Living An Intentional Life

“Living life without intention is just wandering aimlessly”

“It is an internal push thats on your mind to constantly get better.”

“I would be cheating myself if I didn’t want to be the best.”

“Good, bad or indifferent, when I make a decision, I’m all in.”

“Human growth and development is not supposed to feel good”

“This is a body of work that takes constant effort.”

“I’m not even afraid to die anymore cause fuck it. Its inevitable.”

“When you dial in your spirit, you free yourself.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:40
  • Acting With Intent: 5:10
  • Intention Is A Behavior: 16:25
  • Committing To Decisions: 28:10
  • Making Mental Adjustments: 40:20
  • Personally Becoming More Intentional. 58:50
  • Deciding To Be Better Each Day: 1:06:50
  • Checks & Balances To Put Life In Perspective: 1:16:30
  • Breaking The Cycle: 1:27:30
  • Making Ourselves Better/Closing Remarks: 1:37:30



Intention is doing whatever it is you are doing with purpose. Being purposeful and meaningful. If you are being intentional then when you wake up you are acting with purpose and passion. Understanding your destination and knowing where you want to go because of having set goals, brings discipline into your life and enables you to act with intention. Intention starts with knowing what you want because when you know what you want, you can then act and speak with intention. If you are just talking and talking without intention it decreases your chances of success.

If you don’t have intention, it is like aimlessly wandering through life. You don’t have a process for when you expect yourself to get up daily. You don’t have habits for success and typically you don’t have a goal. Surprisingly, this is how a lot of people operate. Many people fall into this drone mentality, without ever choosing to do so. They simply haven’t been exposed to material that has told them otherwise. Society pushes that drone mentality on everyone, with this predetermined plan of what your life is supposed to look like. When you don’t live with intention life passes you by faster than you can fathom and before you know it, its been 20 years and you’re still doing the same shit you’ve been doing. Your mindset is still the same and there has been no real growth.

Intention comes from the ability to make a decision and stick with it. A societal issue is that people get so interested in everything but fail to focus on any single thing. People become enthralled in the lifestyle of those who have made it but never think of the beginning. They overlook step 1 or step 2 of the grind that it takes to get to the more successful part of a person’s life. All of your experiences in life culminate to help prepare you for what you will face in life. We need to recognize the value of the lessons we may think are pointless initially. Those gen-ed classes you are taking in college right now that you blow off and think are pointless, start taking them more seriously because every piece of information you receive contributes, in one way or another to make you better.

Intention is a behavior. People say what they want to do all the time but they don’t have a real plan. They don’t know how they are going to start, they don’t have the disciplines or the habits in place to begin moving in the proper direction. Worse than that, they don’t even fully understand the destination they are trying to get to. In order to act with intention you must fully understand your objective, this includes, when you plan to reach this objective. It is an internal push thats on your mind, to constantly get better.

If you don’t know your strategy yet, thats okay, don’t be discouraged. First, make your decision on what you want from yourself then plug in the intent and start behaving like thats who you because that is who you will become. Figure out what your action steps are and then take action. This comes from an idle thought, it comes from visualizing what you want to become, writing it down and acting it out. It doesn’t start with you doing fifty things. It starts with taking one thing seriously. We see successful people taking on fifty things at a time now, but that isn’t how they got there. They got there by intentionally taking one thing very serious and doing that one thing extraordinarily well.

Think and act like the person you want to become and eventually you will be that person. No one monopolizes thoughts.

Without your word, you are nothing. When everything else is stripped away, your word is what you have left. Unfortunately in this day in age, the value of giving someone your word and keeping has dropped substantially. For some reason, people have a problem with doing what they say they are going to do. When you’re talking about being who you want to become, this is a great place to start.

People like to get real ‘wiggly’ when they are deciding what they are going to do, how they are going to allocate their time or where the best place to start is. Having the ability to be decisive and stick with it, whether it is the correct decision or not, enables you to mitigate doubt and act with intention. We get wiggly like this when we fear the outcome. When we are uncertain of ourselves and perhaps we don’t fully trust that we can accomplish what we set out to, we become indecisive. This indecision can oftentimes lead to paralysis by analysis. Many feel this fear of judgement, this concern with what others will think of them if they fail. We put these thoughts in our minds of how other people will perceive us when we have no idea if that is actually the case and even further, we have no control over other people’s thoughts. We can overcome these thoughts and fears by knowing that you are not disrespecting anyone, but at the same time truly not giving a fuck what other people think about your decisions. Before making your decisions, you have to commit yourself to that decision fully. Once you do this, then you have the confidence in your decisions to not worry about justifying them to anyone. It is straight confidence in your decision making.

Every experience is an opportunity to learn and you experience the shit because you learn what you need to learn in order continue. Every problem that comes up is nothing more than an opportunity for you to learn how to fix that problem. Once you do this, you have added a skill to your toolbox. Human growth and development is not supposed to feel good. So if you run from those uncomfortable feelings then you are stunting your growth. The uncomfortable situations are what make you better, in every facet of life. When you don’t know how to handle an emotion or problem you are facing, the natural tendency is to try and cover it up or run from it. In running, we develop all kinds of bad habits to try and cope. Whereas, if we were to face the adversity, face the discomfort we would be making ourselves vulnerable, but that vulnerability is what opens us up for growth.

Just like you can train harder in sports to make your body better and more prepared for the next competition, you can do the same with your mind. One way to prepare your mind is to practice gratitude. Literally go through and write down three things that you are grateful for each day. In doing this, you will quickly realize that you are grateful for far more than just those three things. You will realize that you are blessed, you do have a lot going for you. So those fears and anxieties we all feel can be eliminated or at the very least, mitigated. Another strategy is to turn it up a notch. Whatever you have done in the past, get back to that strategy. Focus on your daily habits and be INTENTIONAL with everything you do. Look at the bigger picture and recognize that getting up early and working out, though your business may have nothing to do with fitness, is priming you for success. We are the product of our habits so be intentional in choosing them. Something else we all can benefit from is meditation and exercising the practice of actually being in the present moment. We are all susceptible to falling back into old, negative habits. By placing our focus on the present moment we are better able to control our thoughts and behaviors.

Even high level performers like Cory, John and Maurice have things they are working on to become better. Everyone has shortcomings. For example, Maurice is working on being more intentional in cultivating the ability to not get angry of trivial stuff. In addition, trying to disconnect from the materialistic world that society tells us is so important. Things can be cool and all but there is something you lose inside yourself when things become important. John has always had an issue with anger and losing his temper. He has had success in curbing his destructive temper but he is now being more intentional, focusing on how to stop the anger that creates disputes. We all get angry at the people we care most about. If you are struggling with anger, start to examine the times you are getting angry. Recognize the cues for when you are becoming angry. For example, John will raise his voice and when he does, he catches himself and it cues him to stop and say ‘look at the full picture.’ Look at everything surrounding this interaction, not just the last 30 seconds that pissed you off. In that moment you may be upset but in the big picture, is it really going to benefit you to escalate this situation?

To be productive adults, businessmen and not just fuck around is hard… It takes constant effort to maintain. It is constantly, optimistically working on yourself every single day. This comes from the gratitude, the daily perspective and constant work on material that is making you better. Every day you wake up and have a choice to either look at the glass half full or half empty. If you choose the upside daily, your life becomes that. This is honestly a way better way to live life. You have a finite number of years on this Earth so why would you choose to view your life through the negative lens. You have the choice every day. Once you know how good you can feel, the choice is easy. Consistently working on your mind, body and spirit. This is how you become better day in and day out. It all starts with spirit because if that one is not in check, then the other two will fall out of line as well.

Everyday John will ask himself if from a relational perspective, he is ready to die. Meaning, he will take inventory of the people he cares about and ensure that he does not have any regrets. Oftentimes, he isn’t ready. He may need to go make something right with this person or that person. This gives you intention and provides a blue print for how to act.

The daily actions, the strategies and the perspective are all rooted in adversity that has been faced in life. The death of Cory’s dad is what provides Cory’s perspective. Even when Cory was looking for his dad on that night, he was trying to figure out what good could come from this. It put life in perspective for him because he now knew what a truly bad day was. He came through that experience with the understanding that stubbing your toe or spilling your coffee in the morning doesn’t mean you are having a bad day. In relation to that night, every day he has is a good day.

The experience John had of waking up after his overdose nearly killed him, birthed a new man. When you understand this stuff and dial in from a spiritual perspective you are better able to understand all the things going on around you. This enables you to function on a higher level as business person and in your interactions with others. It will push you to a level you did not know you could reach. When you dial in your spirit, you free yourself.

The battle of breaking a negative familial cycle is a battle that you begin before you even know you’ve started and it may never end. It is about what you do daily.

When you are talking about something and you begin to feel emotion coming to the surface, don’t run from it. Embrace it because that is the definition of realness. That is what truly pulls on you as a person. This is where you dig in, find out who you are and gain an understanding for why you do the shit you do.


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