Live Q&A From The Arnold

“I probably won’t cuss at all today because I’m in front of y’all..” * proceeds to cuss more than any of the hosts *

“I’m trying to solve a problem for the state. I don’t need anybody’s permission.”

“When something is right in anything you do in life, you don’t have to force it.”

“I used to ask my mom ‘Is it normal to think you are just never gonna lose at anything?’ She responded, ‘No John, thats just you.'”

“When my time is done and I leave this place, what I want is to leave something of myself behind. Whether it is a quote or more than that with a lot of fucking people.”

“I’m trying to solve a fuckin problem. Y’all are trying to make money. Big difference.”

“I don’t want this to come out like I’m hating on anybody but we’re better.”

“People accept too many thoughts in their lives. Reality is not words, reality is your thoughts.”

“I’m the original Zoolander motherfuckers.”


  • Changes In The Last Year: 00:30
  • What To Do After You Achieve Your Goal: 13:00
  • Making Decisions As A Group: 25:30
  • Don’t Surround Yourself With “Yes Men”: 36:20
  • Identifying Mentors: 51:15
  • Visions For The Future: 1:02:05
  • Raising The Bar Each Episode: 1:14:20
  • Balancing Entrepreneurship & Family: 1:22:00
  • Realizing What You Want: 1:40:30
  • Self Confidence: 1:45:00
  • A Life Changing, Life Saving Story: 1:55:45


One year ago John held the belief that if he let someone in his business would suffer and all his work would come undone. He has found that to be false and now has a great girlfriend who helps him achieve even greater things. One year ago, few would have ever guessed John would be in a stable long term relationship.

When you have a goal you always have to be prepared for what you are going to do after that goal is achieved. Have the next goal ready. It always comes down to what you ultimately want. One of the pitfalls to look out for is setting your goals too low. For so many one of the worst things that can happen is reaching your goals. Your ultimate goals should never be easily achieved within the next year. You will hit milestones and small goals along the way, but your ultimate goal should never be attainable in a short period of time. Find what feeds your soul and you can read business books to figure out how to monetize it. Evaluate your goals to ensure you never become complacent. The bigger the vision the more you have to learn and the more knowledge you can acquire. Its a journey that leads you on the path to become who you are ultimately supposed to become. In the fitness industry especially there are people who don’t have the best physique and don’t have the best methodology but they make it huge in the industry because they went all in. They are posting six times per day on Instagram, they are responding to all the comments, answering direct messages, constantly educating themselves and practicing what they preach. These are the people who make it.

When something is right in anything you do in life, you don’t have to force it. To devalue someone that is working out of generosity is a sign that you are not going to last in business. The world shapes things so when you are doing what you are supposed to, things line up and your life unfolds. Never try to force anything in your life. If there is static in anything in your life, its a sign that you probably need to do rid that from your life.

In your life and business, write down what you want, write down what you are good at and what you suck at because when you are finding a partner it is important to identify someone who compliments you. If you both have the same strength and the same weakness it leaves a gaping hole in your business. It is impossible to scale and build something by yourself, you need people to help. If you think you can, you are going to fall flat on your face. You also cannot micromanage all your employees. You need to trust them enough to let them run with a project because by constantly micromanaging you drive people away. It puts out the feeling that you don’t believe in or trust the people working with you.

You need to have someone that compliments your weaknesses. It is important to have someone who will tell you when you are wrong about something or when you aren’t being as efficient as you could be. You can’t surround yourself with people who are going to constantly agree with you simply to ingratiate themselves to you. This is not to say you should find some contrarian who will always disagree with you but rather someone who will be honest with you and explain why something is a bad idea and how it can be improved. Look towards where you are going and identify if that person will help you get where you are going.

Cory’s first mentor was his grandfather who would come home from his job as a coal miner/construction worker and go straight to the basement to lift weights. He didn’t know much about weight training but Cory was able to pick up on the consistency his grandfather displayed. Cory had a mentor of sorts with a trainer who had a sizable client base but he would disappear and miss training sessions often. So what happened? They became Cory’s clients because he was consistent. He was always there to take on the extra work. John’s mother instilled in him an unshakeable confidence. The principles that she gave to John enabled him to avoid prison or death because of the situations he put himself into during certain periods of his life. A businessman John dealt with in his early days made him unbreakable. No one is going to break John down in business. The people you are connected to will either propel you to where you want to go or hold you back. The best thing you can do for yourself is read. People have taken the time to put their best thoughts out into the world for us to digest. If we continue to read the best thoughts of people in the past our thinking can evolve and become greater than any other generation.

So much can happen in one year that it is impossible to set up a 5 year plan. You can have a concept or a vision for what you want in your life, but the only way to hit your 5 year plan with absolute certainty is to drastically undersell yourself. The key is to really believe in yourself that you can do what you want to do. If you can affect people positively, inspire people, motivate people the that is what matter most. Money is cool and all but it doesn’t last as far as internal satisfaction goes. The businesses’ and the podcast’s growth leads to a greater influence and greater reach for John, Cory and Maurice. Its not about the money. It is about getting the message out to the most people possible. Everyone goes through the phase of wanting the big house, fancy cars and all that but that is just a fantasy land that is never as fulfilling as people believe. True fulfillment comes from helping and teaching others. When you can wake up, enjoy what you’re doing and add value to other people’s lives, you are successful.

Each person on the podcast is doing their due diligence to bring it on every episode no matter what the topic is. The topic isn’t usually decided until about ten minutes before recording. There is no background research done other than each person consistently working to develop themselves mentally and physically to bring their best each time they get on the mic. Everyone knows the other people on the podcast are going to be trying to be the best person on the podcast. There is a healthy competition between the guys to see who can bring the most fire to each episode. Adding Maurice to the show has forced Cory and John to dive even deeper into themselves and into their own personal development. Life is constant development. Too many people fall off after high school and college. Once we graduate is easy to think our learning is over. The trick is to recognize how fun it is to learn, apply that knowledge and grow.

Building a business and balancing family and children is difficult. You need to recognize that you can’t enjoy everything everyone else is doing because you aren’t trying to build a regular life. You can’t have everything. There is no balance. If you want to be super successful, you have to spend an enormous amount of time making that happen. Purposefully schedule time in with your family because there will be things that you miss but when you schedule time out of your day to spend with your family you can truly be present and enjoy that time. Rather than thinking about emails or projects. By scheduling you can put your phone away and be truly present. The family has to understand that you are building a dream. Entrepreneurship is selfish. Thats why the game isn’t fair. Evaluate what you want more because there is no 50/50 balance when you are an entrepreneur. Look at what you are losing versus what you are gaining. Not all entrepreneurs are created equal either. Of course it is ideal to build your business up to where you can spend time away from it but not everyone is capable of this. Recognize whether you have it or not.

With self confidence, nothing happens on its own. You have to make it happen. You must look at yourself and understand why you are battling this. Once you find it, you have to fight that fuckin thing. Keep working on it until you just say “Fuck That.” What is it getting you to hold onto that? All it does is hold you back. Your relationship with yourself is like any other. If you are hard on yourself when you fuck up then you have to show yourself love when you do something right. This is a habit that you can implement to prevent you from being too hard on yourself. Oftentimes we attack ourselves from what we do. We need to understand that what we do and who we are, are two very different things. Placing your self confidence in your achievements you will always struggle, but if you can root it in who you are as a person you will be free.


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