care of her college and never have her worry about money. Things such as, taking care of his parents and ensuring they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives are motivating to help keep him on the correct path. It is not just about Clay, it is providing for those he loves that provide him with his ultimate purpose. Relying on your ultimate purpose is what drives you to become better.

It is all about improving daily and as long as you get 1% better each day then you are moving in the right direction.


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