Easy Doesn’t Exist

“If you always look for easy and run from hard, there is no longevity to anything you are going to do.”

“I know it will be better if I can just make it through this.”

“The adversity is where the money’s at.”

“Your gift is on the other side of the adverse moment.”

“What you are born with is what you need to develop.”

“Your belief system, drives your motherfuckin attitude.”

“This difficulty is nothing more than my sparring partner for the moment.”

“Well motherfucker, I’m a winner and that is my expectation every day.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:30
  • Live Event/Arnold Recap: 3:30
  • Don’t Run From What’s Hard: 8:15
  • When The Going Gets Tough.. : 19:00
  • Finding Out What’s Real In Your Life: 29:30
  • The Journey Is A Multitude Of Struggles: 37:00
  • Your Gift Is On The Other Side Of Adversity: 48:30
  • Believe You Are The Best: 1:01:30
  • The Small Things Make A Difference: 1:17:50
  • Prepare Yourself For The Hard Shit: 1:24:50 
  • Closing Remarks: 1:32:40


When searching for our path, we tend to lean towards things that are easy. Then when things get difficult we tend to move away from that. But when we look at our lives and examine what’s valuable to us, the last thing you are going to think about is it being easy. The idea of shit being easy, provides a false path. To identify something being hard as a bad thing is the worst way to look at it. The toughest things enable you to learn about yourself and help you to develop. The process of getting through the toughest times in your life help to refine you and build you into the person you are meant to become. Success is ultimately inside you. These tough moments are the shit that helps you bring that out. People’s gifts are inside of them. You can’t get fired from your gift. No one can take that gift away from you. The process of growth being difficult is how you discover your gift. This discovery is what enables you to be successful. You never meet a super impactful person that said ‘Yeah this shit was easy!’ There is a difference between going smoothly and being easy. Business can be going well but when you try to level up, you are going to be forced to break through something. If you believe inherently that you will make it through, then you will make it through.

Always bet on yourself. At the end of the day you are in charge of doing what you do best. There was a time when both Cory and John were unemployed from the companies they built and they began just talking on the phone about what the fuck they were going to do next. It sure as shit was not easy but from that, rose this podcast, Max Effort Muscle and several other ventures. The easy stuff is figuring out what you can control. Then controlling what you can control. Let the other shit go. The more you put your life in the people’s hands the more difficult everything can become. Many people’s insecurities come from putting too much of their life in the control of others. All the time you spend developing yourself is what makes you valuable and its the most valuable people that reap the greatest rewards. Whether that be monetary or however you personally define success. The most valuable motherfuckers don’t need to ask for the money. Take ownership of what you do to such a degree that the only worry you have is if the actual owner comes up to you and accuses you of taking too much ownership.

You will always find out whats real in your life when shit gets hard. When you go through the struggle and you are figuring out how to move forward, those who stay with you are the one’s that are real. Keep these people close because it is so easy to be a bandwagon friend. It is easy to be next to a winner. We all go through trials and tribulations but it is those who stay with us through the trials that we must hang on to.

You can only deal with what is real when you are on the path to getting better. Real confidence only comes from the struggle. There are so many people who are trying to get rich by talking some bullshit on youtube and Instagram and they have never experienced anything real. When someone experiences real shit, you can hear it in their voice, in the way they talk. A lot of people are going through their difficulty right now. Every so often you are going to have to fight through this. Then every time you get through it, eventually more will come up.

The truly satisfying thing in life is using your gift. Identifying your gift and continually using it is where you can achieve fulfillment from what you do. By taking the easy way out you are robbing yourself of the ability to identify and use your gift. By going through the hard shit you develop and begin to operate with your gift. The kid who has inherited a bunch of money can never be like the parents because the development of earning all that money simply isn’t there. If you take the easy route and are successful you function in an odd space and the longevity isn’t there because you haven’t developed yourself. If you don’t work for something from the bottom up, you cannot understand it nor can you appreciate it.

When you are dealing with real shit, that “ra ra” fake ass motivational shit doesn’t get through to people. Only real people who have been through the struggle can relate on that level.

Maurice enjoyed working hard. He loves hard shit because it challenges him. He enjoyed football because it was an art to him. His gift wasn’t not in football. Maurice’s gift was his love of hard work and the belief he had in himself. As he developed his gifts through reading and personal development he realized that he didn’t have to rely on football to be successful in life. You must have a significant, borderline crazy belief that you are the best at what you do. It doesn’t matter if you are the best or not but you are going to get the most out of yourself if you act like you are. At the end of the day it comes down your expectation of yourself. You are the one who sets that expectation on yourself. People do not have high enough expectations on themselves. Take a little bit of that belief, plug it into what you do and get ready to do some hard shit. Expectations are things that we can control. You can establish your expectation then establishes your belief system, your belief system drives your attitude, your attitude is what you have on you when you go out into the world. This expectation, belief system and attitude has come through all the trials, tribulations and turmoil. This difficulty is nothing more than my sparring partner for the moment. You need all of this shit and the shit isn’t going to be easy. You want to be the small fish in the big pond so you can practice getting your ass kicked and become better at handling situations when everyone is coming after you. It is human nature to want to be the big fish in the small pond, but in the long run this will not benefit you.

The small things that you learn as you go on your journey is what gives you the ability to have longevity in what your success. So many people love and value what comes with success but don’t value or love the work. Thats why you can have all the skill in the world and fail.

John got his ass kicked in a sales meeting. Halfway through the meeting the guy looked at him and told him that he had lost the sale. John had been talking far too fast. He explained that John needed to slow down when pitching because if someone asks him a question that he doesn’t know the answer to, he has extra time to come up with something to say. Now, John always speaks at half speed when selling.

If you are really working toward something, keep the mild-mannered mentality, rely on your expectations of yourself and your own work ethic that you building along the way. There is nothing that is easy about what has happened to Cory, John or Maurice. Anyone who has achieved any level of success has gone through something serious that made them dig deep and evaluate what they are made of. There will always be someone coming for your spot.

If you haven’t gone through hard shit yet, then begin preparing yourself. To have the initial perspective that the tough thing is going to anger you and you are going to hate it is the wrong perspective when looking at anything. Look at any struggle as an opportunity to develop yourself. Everything you ask for from the world, can be granted to you. If you are going to get through the hard times in your life, you are going to have to assess where you are weak. If you are too much of a coward to deal with what brings you down, then you will stay down. This must be done before you can put together a strategy to succeed.


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