Losing Friends, Sales Strategies and Twitter Q&A

“Don’t look at loss as a bad thing.”

“There are no free rides”

“So John, does this mean when you used to call me every Friday to ask about my chest workout that you didn’t really care? 🙁 “

“I’m just a persistent motherfucker” 

“Your ideas aren’t shit until it is a great idea and a great idea is proven”

“I’ve heard all kinds of people tell me what they are going to do. The difference is, I go and do it.”

“Figuring it out and just making it happen is most of life.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:00
  • Maurice Speaks At Pitt and Meets Demi Lovato: 3:00
  • Breaking Through Business Plateaus Creatively: 12:00
  • Losing Friends On The Path To Success: 22:45
  • How Do You Follow Up After A Cold Call: 35:35
  • Dealing With “Having Too Much Going On”: 52:40
  • Figuring Things Out As You Go: 1:02:00
  • Overcoming Plateaus And Complacency: 1:09:30
  • Bottoming Out and Bouncing Back: 1:20:00


Breaking Through Business Plateaus Creatively:

In order to break through you have to think differently than everyone else. If you approach your business the same way you have in the past, you will remain the same. People get stuck in routines and this hinders their business’ growth. Daily routines and habits of personal development are not what is being referred to here. These are good but routines of complacency are problematic. Take your current tactics, throw them out and try a new process. One strategy you can implement if you are in control of your business is to begin giving away services or products strategically to help get the word out about you. For an artist that could be doing free paintings for athletes or pseudo celebrities. If you are a trainer, then post some free workouts on social media or let people try a workout with you before signing up to pay. This is not a money play. It is an awareness and marketing play. Essentially, you need to figure out how to funnel a sale back to you. In every business you need to look at, to some degree, where the money is. If you business is telling you the money is in market X and not where you are currently, at the very least you need to expand into market X.

Do You Lose Friends On The Path To Success:

You will absolutely lose friends on the journey to success because if you are still working toward success it is likely your friends are not successful. If you truly want to be successful in whatever you do there will be people in your life who cannot handle or understand that. Conversations will change, they will look at you differently, they won’t be able to comprehend what you are trying to achieve because they don’t have the vision you do. Many of the friends we have when we begin our journeys are those from high school or college, which when you think about it most of them are only friends because of proximity. People change and especially as you grow and develop you will outgrow your old friends. Friends who you grow up with are likely only there because you lived near them or went to the same schools. If you were to meet them on the street today, for the most part, you would not be friends with them. That said, on the journey to become successful you will meet many more likeminded people who will become friends with you, who can share in similar conversations, who will understand why you aren’t out getting hammered on a Tuesday because they also have shit to do. Meeting these people not only benefits you personally but professionally as well because “you are the average of the 5 people you associate with the most.” These new friends will help push you to new height and you will help them as well. This the real friendship. Helping each other grow and develop. Not shaming one another because they don’t want skip class/work to stay out late and go to the bars. Don’t look at loss as a bad thing. Losing these friends is oftentimes a symbol of growth. It is very natural to lose friends as you move forward. Don’t stress it and anyone of your “friends” who does stress your growth, wasn’t your friend to begin with. If someone isn’t helping you get where you want to go then there is no reason to mourn the loss of them as a close friend.

How Do You Follow Up After A Cold Call (Sales): 

People like to know, like and trust you. If possible, do your cold calls on Friday afternoon because this is when people are most receptive. They are feeling good after lunch, looking forward to the weekend, typically just in an all around better mood. If you are required to make cold calls every day that is fine too. That said, every single follow up touch must be a Friday because you need every advantage in the world. There is nothing harder than building a relationship with a stranger who currently views you as a fly buzzing around their ear. Before going into any call, find some sort of common ground. Whether that be relating to their city, something you know about the company, a friend who worked in that industry before, whatever it is just establish something out the gate. Do this every time you follow up. Once they reciprocate, you are in. You have broken down the first wall. In addition, on the cold calls and follow ups be self deprecating and acknowledge the fact you are annoying them. Make fun of yourself to make the person on the other end laugh and become more comfortable. Anytime you acknowledge and essentially predict how they are feeling brings you one step closer to closing.

Getting Lost In Paralysis By Analysis:

When people get lost in their own thoughts and cannot organize their mind enough to even begin the process of becoming successful the first thing you need to do is go check your vision board. Go look at it and remind yourself of what you want. Once you figure out where you want to be and who you want to become you can reverse engineer it from there. You can’t have your energy divided everywhere. This is why writing out what you want and posting it where you can see it daily is so crucial.

In the question he says “I have so many great ideas floating around my head constantly.” He cannot find the “balance” to put these ideas to work. This is an excuse. Straight up. Never tell yourself that you have so many great ideas. Your ideas aren’t shit until it is a great idea and a great idea is proven. If you believe you have a great idea the go pursue it. Balance in life is not that difficult. We all wake up at a certain time and we all go to bed at a certain time. We are lying to ourselves if we believe we don’t have enough time to create balance. Cut out the bullshit in your life to find balance. Take one of those great ideas and pursue it. If you watch 1 hour of TV per night that is 7 hours each week. Take that time and use it to figure out if your idea is really any good. Finding the time to pursue ideas is why people become successful. Everyone has to deal with life. Its those who figure out how to manage life that become successful.

Figuring Out How To Do Things As You Go:

If you are looking at a problem or a situation where you need to get something done and you don’t know how to do it, RESEARCH IT. Google exists. YouTube exists. There are countless people in the world who not only know how to do exactly what you need but have also posted videos and instructions online laying out how you can do it. Take some more time and do the research. We like to look to our friends and send them texts asking if they know how to solve a certain problem when in reality if we just typed that into google instead messages we would actually get a beneficial answer. Figuring it out and just making it happen is most of life.

Upon Achieving Success, How Do You Keep Pushing?

“The lucky ones are those who get to a point of such desperation, they realize the pain of not changing is far greater than the pain of change.” Everything that drives John is progress and while John is playing the game of business process is the only motivator. Money is just a scorecard. Because of this, there is no destination until he hangs it up. The only difference for John from when he was starting out is that he has more points in the game.

The degree of what is inside a bank account does not correlate to the person. Money is not the main driver. Even when you see that money is starting come and grow, you realize that is the process. It is the separation of how you feel with what needs to be done. Becoming better as an individual is always the primary motivator.

Cory is afraid for the success to go away. He never wants to go back to where he was before. At the end of the day, things can go away just as fast as they got there. He knows what has worked to get him where he is so he knows that if he keeps doing it, he will never fall back. If you can stay on the line of discipline that you draw for yourself, you will never go back.


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