Timeless Thinkers That Changed The World

“The primary objective is to subdue the enemy without fighting”

“Thought takes shape in all forms. Nothing intelligent can take place until thought and purpose are linked together.”

“I just remember telling myself, “I’m meant to do big things.”

“Don’t be influenced by a book’s title. Be influenced by a book’s content.”

“Motherfuckers got microwave mentalities. Everything is on the instant program.”

“To be wronged, is nothing unless you continue to remember it.”

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of your ignorance.”  

“No man is a free man until he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own personal initiative.”


  • Welcome Back/Intro To The Great Thinkers: 1:50
  • Sun Tzu and The Art of War: 7:25
  • James Allen, As A Man Thinketh: 17:35
  • The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie: 27:20
  • Providing Action Steps and Direction: 32:50
  • The Evolution Of The Mind: 43:10
  • Time Tested Wisdom Is Not Rooted In “Things”: 58:00
  • Acting/Thinking Freely: 1:03:15
  • Educate yourself: 1:12:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:26:00

The Reading List:

  • Research the concept of Neo-Confucionism
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
  • As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
  • Power vs Force, Transcending Levels of Consciousness, Truth vs Falsehood, Spirituality vs Devotional Non-Duality all by Dr. David Hawkins
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie As Told By Napoleon Hill


The Art of War is a strategy bible for anything that you may be doing. It provides the structure for building strategies that can be applied to any field. Whether it be philosophy, athletics, business etc. it will prepare you. Sun Tzu is an infamous military strategist who lived in 500 BC. He spent his an enormous amount of time developing the mindset of his soldiers. His goal was to subdue the enemy without fighting by being better prepared mentally. He understood that just because he is a military general, that does not mean that he has to lead his men into war. Sun Tzu opened minds that originated on the battle field and now exist on Wall Street and corporate America. The book teaches the killer instinct, but beyond that it teaches that if you are put in a position where you have to kill, you better be ready for that. If you are going to kill you are going to make sure the individual is already dead before you meet him because of the mental preparation you have done. In a nutshell this is what a successful business does. They don’t launch a product and then wonder if it is going to work. They do the market research and then take it to market. Its the same as looking at your enemy, assessing them, assessing the conditions and knowing when to strike. The book, The Art of War is written from a very absolutest mindset. That is to say, it is written in very black and white language, there is not much gray area. This is one of the reasons it appealed to John shortly after beginning his recovery from addiction. The book provided him a framework of strategy for how to pull himself out of the hole he had dug himself into with his addiction.

Maurice was initially attracted to the book As A Man Thinketh while he was incarcerated. He was drawn to it because he wanted to gain the framework and understand how to use his mind. The book gives operations of how thought occurs in people. Thought takes shape in all forms. Nothing intelligent can take place until thought and purpose are linked together. If people begin to evolve more of their thought and critical thinking skills rather than being so devoted to their social media feeds it would be interesting to see where the world would be. You often see or hear about people who have these skills and are naturally gifted in certain areas but are not given an outlet to showcase their skillset. This can lead to negative decisions such as trouble with alcohol and drugs when people do not know how to express their ability. Many people do not distinguish the difference between educating yourself and learning because of the way the school system is set up. Once you make the connection that you can read and educate yourself in areas you want to learn more about, the process of learning becomes much more enticing. The problem is many people never reach this point. A lot of the time we don’t even possess the ability to articulate or identify what we are good at because we don’t have the vocabulary or awareness. We just know there is an energy inside that needs an outlet and when we are incapable of identifying the appropriate outlet for this energy, it can turn to negatives such as drugs or alcohol. Developing yourself and becoming more of who you are supposed to be enables you to identify the appropriate direction for your energy. You should constantly be on the pursuit of this, it is not often that people come across these life changes sources of information on accident.

The fab five taught Cory the confidence and provided him with the idea of how he wanted his “swagger” to be as he developed himself. This propelled him into reading more books and seeking out how to develop his mind further. He came across the the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which taught him how business operates from a basic level. Next he found “Think And Grow Rich” teaches the mind how to operate with intention and being purposeful with everything you do, a key piece of Cory’s philosophy today. Finally, “The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie: As Told By Napoleon Hill” was the big one for Cory. It provided a daily, weekly, monthly strategy for everything he would go on to do in business and life. The book provides clarity on how to identify your true purpose and then goes in further on practical advice that I laid out very clearly on how to go about operating and making money in the future. The book does more than impact the mind, it provides specific directions. You finish reading the book and you know exactly what to do in order to succeed. It provides the action steps unlike many other books in the personal development category. So many of the motivational speakers and authors in this category are great at getting you fired up to do something but you leave the speech or finish the book and don’t know what to do. You are ready to go to work but you have nowhere to put this energy. Don’t be influenced by a book’s title. Be influenced by a book’s content.

Realize that the strategy, the mindset, the education all comes before the money. It comes before the stature, achievement and notoriety people desire so much. It is easy to turn on Netflix and turn off your brain at the end of the day but that is not going to get you anywhere. Read instead. You don’t learn these things after you are successful. You learn these things so that you can become successful. The money didn’t create the principles or the notoriety. The principles created the money and the notoriety. This man, Andrew Carnegie, helped build the country and within those pages he lays out the framework for how you can become successful. He makes note that this book is for everyone. It is not just for people who are born into wealth, born into poverty, it is for every person of every race, nationality and background.

Andrew Carnegie actually felt that it was a disservice to pay many of his employees more money because they did not know how to operate with that kind of money. He recognized that if he were to gift people X million dollars then it would actually make their life worse because they didn’t know how to operate with or handle that kind of money. The skills to work with that kind of money come from the years of accumulating it. The saying, ‘more money more problems’ is true. Especially if you don’t know how to use it.

It is obvious that the human body has been evolving forever. We know people are taller now, typically stronger etc. even before exercise enters the picture. The question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not the human mind is evolving at the same pace as the human body. Looking around today at the quality of thought compared to humans hundreds or thousands of years ago, it does not appear that it is. The human mind’s evolution has slowed over the years. The best example of this is we still turn to the wisdom of people from thousands of years ago. Think of Sun Tzu, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Socrates, all these great thinkers. There are so many more distractions in today’s society that take us away from the great thinkers like these men. These men did not have all the distractions of today enabling them to go so deep into their thoughts that they were able to write texts that stood the test of time, remaining relevant to this day.

Today, everyone or at least a large portion of our society are stuck in the microwave mentality. Everyone wants short term gratification. Thats why we cling to our social media and all the distractions of the world because it is so short term. Getting likes and all that feels good in the moment though it does not serve much of a purpose in the real world. People have lost the want to develop thought because everyone is so consumed by the distractions of life. The diligence throughout life to remain focused on the small things that make you better each day, like reading, is what perpetuates long term success.  Ultra successful people spend a large proportion of their time reading and then taking the information they consume and applying it to their lives. You can read all you want but if you don’t retain and apply the information then the time was wasted.

The more you read the more you want to talk and exchange thoughts and ideas. Once you are exposed to a new way of thinking or a new concept it opens your mind and makes you want more. It provides a greater level of consciousness for your own experience.

A Ronin is someone who has no master or no teacher. They are essentially wanderers who travel from place to place and person to person extracting information and moving along to the next thing or place. They believed that they could not think or act freely by following one person. In order to live a life like this, you can never go on and accept death in the manner these men did without developing yourself. If you stick too much to one thought process then you are cheating yourself. The way to not cheat yourself is to have experiences that you cannot even imagine until you move on in life.

There is a concept called devotional non-duality where things are not necessarily good or bad but they just are. One school of thought isn’t better than another one it is just a different way of thinking and who is to say that a man who begins life as a Ronin doesn’t change course and follow a different philosophy later in life. We all have the ability to change our minds. We can start off in one place and end up somewhere else based on what we learn along the way. We don’t have to choose one over the other. You can experience many things and roll with the one that works best for you. Figure out what information assists you, go find it and develop it. This is the refining of the mind in the same way you exercise the body.

When you begin educating yourself that is the foundation for success in business. This is what gives you the discipline and the daily strategy that you can lean on when you have new experiences and difficulties. It is the foundational knowledge on which you can build upon and be successful in business. Self education is articulating what you want to develop as a person. Once you self educate you create things that work for you. School can help to develop your profession but self education develops who you are. Who you are and what you do for a living are two very different things. The who you are is developed through self education.


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