Our Business Development Years & Stories

“I never thought that I knew more but I did know that I had to pay attention”

“I did way more listening and way less talking”

“Fuck everybody. Just do it.”

“MP was doing 7 figures and I was still in the gym training clients everyday until noon.”

“Well, DOING is how you get a paycheck.”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • Listen and Observe: 2:00
  • Building Confidence To Branch Out: 12:45
  • How To Scale: 22:00
  • Being All In: 27:00
  • Getting Deals Done: 33:00
  • Closing Remarks: 46:00


The foundation of John’s development was not believing he knew it all. Understanding that you have more to learn, especially at an early age is highly important. Having people that you can look up to and learn from doesn’t mean anything unless you are able to set your ego aside. Observing the interactions of people who are better than you in a given field can be one of the greatest teachers. Early on Cory was just following trainers with a clip board thinking about how boring it was. Then once he was able to dial in on the interactions between the trainer and the client he began to see how he could replicate that. He was able to learn how to build a six figure personal training business simply by observing. Cory also noticed the things he did that were not so good, things that he could do better when he opened his personal training studio.

Eliminate the self importance and find the best person you can. Just shut up for three, six, twelve months and listen because you don’t matter in business until you do something. Watch people that operate on a high level, but don’t just watch them make money. Watch HOW they do it. If you can learn how to sell something ¬†and interact with people then you are irreplaceable. Even if you get fired, you have the skillset that you will be fine. You will find another job or you will be able to build something of your own. Sales is a methodology no matter what you are selling. Because John learned “produce and you shall receive” he saw that as a primary goal, which in turn led to him not treating his staff members very well. Even when he would treat the people beneath him horribly, he was backed up by his superiors because he was producing. Teaching him that as long you produce, whatever you do is okay. Not exactly the best lesson to learn.

Having experience observing high level people gave Cory the confidence to try and start something of his own because he knew that even if it failed, he would be able to learn from that experience and do it better in the future. As Cory began to slowly chip away in his area and gain some notoriety, it became less and less scary to try new things. Through the confidence you build over time in an area you can begin to branch out in a calculated manner.

Find your purpose first. John had his mom and Cory had changing generations of his family. That is your fuel to push you through all the struggles that are to come. Next, get yourself around people you can observe and learn from. Then you will be able to execute. From there you gain confidence and find new niches you can enter. It was the confidence John had that enabled him to be in a position where an executive from ESPN came into his office and asked him to host the first UFC talk radio show in Chicago. This then provided even further confidence, like throwing more wood on the fire. It instilled in John a belief that he is “the fuckin guy!”

Cory has gone from a 900 sq. ft. personal training studio to where he is now but people only see the before and after pictures. They don’t see all the shit that had to be done to make that happen. He was in that littler personal training studio for 36 months before he began to scale up at all. Then he moved up to 2,500 sq. ft. and was there for another 36 months before moving up again. People get discouraged after 12-18 months of not seeing much progress. Nowadays entrepreneurship is much cooler and people expect the success to come far more quickly than it does. At the end of the day there is a huge time investment to learn your craft, build some notoriety and instill the confidence in yourself to succeed.

Having put that kind of time into an industry gives you a certain set of skills that will make you increasingly valuable as the industry grows. Because you have been a part of the culture for so long the knowledge and experience is invaluable. The money may not come in the first few years but it will come eventually because people will begin coming to you for answers about the industry. It happened with John in the UFC/MMA and it happened with Cory in fitness. It is all about immersing yourself in your craft. Cory and John aren’t just kind of involved in their industries. It is who they are. Being that immersed, for so long is the ONLY way to become an expert. There is no shortcut to becoming an expert. It has to be everything you study, everything you do, its what you want to talk about, it really is your life. That is how you become great. If you want to have success at a level that gives some notoriety and improves your bank account you have to be an “all in guy.” Too many people think they will get where they want by talking. That just isn’t the case. People get ahead by DOING. In order to become a doer, you study it, you observe and ask questions. Once you get it, don’t talk, just GO!

People who can influence the world get checks thrown at them everyday. Checks don’t do it for them. What they want to see is something special that they can get behind. They need to believe in the people, in the system, in the brand and ultimately that they are surrounded by people who can execute.

By finding your purpose, putting yourself in situations where you can learn and executing on everything you do, no matter how menial the task, the opportunities will begin to present themselves. These opportunities won’t necessarily come along in year one, two or five but they will come and by implementing these strategies, you will be ready for them. Successful people aren’t lucky. Preparation meets timing. Successful people have been preparing for years, getting ready for that moment they can take their shot.

There is an assumption surrounding power players, that they hold all the knowledge in business. This isn’t the case. Typically, power players had one skill that was so on point that they were able to capitalize on it that it made them world renowned. That doesn’t mean they already have a guy/girl they can lean on to launch a start up. They very well may need someone like that so why can’t it be you? To assume that you can’t play a role in their life, is cutting yourself short. A lot of people fall off in the process and give up. Or they just aren’t patient enough. This was a 20 year process for Cory. He began working toward this in 1997. What everyone sees now is the culmination of years and years of self education, putting himself in situations where he can learn and developing himself as a person. The foundation of this whole process is belief. If you are not your own greatest supporter, if you do not FULLY believe then there is no way you will make it up the ladder of success. What you are constantly fighting agains is fear and self doubt. The only thing that can knock out fear and self doubt is true, unwavering belief. When that fear and self doubt comes, say to yourself, “I made a decision. I believe in myself and you know what, I’m a mother fucking coward if I let fear and self doubt ruin me.” What determines whether you make it or not is if you can keep that belief in yourself.







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