Maintaining Mental Balance

“Keep that mild mannered confidence”

“You can always measure a good and a bad day against a goal”

“If you truly understand why something happens it will help you to repeat it or prevent it.”

“If you say ‘why hasn’t this thing blown up?’ You’re fucked.”

“Expectations always need to based on reality and reality is an incremental growth process.”

“Remember if you want to succeed in this game you have to be a survivor and you have to fight to survive”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • The Emotional Rollercoaster: 2:30
  • Stories About The Highs and Lows: 9:15
  • If You Are Too Hard on Yourself: 17:30
  • Initial Reactions To Successes/Failures: 27:15
  • Long Term Thinking: 32:00
  • Closing Remarks: 41:30


The goal is to never be to high and never be too low when it comes to your emotional state. Of course it is important to celebrate the good times but you can’t let that become the primary focus. You will also experience lows, as we all do and the key here is to never let them get too low. It is normal to want to crawl into hole after a failure or when hard times are upon you but if you have the appropriate strategies in place, you won’t be down for long. The successes build momentum but if you overreact and celebrate too much that momentum will come to a halt. The same goes for when things go wrong. People can let that snowball roll down hill and continue to grow, putting you in a very negative mental space, which can be difficult to comeback from. Keep a mild mannered confidence and know your goals. If you have set appropriate goals then the good days and bad days are part of it. Lebron doesn’t celebrate after a 3 pointer because his goal is bigger. He doesn’t just want to make a 3, he wants the ring at the end of the season.

Cory was able to manage his mental state while growing his business because after experiencing the pop up fires he had to put out that would come shortly after successes, he began to see that as normal. He never let himself get to high because he knew that something was bound to go wrong simply because thats the way the world works. Conversely, he would never get too low because he had the belief in himself that he could pull himself up from whatever hole he was thrown into. With every high and every low there is a lesson. You can recognize what is causing these highs and what is causing the lows. Take inventory on it and replicate what caused the highs and figure out how you can change your processes that could have created the lows. If you experience extreme highs and extreme lows, write about it. Write what happens and find the source. Journaling on topics such as this can be a great tool to find solutions or even simply reach a level of catharsis to improve your emotional state. If you can understand the why behind the highs and lows you set yourself up for more successes and fewer missteps in the future.

It is important to set high goals and want a lot out of yourself but if you are too hard on yourself you will diminish your progress and your mental state will falter. You have to be patient with yourself and trust the process. It comes down to time involved. If you believe you are working to be better, pushing in every facet in your life then it is only a matter of time. Don’t beat yourself up that it hasn’t happened yet. If you find yourself asking “why hasn’t this blown up yet?” Then you are fucked. If you think for some reason that you are entitled to your business blowing up then you have another thing coming because it doesn’t work that way. It will happen eventually, if you put in the time and work. Do not beat yourself into the ground when all it takes is work and patience.

If you are wondering whether or not you are on the right path, as many of us are, focus on the word INCREMENTAL. Incremental expectations are key. So many people look at the money they make then look at the money someone else has made and begin comparing themselves to people who make grossly more than them. If you want to eventually reach that next category you need to compare yourself, to yourself and set goals that are related to incremental increases. That is the only way you can realistically grow in your field. Expectations always need to based on reality and reality is an incremental growth process. Too many people have unrealistic expectations for their businesses and that leads to them quitting early. So many people stop right before they are about to reach their dream level of success. There is no timetable. No one can predict any of it. That is where the true level of entrepreneurship and dealing with your emotions is so key. If you continually stand back up, you win in the long run.

Where a lot of people go wrong with their initial reactions when they have a success is they exhale. They let go of the accelerator because they feel they have reached their goal. When a sale is made many will view that as the end of the work but the truth of the matter is that is when the work really begins. Now you need to back up what you sold and as your sales become greater you have to back up that greater sale with even greater service. On the flip side, if a vendor is kicking you out or you are losing a large client the first reaction should be that this is negotiable. You must respectfully fight for your territory. Then if you lose it, you need to do a deep analysis as to why you lost it. Sometimes it isn’t your fault but the vast majority of the time, it is. Make a list of approximately ten things you can do to improve your service. Always, always learn from times like this and demonstrate appreciation by providing a service that is far above what is expected. The workload that is expected at the $1,000 level is way different than the work and service that is expected at the $20,000 the $100,000 and the $1,000,000 levels. You have to recognize that as your business grows, the quality of your work should grow too. When you are dealing with people of power, you need to be serviceable to them. Not kissing ass but you may have to bend over a little bit. When you are in a business deal, the person writing the check has the power. This has to be recognized and you must make sure they are serviced appropriately.




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