Natural Born Traits Of The Successful

“Bro I stacked paper so hard it was ridiculous”

“You create the life that you want to live”

“I just assume I’m gonna have to do more than what everybody else does to get the same result”

“I walk around trying to encourage motherfuckers all day”

“Never think preparation has to be negative.”

“What I am doing with my personal finances has nothing to do with who I am.”

“Life is how we think about ourselves.”

 “Information is the greatest commodity out there”

Episode Index:

  • Welcome Back: 1:20
  • How Did You Make Money At A Young Age? 4:20
  • When Did You Realize You Were Operating Differently?: 14:40
  • The Value of Being Optimistic and Open Minded: 23:40
  • Defer Gratification and Living Below Your Means: 34:40
  • Don’t Count Another Man’s Money: 1:00:20
  • Stop Living In The Past: 1:14:45
  • Why We Succeed/Closing Remarks: 1:24:40


One of the early signs of a successful entrepreneur is to make money at a young age. At 7 years old John would negotiate with videogame retailers to get the based deal possible for the games he was selling or trading in. In addition, at high school parties John would set up a poker game. He would work the system of the game by playing both sides of the table. Maurice would constantly be cutting grass, shoveling snow etc. whenever he could to put a little money in his pocket. Then as he got older, he did get into selling drugs. It became normal for him to believe that the way to make money was to defy authority. Granted this wasn’t the right vehicle for his skills, it did develop the businessman inside of him. He had the right mechanics but the wrong vehicle. Cory was hustling baseball cards from an early age. Doing his research on what was valuable and which players had the most stock.

As a kid, Maurice had a vision of himself as the one who was always willing to do more. He would go the extra mile and take the extra steps first. His peers would call him a machine because of his work ethic. When he sets his sights on something, he literally becomes machine-like in how he will work until it is done. John realized when he was young that people were put on a pedestal if they were feared. So John took it upon himself to become the tough guy and he would go out and “fuck people up” in order to gain respect. He saw that everyone around him was operating on a lower level mentally because that is what they respected, he used that (negative as it was) as a way to gain respect of his peers. It taught him that if he was willing to do what others wouldn’t, he could reach a certain level of “success”. Cory never had the natural talent. He latched onto the idea that he could work harder than everyone else and become better that way. Just because you associate these skills with something negative does not mean the same skills cannot  be applied to something positive. You aren’t defined by your mistakes. If you’re doing something that you are not proud of right now, you can change it and learn lessons from it.

John would always be very enthusiastic and optimistic about hitting high goals that had been set for him. He always believes in a way to get what you want. There is no option outside of optimism. Everyone comes up short at some point in their life but you will always outperform those who went into the scenario with low expectations. You cannot win in business or in life with a pessimistic attitude. If you don’t go halfway crazy building your business then you aren’t really involved in it. No one else has your vision. No one is going to take it as seriously as you are so you must put that on yourself. Your vision establishes your belief system and discipline. If someone, Elon Musk or Walt Disney, can build what they built then we have to be able to handle the goals we have set for ourselves. If Elon can design Tesla and succeed with Space X then we have to be able to take the podcast from 79 to 50. Actualizing your imagination is living. Not just going through the motions of life. Living, creating, developing and struggling. That’s what living is all about.  People will flip it and think ‘I don’t want to get my hopes up in case it doesn’t work out.’ When you frame your thoughts in this manner then you aren’t going to put in the necessary work to make that vision become a reality so they are limiting themselves by not being optimistic. Its not about money or anything like that. It is just choosing to look at the glass a half full. People confuse negativity for preparation. Sure you can prepare for what you will do in a worst case scenario but you need to expect the best. Everything comes back down to your own personal attitude.

There is serious value in living below your means when you start coming into money. John and his brother would have a healthy competition to see who could grow their bank account balance the fastest. It wasn’t about who bought the coolest item, as it is for many people. This helped instill a level of frugality in John because that has been his scorecard. Not the things he buys. When you are younger and you come into money you think that you need to show people by purchasing things that are outside your means. If you are purchasing things just to look good for others then you are running on a hamster wheel. The more money that comes in, the more you can put to work to grow for you and grow for your business. If you are cool with yourself and you know who you are then the things can’t define you. Hang your hat on you, not what you can buy. The motivation should never be ‘I cant wait to post this on Instagram.’ It doesn’t matter what point you are at you have to continually defer gratification until it makes sense for you. If you need to have thing A or B to attract a friend or girlfriend/boyfriend then that relationship is not dependent upon you. It is dependent upon items. If those things don’t exist then people will leave you when that is the basis of your relationship. If you’re buying all these things just for sex then you would be better off just go watch porn or some shit. Do things that make you happy for you, not to attract other people or show off. Life is how do I feel about myself. Do not compare yourself to others or other people’s bank accounts. When you are happy for others’ success and its genuine, the world rewards you. Have the courage to evaluate your circle. Keeping your circle tight and keeping people around you who do not judge you based on the kind of car you drive, you can think for you. If you have to question whether or not the people around you really care about you or if it is just the things you have, you need to make your circle smaller. Two good friends is far more valuable than 300 fake friends who will run away as soon as you no longer have the big house of the fancy car.

Don’t count another man’s money. When you start comparing like this, you hold yourself back. By not comparing yourself to others you open yourself up for greater opportunities. Besides, a lot of motherfuckers are just fake out here anyway. So you may be comparing yourself to someone you think is killing it, but they are just putting on a show for others and in reality they are miserable and strapped for cash. You are in a hater space when you count someone else’s money. Someone will always be better looking, someone will always have the nicer house. There is always going to be someone who has more money. If you get hung up on this, you are setting yourself up for mental pain, frustration and anguish. All that internal energy and thought you could have channeled toward bettering yourself, you squandered it. It is always you versus you. To look at another person and say okay that is my limitation or that is my measuring stick, you are insulting yourself.

Money has an expiration date. If the driver is money, you will never achieve what you hope to. When the driver is bettering yourself you will always win.

When you hold onto shit, you are putting your life on replay. You keep that woe was me, victim mentality. When Maurice had to humble himself and sell T shirts outside the stadium he used to score touchdowns in he had the focus of “You’re looking at me like I’m a loser, but I am looking at you like ‘Thanks for this transaction because that is going to help me get to the next step.” When you think about your past, you have to let go and forgive. We must take with us the lessons that came from those situations. When the past plays continuously in your head, you are handcuffing your mind. You move on from the past by identifying who the people in your life who wronged you and forgive them. Once you do this, you can move forward and remove those handcuffs. The living in the past with the victim mentality doesn’t do anything for you.


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