Who You Are vs. What You Do

“What you do is not who you are”

“Self education is so important. None of us would be here if we didn’t do it”

We are taught to lead with accomplishments but we should lead with who we are.”

“You have to be willing to walk away and be okay with that.”

“If you were too good to do something then you wouldn’t be in a position to have to fuckin do it.”

“If you are in a position that you think you are too good for, the joke is on you”

“You gotta do what you love and you can’t be scared of what mommy and daddy are gonna think.”

“Things don’t happen, we create them.”


  • Welcome Back With A New Co-Host: 2:00
  • Maurice’s Comeback: 8:00
  • Taking Time For Reflection/Development: 18:45
  • Expanding Your View Of Yourself: 23:30
  • Maurice’s Speaking Engagement At A Local Prison: 41:15
  • You Aren’t Too Good For Grunt Work: 54:00
  • Supreme Confidence: 58:45
  • Why Is Doing What You Love A Cliche?: 1:05:10
  • Why We Do This: 1:10:45
  • Closing Remarks: 1:18:45


We have a new host on the show, the one and only, Maurice Clarett. If you do not know who Maurice Clarett is, I recommend you checkout the ESPN 30 For 30, “Youngstown Boys” about Maurice. He was an absolute all star running back at Ohio State, leading them to a National Championship, but has had more than his fair share of misfortune, which eventually landed him in prison. He has since turned his life around and spreads the lessons he has learned to kids, communities and the currently incarcerated.

Maurice was kicked out of college for accepting illegal benefits in 2003. This spiraled him into a level of stress and depression like none he had experienced before. The worst part of this, was there was no quantifiable thing he could do to make the situation better. He spent the next couple years lost, living in LA just partying his life away. He then went on to the NFL and just wasn’t a professional. He took his LA party habits to the NFL and was cut. this compounded the mental anguish that was already inside him. He then was caught for robbery in downtown Columbus which lead to his second case where he was in a high speed chase with the police while carrying several guns in his car. He was sent to prison and to this day, claims this is the best thing that has happened to him. He was able to get a mental health evaluation and be put on medication to help stabilize his mood and move past his mental suffering. From there he spent a lot of time reflecting on how he ended up in his current situation. He began reading and writing a lot. He went on a rampage of reading a lot. One book that had a particularly large impact on him was “As A Man Thinketh” By James Allen. After 4 years in prison, he came out transformed, a completely different person and he credits it all to self education and personal development.

After getting out of prison Maurice had compiled a lot of writing from his sentence and because they had been working out together, Cory suggested that he turn it into a book. He had no idea how to turn it into a book but he figured it out and that was how he began his comeback, at least financially. His comeback as a person had begun during his incarceration. The time he spent with Cory on personal development, the hard work and Old School environment helps keep him on track toward greater success.

The time Maurice spent on personal development is something everyone needs to do. Of course we don’t all have the kind of time he had to put into it (which is a good thing) but everyone needs to schedule time into their day where they are developing themselves. Self education is a necessity. Cory, John and Maurice are the people they are today because of it. The idea of getting to know yourself, educating yourself and understanding how spirituality can interact with others on a daily basis is something that often is overlooked in our society. Understanding how to distinguish who you are from what you do is essential. So much of what you are trying to become is engrained in your head but that isn’t who you are. That is what you are trying to accomplish. Who you are is separate from this. Oftentimes being able to distinguish that is very difficult. That is why taking time for reflection and meditation is so essential. We must look beyond the noise of day to day life in order to fully understand ourselves.

What you do is not who you are. Many people get wrapped up in their own idea of who they are and tie it too much to what they are doing. The guys use Cory as an example saying fitness is what he does but he is far more than a fitness guy or a trainer. He is a businessman and someone who helps people. This is something John has helped Cory realize and Maurice sees it too. You cannot let something you do, pigeonhole you as a person. You are likely capable of more than you think you are. Find your own identity and let that determine what you do. Cory would have been limiting himself by saying he is just a fitness guy. For Cory and for anyone true value that you can bring to something comes from inherently wanting to help others.

We are taught to believe that we have to specialize, that you are only really great at one thing, that you can only do that one thing and don’t overreach into another area. This is the American lie. You can literally do anything, cliche as it may sound, the possibilities for you are endless. You focus on who you are, you understand your limitations, you understand how to ask for help, you understand work ethic and discipline then there is virtually nothing you cannot accomplish. This is why you cannot put your identity into any business or endeavor you choose to become involved in. You put your identity in you, in the core values you possess and apply those values in the manner you deem appropriate, in any venture.

Maurice recently had the opportunity to speak to inmates at a prison thanks to a charity drive he helped out with. One of the inmates he went to speak with was his childhood best friend who he hadn’t seen in 18 years. He hadn’t seen him in 18 years because this man was locked up at 16 and is currently on the final year of his 18 year sentence. During his drive to the prison there were several moments where he thought about turning around and going back home. What kept him moving on was the thought that there was a reason for him to be there that day. Someone needs to hear what he has to say. It was all for a greater reason. Once he arrived and was able to speak, one of the biggest things he told them is the value of having access to things like email and google. A  lot of these people don’t know much or anything about these services having been locked up when these services were just beginning. He explained all the tools that are out there right now for self education and how they can spend time bettering themselves and learning because all the information is at the tip of their fingers. He also spoke on the value of habits. Many guys would sleep in at prison until 10:00 and think they were going to have success when they got out. Not the case. Whatever habits you establish upon yourself in there were going to be carried out in the real world. The same goes for people who aren’t in prison. Say, someone in college who sleeps until it is almost noon every day but just says “I know I should wake up earlier but I will save that for when I’m out of school. Then I will start waking up at 6.” These habits you have before you are out in the real world, will be carried into the real world.

Something else he spoke on is humbling yourself. Accept that you don’t know everything. Know what you don’t know and understand how much you can benefit from studying books, spending your time reading and taking notes rather than goofing off and being involved in the drama. Every truly successful person has at one point or another humbled themselves and gone onto achieve great things. Everyone knows the narrative of the man who gets out of prison, messes up again and is thrown right back into the system. Everyone in the prison had made mistakes and been messed up but the key thing is how long you are messed up for. The sooner you can dust yourself off and begin the process of personal development the better.

You cannot be half in and half out. You have to be all in if you want to succeed. Cory was living in a house on Ohio State’s campus when he was trying to build his personal training business. He lived with several college students who actually had an intervention with him because he wouldn’t drink with them on Thursdays anymore. He knew he was trying to start a real business. Sure he might be able to go hang out on a Saturday because he didn’t have clients on Sunday but he was on a mission. He had to be all in. Cory would literally run into his friends while they were out drinking because he was out printing flyers off at the Kinkos next to the bar. It comes back to humbling yourself and understanding that you are not too good for any particular task. Cory understood that he wasn’t too good to be printing off flyers late at night while his friends were out at the bars. When you own a business you need to understand all the ins and outs and you can’t do that if you have an attitude of “I’m too good for that.” If you were too good to do something then you wouldn’t be in a position to have to fucking do it. So take a step back, learn from what you are experiencing now and you can build off it.

Thoughts are open to anybody. Someone has to occupy that space. Its all about who is gonna show up and have the audacity to take control. If you want to have any sort of massive success you need to have so much confidence that you are going to work your ass off for the pursuit of that goal. If you have ever been a high achiever in any space you have the ability to do it. All Maurice had to do was transfer it to a different platform. From football to entrepreneurship and helping people.

Before all the success Cory and John had, there was a thought process that said “I aint shit until I do shit.” This means you need to do something before you expect something and then when you expect something you need to go get it. Take the time and eliminate your self importance. Once you do that then you will be able to learn from the lowest level. Yes on the lowest level. That is where everyone starts. Once you realize that you need to start from the bottom you can begin your ascension. If you don’t accept this, you are going to stuck in a cycle of self defeating madness. Everyone must start from the bottom. Cory started working a desk job for $7 an hour at a gym but what he did that most people miss is he was watching what was going on around him intently. He was taking mental notes and learning. Everyone seems to think this shit just happened overnight but it absolutely did not. It took years of being extremely consistent to learn and build the confidence to be where he is today.

For some reason people think that doing what you love is a cliche. So many people don’t really believe that they can turn what they love into a career. No matter what it is. If you love it and are interested in it then there are other people who are too. It is a shame that there is nothing in the school system truly teaches entrepreneurship. There are all these people that will chase what they love but they are waiting for someone to give them an opportunity to do so. This is NEVER going to happen. You give yourself the opportunity to do what you love. No one else is going to do it for you. It takes work. You have to study and perpetually be a student.

At the end of the day, whether you have a college degree or not you have be your own driver of you success. You have to drive fast and be focused. You cannot wait for mom and dad to believe you, you have to believe in yourself. If you find yourself wondering why things aren’t happening for you, its because things don’t happen, we create our life.



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