The Meathead Millionaire – Mark Bell

“The smartest people are those who look for employees or partners who are smarter than them.”

“When you go through adversity of that level, you arrive at a different level of clarity”

“Oftentimes when you find your path it is spawned by these awful, brutal, vicious moments.”

“I’ve never cared about money. The only time I ever cared about money was when I was at the ATM and saw ‘Insufficient Funds’.”

“Its been a really slow crawl. Its been a very slow progression”

“The best things that happen in life take time to develop. They don’t happen out of nowhere”

“Its not about money. Its about putting points on the scoreboard. Its about recognition. Its fabout expanding and providing.”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • Intro To Mark Bell: 2:00
  • Learning To Delegate/ Recognizing When You Need Rest: 10:30
  • The Inception Of The Sling Shot: 17:00
  • Adversity and Finding Your Path: 27:00
  • Thoughts On Money: 32:00
  • Lets Talk About Steroids: 46:30
  • The Expectation of Super Training: 1:03:15
  • Closing Remarks: 1:14:40


Mark was the “observer” of his brothers. He was more quiet and just sat back, watched everything and learned as much as he could. It is often the observer who is able to become ultra successful because they are always paying attention and learning from mistakes. He learned the right and wrong way to conduct himself after watching his oldest brother become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Both his brother’s introduced him to weightlifting at a young age. They would also let him tag along to high school parties and such. Even though there was alcohol and drugs at the parties, his brothers would never drink around him. He formed the opinion that not everyone drank and he recognized that he didn’t need to consume alcohol or drugs in order to have fun. That life never really appealed to him. Mark attributes much of his success came from simply avoiding the dangerous pitfalls rather than doing the right things. He saw his oldest brother, Mike, getting into trouble all the time and Mark decided that seems like a much harder life.

A lot of entrepreneurs need to understand that if they ask someone to do something for them, such as create a post for their business’ social media, there is a chance that person may do a better job than you. Most people assume the opposite. The smartest people are those who look for employees or partners who are smarter than them. If you surround yourself with people who are all smarter than you, you are getting all that production and you in turn become smarter. You are leveling up your game because of the people you surrounded yourself with. Part of good leadership is letting everyone know that there are know stupid questions and being receptive to ideas of those around them. Delegation of tasks and even remaining completely in the dark about certain things can help mitigate your stress levels. It is better to have your mind wrapped around being creative and coming up with new products and ideas that are fun and exciting. If you are bogged down with the weight of that stress, which could be delegated, you are effectively putting a shunt on your creativity. Mark likes to remain in the dark about how much his house, car or office space cost. Someone knows, but not Mark.

The Sling Shot was developed by Mark because he hurt himself (torn pec) so often training. He went into the gym early because he still wanted to lift and didn’t want anyone to see him. So he threw on an oversized Bench Shirt – (a suit powerlifters wear to improve their bench press and stabilize their body) – as he lowered the weight the shirt bound up appropriately and it felt pretty good. He continued to up the weight and go through a full range of motion. As he sat at the end of the bench he began thinking about how the bench shirt was assisting him and devised a product to assist people with their bench press and help avoid injury that was more cost effective and less “weird looking” than a bench shirt. He heard time and time again that it was a bad idea, but actually this fits Mark’s criteria for knowing something is a good ida. The first criteria being, someone shoots it down right away. The second is that you just obsess over it. You cannot stop thinking about this idea. Of course at some point, after numerous people telling you the idea sucks, you lose a little faith. He was sitting on the idea for nearly two years and then his brother passed away. His brain snapped and just turned on, like an awakening for his brain. He had a dream with his brother in it and heard a whisper in his ear that just told him “think”. He decided to get focused on this idea and really get after it. Ever since then he has been on this path to have each day be meaningful, have each day be fun and be sure to laugh everyday.

Finding your path is not always this beautiful moment. Oftentimes it comes from deep pain and adversity. By coming out on the other side of adversity you gain a new perspective and this helps you find your way. Discovering your path can be a brutal process, but you are always better for it. On the other side of that struggle is beauty. Recognize that you can make small changes that will drastically change your life. Smile when you see people, actually look at others and be friendly. Things as simple as this not only have a positive impact on others but leave you feeling fulfilled, making you better and your life a little easier.

Mark tries to make sure he doesn’t end up in dangerous territory by focusing too much on how much money he has or how much the company is making. When you do that it is easy to get sucked into the notion that you always need more. He tries not to care about it either way, to avoid getting caught up in tribalism that its important to me because its important to everybody else. The only time he has every cared about money is when he would see “insufficient funds” pop up on the ATM.

If a young lifter approached Mark and mentioned that he was thinking about taking steroids, Mark would first ask what his goals were. If the goal is to be the strongest powerlifter they can be and at the moment, they aren’t that strong then he would not recommend steroids but rather have them get really strong naturally first. The best things that happen in life, happen over long periods of time. At a young age, almost every time Mark will talk them out of it. It is a life decision because there are a lot of things that come with it aside from big muscles. Once you take them, its hard to not take them anymore and not because they are addicting but because the feeling of walking around that muscular and strong can be. There are also health risks that come along with taking them such as fertility issues, increased blood viscosity (thickening of the blood) to name a few. Mark does take them and is very open about it. He spoke a lot about steroids in his brother’s documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster“, which is available on Netflix.  In the culture of powerlifting, no one gives a fuck about who is taking what. There are several federations and people who are clean can compete separate from those who take steroids. In Mark’s opinion, to each there own. There is a lot of gray area surrounding steroids and these are the people that can be an issue. The people who take steroids and lie about it are a problem in the industry. People can seriously mess themselves up if they do not know what they are doing when taking steroids. Nowadays there are more tools for education, but people, especially younger people tend to go in relatively blind and suffer serious adverse side effects.

People who chase a number for their businesses are dead in the water. The goal should always be to continually get better each day. Focusing on getting better each day is what enables a company to grow. Looking too far into the future often results in getting ahead of yourself and losing track of what needs to happen each day in order to achieve your goals. On the other hand, sometimes your business could have potential to drastically exceed your expectations but you have put a mental cap on the profitability or size of your business. Thus, hindering further growth.

NEW PRODUCT coming from Mark Bell. The Slingshot Pushup is something Mark has been working on and is getting ready to release. To help people who don’t necessarily want to bench heavy but focus more on a general health and fitness level. The difficulty with marketing this product for Mark will be overcoming the barrier that is, he doesn’t often communicate or sell to people who aren’t deep into weightlifting culture. Crossing that barrier to the average person who wants to just get started will be difficult, but he is confident that he will be able to figure it out. The best way to do get started with this, is to create a great product and everything else will fall into place. He has to showcase the product using people who look more like the average person, not necessarily a ripped up powerlifter, like himself.



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