The Art of Building Relationships

“When you are young and in a company, you have to be quietly selfish.”

“Until you are somebody, no one has time for you”

“Ultimately, when you have an opportunity to speak with people who can change the course of your career, always lead with knowledge”

“If you don’t do business with us, you’re insane.”

“You have to make bold statements because people on the other end of that phone will either think you’re crazy or be so intrigued that they have to listen to you”

“When people know they can rely on you, its everything.”

“It took me a really long time to be so awesome”


  • Welcome Back: 00:30
  • The Discrimination of Planet Fitness: 2:15
  • Identifying Companies That Are Entrepreneurial: 8:00
  • Building Relationships With Superiors: 14:00
  • The Right/Wrong Way To Open A Dialogue: 19:30
  • Lead With Knowledge: 26:30
  • Consistency and Reliability: 33:00
  • The Changing Media Landscape – Content Creation: 43:00
  • New Show Coming Up – WTF Sports: 53:00


Planet Fitness claims to be the a judgment free zone yet, they are actually one of the most judgmental gyms there is. They discriminate against people who are in good shape and work hard to put up big weights in the gym. Not only are these people judged, but are even not allowed in their facilities. It is no different than if an overweight person who was just getting started in the gym went to a gym like Old School and once they got on a treadmill an alarm went off and they were kicked out of the facility. Yet, this is okay to do to people who are in shape but it would be an ordeal if this went the other way.

A very important piece of identifying entrepreneurial companies, seeing who the players are, is having a voice. You must make sure that you are able to have a voice in the company. When you have this opportunity you can exchange ideas with the main guys in the company. You get to pick their brain a little bit and figure out how they think. The way these people think isn’t constantly changing. It is consistent and purposeful. If you throw an idea at them they run it through a filter and come back with questions. This teaches the young entrepreneur how to vet ideas. Sharing experiences with high level people in a company is an incredible way to learn. When you are young in a company you have to be quietly selfish because you are in that workplace to extract knowledge from great thinkers. Another option is to look at their social media and see what their content is like. See if the owner of the company is on blast and get a feel for the culture.

John used to work his way into the graces of his superiors because he would consistently update the person above him about his positive sales numbers. Gradually, reaching out to people who were higher and higher up in the company until he had developed a report with the owner. Even though he claimed to be calling to report the numbers, he was really calling to open a dialogue with people he looked up to. This is just putting himself in a position where he could open room for additional small talk or be given other opportunities because of the good things he was reporting. At the very least, it put John in the owners mind as someone who gets things done. The key to this strategy is to start at the level directly above you and slowly work your way up the food chain. If you jump over these levels and go straight to the owner, people get real uncomfortable with you. If you don’t have the leverage to jump levels you are cutting your legs off. Always start reaching out to your direct supervisor. It happens because of consistency.

When you are crafting a message to someone you want to speak with, you need to have it in your head that they are busy and you need to earn their time. You can’t simply ask for a couple hours the first email. You have to start by finding a way to slowly ingratiate yourself to them. For Cory, its showing up to the gym at 4AM. Just show up and say hi then shut the fuck up for awhile and just keep showing up. Eventually you will earn their respect and time. Guys like Cory will want to help you if you do that. Its amazing what can happen when you play the long game and are strategic. Ultimately, when you have an opportunity to speak with people who can change the course of your career, always lead with knowledge. This will get you much further than just sucking up to the boss. If you just suck up, you might get a polite thank you but leading with knowledge will get you respect and open the door for a relationship. You have to make bold statements because people on the other end of that phone will either think you’re crazy or be so intrigued that they have to listen to you.

A common theme throughout this whole thing is consistency and reliability. When the higher ups recognize that they can rely on you to get your shit done effectively and in a timely manner then this gets recognized. When people can count on you there is no question to whether or not they will invest more time or money into you but when you are inconsistent and it becomes difficult to do business with you, you will be replaced.

The media landscape is changing. Viacom used to be the juggernaut who no one could touch. Their market cap is 14 billion. Comcast is now 199 billion. Comcast used to be just a cable provider less than ten years ago and now they are massive because of the value they put on content creation. Content creation is king and it trickles down to things like social media. There is a massive switch in the way people are consuming content with companies like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube all moving toward streaming and creating their own shows. The landscape is changing and businesses must adapt in order to survive. Content creation needs to be on the daily agenda for a business. Content is the way people are consuming things. The biggest businesses are struggling with this. Try to  find your spot and you could potentially run the content or create a schedule for a large scale company. These big companies will be forced to listen. This is a huge opportunity for young people to work their way into large scale businesses.



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