Limiting Factors of Success

“You were on house arrest in 8th grade!? This motherfucker…”

“In identifying the distractions in your life and finding the ability to transcend them you naturally attract the better things in your life.”

“Complaining and excuses start where thinking stops”

“People need to understand that how you feel and what needs to be done are two different things.”

“I practice a level of cocky humility”

“If you speak with conviction and confidence people will listen.”

“Care about your life enough to design your day.”

“I never really cared what people thought because for most of my life no one understood what I was trying to do.”


  • Intro/Welcome Back: 0:00
  • Belief/Relationships: 3:40
  • Self-Worth: 12:40
  • Don’t Be Limited By Your Environment: 21:25
  • Coal Mining Mentality: 31:05
  • F***in Lazy Asses and Excuses: 38:25
  • Fighting Internal Demons: 49:20
  • Acting With Confidence: 56:20
  • Ignoring Outside Talk: 1:05:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:16:00



Belief versus lack of belief. Everyone says they want to be successful and own a business. These are easy to say but the limiting factor is the belief in yourself that you can actually achieve what you want. Reaching high goals in entrepreneurship takes an absurd amount of work. Simply saying these things to impress friends or gain approval from family will get you nowhere. What it actually boils down to is the belief in yourself and the actions you are willing to take. Rather than saying “I’m going to do …” rephrase it to “I’m currently working on … ”

Another massive limiting factor for men is women. Men tend to spend too much time trying to get girls, getting with too many girls and let that get in the way of their business and personal growth. Until Maurice got himself in check and wasn’t worried about what his girlfriend was doing or who she was with he was able to free himself. As humans we tend to put our insecurities on other people so if we feel we are doing something inappropriate we will often come the conclusion that our significant other is behaving in the same fashion. Thus leading to insecurity and distraction. Moral of the story, keep it in your pants and trust your girlfriend/boyfriend to do the same. Once you get into a space where you recognize that you can’t control other people then you can stop worrying and cease limiting yourself because of this preoccupation. The vision you have for your life does not consist of chasing a woman or man down for the rest of your life so when you allow jealousy to get the best of you, your relationship can become a limiting factor for your success.

For many others a limiting factor is not believing that they are worthy of the success they are having. They limit themselves by saying “this isn’t supposed to be happening for me.” Cory struggled with this because of where he was raised. Even though he believed it, created that narrative for himself and was executing on his vision he still had to battle feelings of wondering if he really deserved the success he was having. When we grow up we see how our family operates and if you come from a family that has always had a ceiling for how successful they have become, it is easy to find yourself falling into that mentality. You must rewrite the blueprint you have for yourself and who you are and what you can accomplish. Even though your parents or grandparents only reached a certain point, that doesn’t mean you can’t take it to another level. Don’t simply follow suit. You have the ability to break the cycle. Oftentimes young people do not mentally qualify the people they look up to. Ensure the people you are looking to deserve the respect you are giving them.

The confidence to overcome your circumstance comes from constant visualization, reading and discipline. Pay attention to the ambitious spirit you have. Once you begin practicing discipline and understanding your ambition, all that is left is finding an outlet for you to express it. Finding your outlet comes from making your life simple. Eliminate the extra women, parties, “friends” from your life. Eliminate that which does not serve a direct purpose toward achieving your goals. In simplifying your life you begin to see things more clearly and can better identify outlets and opportunities for yourself. In identifying the distractions in your life and finding the ability to transcend them you naturally attract the better things in your life.

You have to maintain your identity no matter what any identity others put on you. Oftentimes your family will try to identify you as the “____ the athlete” or “____ the businessman” in doing so you will unconsciously try to live up to this identification. If you can remain in tune with who you are at your core then you will be able to overcome the pressure to do or be what others want. If you fight to preserve your identity and maintain your path, the avoidance of limiting factors becomes much easier.

When we begin to think about possibility and what opportunities are available, if your brain immediately goes to why something can’t be done then you are inherently building in excuses for why you can continue to just sit on your ass. You are building in the justification for why you don’t want to problem solve. You are eventually going to have to deal with problems so you can either sit and cry about it for hours or you can start critical thinking and come to a solution much quicker and easier than if you spent all that time feeling sorry for yourself. No one can do it for us. No one can make you happy and fulfill your life if you don’t begin with that attitude yourself. Most people can’t overcome the how you feel mentality. People need to understand that how you feel and what needs to be done are two different things. It comes down to self talk. Life is a consistent process of self talk. What is the vision for your life? It sounds redundant and cliche but there is a reason all successful people say the same shit.

Maurice is constantly challenging himself to fight against the tendency he has to be very aggressive with situations and people. This comes from his time spent with the street mentality. He recognizes that in being this aggressive beast he can get what he wants out of most situations. So he is rewarded for behavior that is potentially very damaging. He must practice the ability to control it and skillfully turn it on to get shit done, but also turn it off so it is not damaging to himself or his relationships. If you are intimidating to people or you have that “tough guy” mentality people skillfully push you out of the way. When you get this mentality that is the ego taking over and when your ego begins to run your personality and mindset, you are in bad shape. People who are massively successful are even keel. They don’t let shit get to them. Or rather they do but they know how to identify it and manage it to remain focused on the larger goal. Always be task driven. Assign the task to the appropriate people, put their minds on it and then monitor. Do not give anyone or any situation power over what you see as your ultimate goal. Your emotions become your limiting factor.

For some, who may have success or are beginning to have success as an entrepreneur without having graduated college, you are thrown into scenarios where you are dealing with people of higher education levels. This should never be a limiting factor for you. Though it can seem intimidating you can find comfort in recognizing that you know your business better than anyone and if you have prepared there is no reason for you to be afraid. Know your numbers and subject matter on such a high level that no one can combat you. In addition, another highly effective strategy is training yourself to not give a fuck what other people think of you. If you have confidence in yourself then you shouldn’t care what others think. You know your shit, you have your accomplishments just as they have theirs and you have no reason to care whether they look down on you because you didn’t go to college. Also, who says they even have to know you didn’t go to college. If you know your shit and understand what you are talking about, that is all that matters. You speak with conviction and confidence people will listen.

We all experience naysayers and people who will talk down on what you want to do. Successful people learn how to ignore it. How is it going to help you to worry about what these people think? Whether it is someone close to you or someone on the internet whom you have never met, how is concerning yourself with this going to benefit you? There is absolutely no value in getting caught up in gossip and bullshit. Control what you can control. The opinions of others is something you cannot control. Everything always circles back to you so ask yourself why you are making your ears available for that gossip or that negativity. You can’t change someone else’s opinion. It is usually rooted in their own insecurity. Controlling your daily schedule and having intentions on what you are doing each day is huge for avoiding negativity. If you understand that these people are focused on you while you are busy focusing on achieving goals then you are winning. Shit talkers only have power if you give it to them. If you give it power, it makes them relevant and there is nothing more aggravating for a hater than to be made irrelevant or failing to get a rise out of someone. Reaction is weakness.

Care about your life enough to design your day.


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