The Disruption Of Sports Media

“Culture is the King”

“Any time you can get people to look forward to what you will do next, you are winning”

“They don’t know what competition is. Competition is no fuckin rules, I’m gonna beat you.”

“Number 1, I don’t respect you motherfuckers that lie to consumers.”

“The test booster… now thats a conversation between my girlfriend and I”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • The Shift in Sports Consumption: 2:00
  • Sticking to Your Roots: 8:30
  • Creating a Fun and Entertaining Culture: 15:00
  • Be Original, Opportunity is Everywhere: 26:00
  • Fitness Catchup: 31:00
  • Just Dive Into What You Love: 36:00
  • Closing Remarks: 42:00


The way people consume sports is changing. ESPN is no longer the go to spot for all of sports news. New companies like Barstool Sports and other internet/social media personalities are becoming the favorite place to look for sporting news. ESPN has operated on a play it safe formula. Everyone on the network has been cut from the same cloth and very politically correct. Nothing about it was new, nothing was exciting and everything was repetitive. Then the internet happened and censorship went out the door because anyone could put out content. Now they are getting hit because of companies like Barstool or Fox Sports 1. The new content that is coming out from is the antithesis of ESPN and people, especially young people are loving it. The way Sportscenter got their start was by a couple guys just having fun with it. Unfortunately they have gotten away from that have become rigid and predictable. This mentality will hurt them in the long run. They got away from their roots, from what made them number 1.

In Cory’s former company, as it grew, things became less and less fun. As things grow it is easy to get away from what got you their in the first place. If you can stay true to the core nature of the company and why people like you in the first place then you will be able to scale effectively. Barstool, not only informs you on sports but it makes you laugh and keeps you entertained. Pay attention to the revolution as it is happening. You can learn from times like these. You can take away lessons in how to be disruptive and what causes titans of industry to collapse. When ESPN was smaller and more agile they were able to say fuck it in a way, and allow for ideas to flow and quality content to develop. Now they are so concerned with losing their status, they are afraid to take a risk. Companies that become great do so by taking a risk and having it hit.

Culture is the king. If you can create a culture that people want to be around then you know people will consume your content. Everyone wants to be apart of Barstool and Max Effort because it just looks like everyone is having a blast and bringing people what they want to see. Any time you can get people to look forward to what you will do next, you are winning. So many of these big companies can’t create content like this is because of all the corporate governance. Its like their hands are tied. The way you can create content people want to see, is find your young talent and let them shine because they have their thumbs on the pulse of what is going on in the world. In any business you have to be aware of what worked ten years ago, five years ago and what works now. Playing it safe and protecting shareholders is dangerous as hell. Most of these people have no clue what is really happening and what the trends really are. When businesses become so huge, there are so many levels of communication that they limit the ability of the up and comers voice to be heard by the decision makers. You can grow a business so big that eventually the people you are working with don’t think like you. They can have that 9-5 mindset, but you are stuck dealing with them. The common 9-5 workers are abundant and make room for the true go getters to rise up. Most of these people don’t even want to compete with you because they want to go home at 4:30 on Friday.

Go ahead and try to rip off what we do but at the end of the day you won’t be able to because you will just be viewed as fucking poser. Censorship is gone, the barrier to entry to media is gone. Anyone can put out anything they want and that is liberating. You can create any show you might want. Years ago you needed someone to put you one. The opportunity is everywhere, if you stay consistent.
Max Effort Muscle tells a story that everyone can get on board with. Everyone associated with the brand lives a healthy lifestyle and there is no misleading propaganda about taking the supplements and becoming 280 lbs and ripped to shreds. The products taste great and they work. There is no lying to consumers or false expectations because we only use what’s real.

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If you are a business person you have to remain conscious of the landscape of the world. What kind of content people are responding to, what kind of content do you personally respond to? That is a great place to start because if you like it then odds are there are others who like what you like. Don’t let fear or judgement hold you back. Do what you want because you love it. Take your passion, record it and just put it out there. It doesn’t matter if you never make a dollar off of it. Many great business start from this kind of mindset.


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