Identifying Opportunity

“Real opportunities are so hard to come by”

“You did just tell the guy’s mom to fuck herself but I think we can just act like it didn’t happen…”

“When you see an opportunity, you have qualified yourself to put in work.”

“Opportunity is not delivered to you, it is created by you”

“To seize an opportunity you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Wanting it, in this game is ALL IN.”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • John Tells Off Someone’s Mother: 2:30
  • Gut Reaction to Opportunity: 10:30
  • How Does Opportunity Work: 15:30
  • How To Recognize Opportunity: 27:30
  • Closing Remarks: 37:10


John was having some trouble with who he thought to be a receptionist for a vendor they were doing business with. The person on the other line was interrogating John about who he was and why he was calling. Eventually John had enough and decided to say fuck it. He begins to curse and berate this person who as it turns out… is the owner of the company’s mom. Not the best look for John. Because of this somewhat uncomfortable encounter, the next time John called this vendor and she answered he thought it best to throw his voice up an octave and pretend to be Cory. When she thinks Cory is on the phone she rolls out the red carpet but treats John like “an inmate”.

The first word that comes to mind after the word opportunity is ‘work’. Opportunity is the precursor to a lot of work. It shows you that something can be worked on and improved. The opportunity is the beginning, not the middle or the end. When you see an opportunity, you have qualified yourself to put in work. Someone at work telling you, hey this job is open I need you to do X has nothing to do with how you advance yourself. it is all about what you do within that opportunity. At the end of the day its about you, not just delivering but over-delivering. You are not entitled to anymore of that person’s money or time. The presentation of the opportunity is a test to see what you are really made of. When the opportunity comes, if you are not primed up and ready to go kill that opportunity then you are wasting it.

Opportunity doesn’t come like the mail comes. There  is no neatly wrapped package that tells you what it is or how to take advantage. In order to spot opportunity, you must have your eyes open, you must have vision and you must have an idea of what you want to do.  When you are looking around and overhearing conversations you may hear or see something that can elude to something you can improve upon. Opportunity is created by you. Do not waste time waiting for opportunity to come to you. If you do, you will remain stagnant for your remaining years. After you continually execute on the opportunity, you will gain the respect of those above you and that is how you progress even further. When you identify the opportunity it truly is just the beginning because the person who is above you, does not owe you anything. You must deliver. You must continually show initiative and execute. This is no time to take your foot of the pedal and set cruise control. You need to push harder than ever before. Hypothetically, you and your team are given a deadline on a project. Its due in two weeks. Out of nowhere your boss calls and says that it needs to be done tomorrow. In business there is no room for “I can’t”, you have to find a way to get the job done. This new deadline is non-negotiable. If you don’t have the agility to call an audible you will not be able to succeed. In order to succeed you have to be ready for anything and when the time comes, shine motherfucker. Anyone who has made it anywhere had to figure it out. The last thing you should say is “woe was me.” Most people once they have an opportunity, they do nothing with them. If someone is spending time on you, whether they are yelling at you or whatever, this tells you “THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY.” This person who could be doing one of a million other things. That person is taking their time to see what you are made of so don’t squander it. You have to be willing to run towards the fire in order to succeed. No one who has success every ran away from opportunity because the pressure was on. The person who is the freak naturally. The one who has everything come naturally to them is never the one who makes it all the way. The ones who make it all the way are those who keep pushing, keep grinding and are willing to work harder to seize every opportunity that comes their way.

People miss opportunity because they look beyond the level that everyone who has made it went through. They look past working for virtually no money or actually no money for months and years in order to prove their worth. The level where you show, the understanding that “I’m not shit yet but I know internally that I have game.” Part of the process is taking ‘cheap work’ and taking that cheap work and proving that you are deserving of a commitment from the person or people giving you the opportunity. People do not understand that getting your foot in the door with someone of real influence is worth more than collecting a normal salary at a young age. Once your foot is in the door and you have access to people who are king makers, you can make yourself a king. Whatever organization you are in, create a spot where you can flex a little bit and open a little window for you to shine through. Once you demonstrate that you can overdeliver, you become the person that management looks to when they need something done. To some this seems like extra work that isn’t part of your job description but for those who see it for what it really is, an opportunity to prove your worth, they will reap the rewards. When you think you want it, ask yourself, would you sell your car, would you downgrade your lifestyle in order to have an unpaid opportunity at the place you want to work? If you wouldn’t, then you don’t really want it. If you have the audacity to say you want it, you better be willing to sacrifice. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice that shit then you better go get a stable 9-5 because you can’t fake it. It all comes down to you. If the opportunity doesn’t pan out, its your fault, not the people who gave it to you.

The big boy opportunities don’t come often. There are some baller opportunities out there in your business career and you must be ready. When it comes you have to run the ball and expect no lead blockers. Once you go in, know that no one is going to help you and you have protect yourself. You have to FIGURE OUT how to make it all the way. No one cares about your trouble because they are all trying to do the same thing. Once you realize this, you find out what you are made of.


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