Open Q&A With Success Minded Millennials

“This happens for a reason, I got nothing to fuckin lose, lets just roll the dice and go.”

“Lift up your fucking head, you morons.”

“You can have a great idea, you can be motivated for a short period of time but shit fuckin changes.”

“Effort doesn’t get you shit. Execution gets you everything.”

“Luck is where preparation meets timing.”

“The smartest people extract knowledge from others”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • How do you deal with the pressure to be constantly working?: 5:30
  • What is something you are struggling with or working to improve on?: 10:40
  • Advice to your 20/25 year old self?: 15:00
  • What is the current generation missing out on?: 20:30
  • Is work ethic/leadership learned or is it innate?: 28:00
  • Opinions on doing the small things: 32:30
  • Strategies for networking: 39:00
  • The value of taking time to learn rather than chasing money: 44:20
  • How to open up and relieve the fear of judgement: 52:30
  • Getting started with social media for personal training: 1:03:20
  • Closing Remarks: 1:09:40


When dealing with the pressure to constantly be productive, time is the teacher. If you are operating at 100% all the time you will eventually get burned out. If you continue to go nonstop you won’t be fresh and when you aren’t fresh, you’re not creative and when you’re not creative you can’t come up with new ideas. Take the inner guilt and push it to the side by recognizing that the time you are taking to recharge is necessary to help you function even better.  Drop that inner guilt and recognize that you are like a battery and need to recharge. For Cory, everything that he has loved to do is his job. He has to remove himself from the surroundings of work. His family is the only thing that can really pull him away to force him to recharge. Its chosen for him.

John is working to rebuild and cultivate better relationships with his family and close friends. Cory naturally lets people in very easily, lately people have burned him for this. He is realizing that he has to become more stingy with who he is giving his time to because people are wasting his time, time that could have been spent with his kids. Many people aren’t aware of or appreciative of the help they are receiving and over time they can come to expect the help or feel they are owed it but no one owes you shit.

Be aware of how you affect people. Oftentimes we are unaware of the impact we can have on others whether it be positive or negative. We have the ability to make a significant difference in either direction so be aware that your actions and words impact others, not just you. Be more uplifting toward others and let them know that they matter. It takes honest friends and a little introspection for you to recognize the impact you have on others, helping you better lead them in the long run. At the end of the day, people want to be around and work with people they are comfortable with. Cory’s would reiterate what he was already doing. He never overthought the process at a young age so he would just reassure his past self that he was on the right path.

John has some advice for the younger generation, lift up your fucking head. Stop looking at your cell phone while life is going on all around you. The lessons of life are occurring around you yet everyone stares blankly at their phone. Put the phone down, learn to look someone in the eye, find mentors, learn something, read a fucking book and do things that your parents/grandparents did. People don’t really realize what it takes to get to a high level of entrepreneurship. Especially in this era where the entrepreneur is viewed as a sort of celebrity. You can have a great idea, you can be motivated for a short period of time but shit fuckin changes. There is a definite disconnect between the ideal of being an entrepreneur and the reality of it.

Work ethic is a combination of both genetic hardwiring and the environment you come up in. You can be born with leadership qualities but in order to become a great leader you need to have that experience and be around people who foster work ethic and leadership. Leading by example is the key to being a great leader. You can tell people all day long what to do but they have to see you doing it.

There is a benefit to outsourcing certain small things such as mowing the lawn if you can afford it but in general, doing the small things provides a level of satisfaction that doesn’t come with a lot of the work we do in our jobs today. Most jobs do not produce tangible results that you can finish, look at and admire your work whereas small things such as organizing your room or office do. By doing small things such as making your bed in the morning you start your day off with one task completed and you can move on with your day feeling that you have accomplished at least one item on your checklist. This act primes you for the rest of your day. The only way to get ahead in a business is to understand every aspect of the business. You cannot effectively lead if you don’t understand the processes that go behind the jobs being done. Go checkout the commencement speech by Admiral William McCraven to learn a lot more about this.

Networking without a pedigree or resume is difficult. If you are fresh out of college your value is not that high to most but if you believe and have developed a skillset then you increase your chances greatly. Then approach someone who has achieved a great deal of success or someone you look up to and try to learn from them. Don’t ask for too much. Demonstrate your appreciation for even speaking to you for 5 seconds and then if you decide to make an ask, only request a small portion of their time. Targeting people who do what you want to do and trying to learn from them is always a smart option.

Luck is where preparation meets timing. At the end of the day real wealth didn’t come until I stopped chasing the money. People will support when the intentions are in the right place. Stop chasing the money and focus on your craft. For Cory it was developing people. Once he was able to make the helping of others his main focus he began to reach a lot more people. John has always been fortunate enough to understand that you should never chase a couple hundred bucks today but rather set up a long term strategy. When this is your focus you can develop a skillset that will enable you to succeed in virtually any vertical. Do not play the short game. The short game puts you in an entry level job at 40 with some 24 year old managing you. Always have a strategy for what your next step is. Your not just gonna get to the next level by simply clocking in.

Everyone struggles with fear of judgement. Some have become better at handling that fear but everyone still feels it. If you are ever afraid of not being educated enough in a certain area, the best thing to do is ask. No one will look down on you for asking questions. Most people would be happy to provide help but they won’t do it unless you ask. Stupid people don’t ask questions because they think it will make them look dumb. Never mistake honesty for weakness. Make baby steps when it comes to opening up. Begin by simply looking everyone in the eye. This is how you earn respect from someone whom you have never met before. Stare down the skeletons in your closet every day because that is the only true way to get rid of them. You must face them daily in order to be able to move past them.

Showcase what you are best at on social media. Don’t shy away from demonstrating your skills on social media. You have to show what makes you special because otherwise no one is going to give a damn about you. Show your followers what differentiates you from every other trainer out there.


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