From Listener To Entrepreneur

“At the end of the day, the way the world works is… SHOW ME SOMETHING.”

“Stop talking and start doing.”

“Once you get to a level where you don’t need any help, everyone wants to help you”

“Its all about creating momentum”

“If the communication stays good, with our skillsets together, we can dominate”

“People get hung up on wanting credit and credit, you can’t take to the fucking bank”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • Guest and New Sponsor – Michael Scola: 3:50
  • Being Heard In Business:
  • Momentum: 25:35
  • Business Partners: 28:30
  • True Confidence: 33:45
  • Closing Remarks: 36:00


Michael Scola runs a company called Boston Sword and Tuna, who is now sponsoring the podcast. His family built the business as seafood retailers and wholesalers. Michael started literally on the docks getting fish off the boats and doing all kinds of grunt work. As the world changed he saw the opportunity to take his family’s business to another level by capitalizing on the e-commerce side of things. Now they sell FRESH seafood that will be delivered within 24 hours. Not only did he see the opportunity to bring his family’s company into the 21st century, he also recognized the opportunity to make an impact by sending Cory live lobsters and an assortment of seafood. There are certain levels of influential people and if you have a product you know is good, take the chance and get it out there. Send some packages to those people because if they like it, odds are they will give you a shout out and draw attention to your company.

Coming up in a family business and seeing new opportunities as a young person, your opinions can be overlooked simply because the family can see you as just a kid. Michael had this problem but what he did was work his way up, showed his worth and ability in other areas of the business and eventually he had built the trust up to where his ideas became an integral part of the business. You can replace knowledge, you can replace learning but you cannot replace that fire, the understanding and that respect for the business that comes with years of dedication to it. The passion, the focus and the sheer will to continue the legacy of his family and this company is what will enable Michael to succeed in business and take out his competition. If you can live and operate your life around the thought of the legacy you leave behind, its a game changer. Viewing your life through that lens provides a whole new perspective and opens up a world of possibilities  because you begin thinking about the long term rather than short term gratification. The fact that Michael came up from the docks, gives him a level of understanding that other business owners just don’t have.

It takes years to create momentum but when you are operating at certain level, you have multiple projects and they all require a certain level of urgency and attention, it gets exciting. The breadth of possibility and opportunity just continues to grow. If you are rooted in strategy and habits there comes a time where you can either do it all yourself or partner up with people who you believe can help you early on. It seems like it always makes sense to partner with the big guys but at the end of the day, the way the world works is SHOW ME SOMETHING. What it takes, is putting heads together, stopping the talking and starting to do. Once you start doing pieces begin to fall in line.

Picking a business partner is something that can make or break your business. You need to find someone who compliments your skillset, not someone who does exactly what you do or thinks the same way. You need someone who sees things a little differently but has the same overall vision. This way new ideas are expressed and heard. If communication stays open and it is understood that you are not going to agree on everything, nor should you, the business can really grow. When you stop worrying about who gets the credit and start focusing on accomplishing things as a team, real growth happens. So many people get hung up on wanting the credit that it can destroy business relationships. Stop worrying about credit and start trying to put it on others because that creates a team culture in your business.

True confidence can make people uncomfortable and when people want to be that way and they just aren’t, they have a tendency to try and take that away. The people that feel uncomfortable are the weak people who’s primary goal is look out for themselves rather than the betterment of the business. Insecurity is what drives those kinds of negative emotions.


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