“There just wasn’t anybody and thats when I got his funny feeling like.. because its gonna be me”

“Undoubtedly, I wanna be the guy”

“Man I cannot wait for my shot because I’m going the opposite direction!”

“The mistakes of the past are going to be the lessons of the future”

“You sink or sail your own ship”

“Oh you wanna hate? Im just gonna make it bigger.”

“Say sorry first”

“Urgency is how you create a life for yourself”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • Early Motivation: 2:00
  • Breaking The Cycle: 11:30
  • Haters Are A Part Of The Game 22:30
  • Communication As A Leader: 33:00
  • What If I Cant Find Motivation? 37:00
  • Giving Back, Its Not About You: 45:30
  • Closing Remarks: 49:15


The early motivation for Cory was al about, can I really do this? Can I change generations of my family? No one had done it before from his area, but he was fortunate enough to know his passion from an early age. It was mainly about proving other people wrong and most importantly proving to himself that he could do it. It can be beneficial to create a sort of chip on your shoulder that can push you past the hard times. For John, he always felt that he could add benefit to businesses but no one will listen to you until you have actually done something. So he set out to achieve in order to be granted a seat at the big boy table. Once he got an opportunity to show where he could make a mark, he used everything he had to make that mark. He wanted to be heard. He wanted credibility. The initial reward for both Cory and John was not monetary. Cory wanted to be a trailblazer for his community and John wanted his opinions to be heard. Cory knew that if he stayed consistent and was always relentless, he would see mild success each year and then it began to compound. Because John was not exposed to great leaders, he developed the mentality of, whatever I see in front of me, I am going to do the opposite.

Cory and John both knew they had to break the cycle in their family. Each of their families had cycles of poor financials and constant stress because of it. They both made decisions that would never be them. They knew they could do better and they didn’t want to ever have their families struggle like that. Cory knew it had to stop with somebody and if it wasn’t him then who the fuck was it going to be? You can either repeat the process or you can get up on fire everyday and know that the world is yours. There will be adversity but you keep powering through and no matter how many times you get knocked on your ass you stand back up every time. If you do decide to break the cycle you will be condemned by everyone. Because what you are doing is different from what has always been done people will question you. People will put you down and say, what the fuck is wrong with you. Then the person who is trying to break the cycle has to take the attitude of ‘you will see…’ but if you let the negative energy creep in then the cycle will never be broken. Use other people’s negative energies as motivation. Make some form of competition. It puts things into a different perspective when you begin viewing negative events as motivators.

Where John needs to find a place to motivate himself is when you reach a place of success and people begin hating. Typically it comes in the form of insecurity. These people are so insecure around you that it can be embarrassing to share what you are doing in life for fear of making them feel bad. When John shares what he has going on and the other person doesn’t have much going it can create some resentment from the other party. They always say its a lonely road to the top and it is because people don’t understand you. All John can do in these situations is double and triple down on himself to say, you know what I am going to do even more next year. The hate that comes from people most of the time has nothing to do with you. What it really comes down to is will that person be taking care of my family and giving me a better life? No. So it doesn’t really matter what they have to say. If you stop engaging eventually it goes away. You let the success speak for you. When dealing with conflict especially in family, say sorry first. Whether you are right or wrong, it is best to say sorry first because really what are you losing by saying I’m sorry first. You have nothing to lose but can gain relationships. It is not all about making money, it is about making relationships better so you can enjoy your life and successes better.

When Cory is communicating with those he is trying to teach he tries to be sure to tell them when they are doing a good job but also when they mess something up. People need to understand the repercussions of their screw ups so they can learn and be better in the future. Cory never had a direct mentor in this realm so for him teaching like this is one of the most gratifying things he does daily. Teaching people what opportunity really looks like. It is showing that opportunity is a spot where you can show up and that is how you get paid. Urgency is how you create a life for yourself.

The thing about motivation is it is up to you to find what you gravitate toward or what grabs you. You can use absolutely anything for motivation. If for some reason you do not feel motivated, think about a situation think is TOTALLY unfair, grab it and show the world how to fix it. Even when individuals are put down, it can be soul crushing but that is what you can use to propel you to the next level. Find something you don’t agree with and prove to people why you want to make it better and how you can make it better. You will drop below the median of motivation. It happens to everyone, but when you do you must have reliable things that help to re-fire you up internally. Helping you to refocus and get you back on track. These tools do not have to be experiences. They can be outward tools such as books, videos, songs etc. even looking back at your past to a time when you felt you were really killing it. When your mindset was right and everything was lined up. Reflecting on those times can help you get back there. For Cory if he can write, read and/or record something everyday he knows he is bettering himself and the compounding effects of that will propel him even further.

Its not about you. Its never about you. When you reach the point where you are no longer chasing money but rather trying to add value to others, that is where you operate on a whole other level. When’d doing things in life, if the sole purpose is yourself, you will have a hard time staying motivated. You have to understand there is always a greater purpose. It isn’t about you. This enables your brain to escape the selfish mindset and focus on the greater goal. You cannot accomplish great things if it is about your new house, your new car etc. It has to be for a greater purpose and you must decide what that greater purpose is.



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