Non-Negotiable Leadership Qualities

“Everyone wants be around someone who is enthusiastic about what they are doing.”

“I knew the intangible was the enthusiasm”

“Life is imagination. You’re living when you’re dreaming.” 

“The future is always unknown but you can use that to motivate you because in the unknown, anything is possible.” 

“If you’re not committed in every area, then you’re not committed in any area.”

“Hey motherfuckers, we’re talking about shit that has nothing to do with your feelings right now.”

“Loyalty is non-fuckin-negotiable. Period.”

“You are evolving today whether you know it or not. So get focused on it and take yourself in the direction you want to go”


  • Welcome Back: 1:15
  • Starting Your Day Early: 3:25
  • Leaders of Action vs. Leaders of Words: 1:55 
  • The Power of Enthusiasm: 13:30
  • The Integrity of How You Operate: 23:15
  • Improve Your Communication: 38:15
  • Walking The Line of Loyalty: 1:01:25
  • The Streets/Drug Dealing vs. The Business World: 1:08:25
  • Decisiveness & Commitment As A Leader: 1:24:55
  • The Decision of Adding Maurice To The Podcast: 1:35:15
  • Closing Remarks: 1:44:15



When you take the time to wake up early and begin your day by accomplishing things you know you need to get done, call them your daily non-negotiables, you start your day off on the right foot. It’s easy to put your focus on everyone else in your life. Taking care of family, friends, colleagues etc. all before you get to do what you want to do. Then it turns out you are 60 years old and have hardly spent any time doing what you wanted to do. Taking this time for yourself is not being selfish. When you wake up at the top of the morning you are able to work on yourself and refine yourself. It brings momentum and clarity to your day.

There are different types of people/leaders, word based and action based. Those who try to lead with words will undoubtedly struggle. Those who lead with action speak with confidence, look you in the eye, they clearly communicate with others. People who lead through action do the little things that many overlook. As a result, those around them begin to look at them and see that as how leaders should operate. Thus, developing more people who will lead through action. Action leaders also never feel they are too good for any job. If a job needs to be done, they don’t care if it a low level task, they will get it done. If you can connect what you are doing to your personal story, are excited about it, can articulate it, and spark people when you walk into the office thats how you begin to lead people. People will want to follow you because they want to have that kind of energy and passion for what they are doing. No one wants to be around someone who is constantly complaining about what they have to do. Maybe they aren’t even complaining but their body language is such that everyone around them can tell that they would rather be doing something else. It is obvious they don’t really care about the work they are putting int. They don’t really care if they are actually helping people. They just want to get in, cash their paycheck and get out.

When you are enthusiastic about what you doing, when you are in your wheelhouse, you don’t need to tell anyone what the culture is. They just know. They see how you, the leader, operates and follow suit. In addition, enthusiasm spurs creativity. Life is imagination. Everything we are and everything around us is the product of imagination and creativity. When you fall into the mindset of “remember when…” and become focused on the past, you get on the hamster wheel and simply run to nowhere. You cease all creative thought because you are not looking toward the great things that could be ahead. If you are enthusiastic about life, your mind is constantly working and looking at the world through a creative lens. You are able to imagine the way in which you can impact the world. Enthusiasm for the future is paramount. The future is the great unknown it is the “what if.” The future is full of endless possibilities. The future is always unknown but you can always use that to motivate you because anything is in the unknown, anything is possible.

Your future is inside of you, you just have to bring it out. Your discipline is what enables you to do just that. The disciplines that you execute on daily basis will allow you to manifest whatever vision you have inside of you. Looking forward to what you are going to be doing in a given day is imperative. When you have something on your schedule everyday that you are looking forward to, that breeds enthusiasm for your life. This energy perpetuates to those who follow you.

Integrity boils down to a few things, consistency, trustworthiness, intentions and who you want to be. There is only one kind of good deal, it is where both sides win. As a leader, we must always operate in a manner where we are not trying to “pull one over on” those we have more power than. As a leader, the most important quality to have is the understanding that if we want to have longevity in leading people we must operate fairly and with integrity. Being an integrable person brings a sense of peace and confidence to your life. You don’t have to put on a front or act like anyone other than yourself for anyone. You can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time. When you can consistently be the same person across the board, your life elevates. There is nothing to hide, nothing to get away from. When you operate with integrity, you free yourself. Ultimately, your word is everything. Everything is tied back to that. Even if you are openly a scum bag, honestly that is more respectable than pretending to be an upstanding person but acting like a scum bag. This stuff spills into your life as well. Your credit score is basically a score on integrity. You say you are going to pay someone on time and you come through and do it. Your ability to get loans, grow businesses and ultimately make more money comes down to your integrity at the root of it all. You don’t want to move through life as someone who people feel they cannot depend on. It is hard to move through life alone and that is what will happen if no one can depend on you. You need people because everyone needs help.

The most important word is “Why?” The root of any conversation is the, why. When people can understand the why of a situation or a task, they are more likely to execute on that task, in part because they aren’t waisting brain power concerning themselves with the purpose of a task that may seem menial. The why is at the center of communication. First, people will understand the purpose of their task and second they will come to understand the incentives behind their task. Always ask for the why. A massive piece of communication for leaders is how you handle a situation in which someone screws up. The key here is to help them understand why it was a fuck up. They may already have an idea but ensure you are on the same page. Then communicate and ensure an understanding that because you both know what went wrong, it won’t happen again.

As a leader, it is important to know how to handle communicating with people you are friends with in a business environment. It is not about your feelings regarding them personally. It is about the task at hand. Therefore, you must act accordingly. Separate the two and communicate this to those you are leading. If you can draw that line very clearly you are going to have more success and better relationships with those around you. When in doubt it is always better to over communicate. It is better to get on someone’s nerves and ensure that everyone is on the same page than to have mistakes made due to a lack of understanding. Communication isn’t just verbal either. It is how you act, its how you respond to the emails and stay on top of text messages. Create the culture in your business of over communicating and setting deadlines so everyone understands when things need to be done. This is pitfall for a lot of young companies. There is no hard deadline, therefore people are able to procrastinate on something and eventually it either falls by the wayside or is done hastily and the quality of the work suffers.

If you work with people and your job is to advise or guid, you always have to be willing to get fired. If you are in this position, the truth is your compass and oftentimes people don’t want to hear the truth. You never want to become a yes man who is only concerned with pleasing somebody with their bullshit.

As a leader, if you don’t make others feel that you are loyal then you have nothing. From an opportunity standpoint in this economy the two things that are lacking the most are loyalty and service. By making people feel and believe that you are there for them, that you will take their call, that you have their back will get people to not only follow you but  support a greater cause. People have to believe that their leaders are loyal to them and that when the business gets to the point the leader professes that they will be taken care of. Of course there are those who have circumstantial loyalty. Those who will only be loyal to you when it suits them, when things are going well, when you’re paying them handsomely. The fake loyalty is derived from the notion of ‘I think I can advance myself off of this person.’ Loyalty isn’t always going out to the club when your friend is going. It isn’t ‘let me hang around John or Cory because they can let me do cool shit.’ Wanting to hang around people because they have something to offer you is not always bad. It only becomes bad when the the intention is poor. When the intention is to learn from them and help them in any way you can, you can develop a real relationship. If however, you are only hanging around them for the chance to do something you think is cool or to make money off of them then your intention is in the wrong place. When the intentions are in the wrong place people begin to act like something they are not for the sole purpose of advancement. Then once the favors or advancement for them stops, they are out.

The biggest difference between people hustling drugs in the streets and operating a business is the merchandise and the consequences. In the street if you fuck up you will be arrested, beaten or even killed. The business version of this is an executive smiling at you while undercutting you and/or firing you. The crazy thing is, a lot of the people who succeed in the street have solid business skills, they just lack professionalism and the appropriate behavior. Maurice has gotten rid of anything he had that didn’t make him more professional or make him better. He wears polos to the office when everyone else is in sweatpants because he knows the value of being perceived as professional, especially with his background. When he looks professional and interacts with people the conversation turns from talk of his days running the football at Ohio State to questions about what he has going on now.

All thoughts take form on some level. Everything you think about yourself will manifest in some way shape or form. That said, remember that you have control over what you think. You have a choice everyday that you wake up to be who you want to be. If you know that you need to make a change, MAKE THE CHANGE NOW. There is no better time to make the changes you need to thank right fucking now. If you put it off, you are detracting from your life. The sooner you make the change the sooner you can begin living a better more free life.

As a leader if you are not decisive, if you are wavering then why the fuck would anyone get on board with you. A leader must be steely and resolute when a decision is made. They must be able to look their employees, team members etc. in the eye and explain this is what we are doing, this is how, and this is why. When people look in the eyes of the leader they have to know that you, the leader, mean fucking business. They must be able to tell, without hesitation, that you whole heartedly believe in what you just told them.

The ability to make decisions and be decisive brings direction to your life. It brings you out of the idle space. There is no aimless wandering. It provides everyone with a defined objective that everyone is moving toward. If you aren’t a decisive person start the practice of making decisions even if it is just deciding and being committed to a restaurant for dinner. It is more stressful to waver in your choices it is actually more stressful because with that comes the anxiety of questioning your decision even after it has been made. Once the decision is made, its over. For better or worse you are left do deal with the consequences. If the consequences are good then thats great but if not then you have the opportunity to learn and figure out how to fix it. You’ve gotta figure it out anyway so you might as well commit and roll with it. Being decisive is not about speed of decision making. It is about the commitment to the decision. It is about doing your homework, understanding the value each option brings and committing to your choice.



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