Our Education System… Oh Sh*t

“Basic hustle is what sets you apart”

“Probably 80% of college is null and void”

“The business climate is changing constantly but the curriculum stays the same!”

“People walk out of school like ‘I just got taught how to handle mergers & acquisitions.’ Motherfucker, you don’t even have an entry level job! How are you gonna handle mergers & acquisitions!?”

“How are you teaching motherfuckers to lose money?”

“An entrepreneur does not get trained on a process because he or she has to create the process”

“I’m creating my process and constantly refining it.”

“Entrepreneurs live out their imagination.”

“The place that you are going right now may not be the final destination.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:00
  • Paradigm Shift In Education: 2:45
  • Invest In Yourself: 14:00
  • Learning Outside of School: 25:20
  • The Pressure To Go To College: 33:45
    • With a Slight Tangent on Lavar Ball & Disruption
  • View Tuition As An Investment: 52:15
  • Business Mentality versus Entrepreneurship: 1:06:00
  • The American Timeline: 1:15:00
  • The System: 1:23:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:29:00


If you are in school, you are paid for. The school is receiving money for your presence. Therefore, you are a customer. Keep that in mind when evaluating your experience. Understand that you are the customer when looking at how the teachers and administration treat and interact with you. If you have a question or a problem and approach a teacher, they should be the one to help you. They should not direct you elsewhere, they should sit down and work with you. The current college system does not work for the students, it only works for the system. The changes that do occur, happen far more slowly than the changes that happen in the real world. Because of this, the school system is always behind. Everyone is going to school to make money but school cannot teach true hustle.

Unfortunately, in most 4 year schools you don’t even get into the classes that pertain to your intended career until late into the second or even the third year of school. Yet, they make you take all these extra classes to capitalize on the amount of money they can make because the longer you are there, the more money they can generate. You can pay 50K per year for an education but it is so easy to go out and just pick up some books to go learn what you want to know about. It may not be popular amongst your parents or peers but you can figure out your own course work.

Everyone on this show has fucked up large amounts of money. What if instead of spending the money on college, you took that money and went out into the world and tried shit. Sure you may lose it all, but you were going to lose it anyway if you went to school. It was already a sunk cost. The difference is, with this alternative you gain real world experience which is invaluable. Not to mention, you may even make a little money. College is straight up a cookie cutter education. They take hundreds of different people and put them all into the same classes not taking into account different backgrounds, skillsets, weaknesses etc. Not everyone needs the same thing.

The excuse everyone loves to use for accumulating massive amounts of debt is “thats okay because everyone does it.” Not everyone should though. Unless you are going to college for something that is highly specialized and regulated, then it is not probably not worth it. Your degree does not define you. Unfortunately, if you are in school right now, in 2018, you are likely hearing the same shit that was taught in 2000/2005. Think about how much has changed since then. Social media didn’t even exist, now it plays an integral role in the development of businesses. So many schools fail to keep up with the changes in the market and therefore short the students on the information they need. The kids may know how to run a billboard campaign for marketing but have no clue how to promote or gain a following on Instagram or YouTube.

You believe people who have done the shit before. When talking about building multi million dollar businesses, its hard to take advice from someone who has never done it. Having the golf coach tell you how to play football just doesn’t work. Rather than spending money on school you could take that loan and pay someone to mentor you. Or use it to live off while you work for someone for free. For anything in this world, you have to want it for it to work and resonate. If you want to look at why we are borrowing money from countries like China, its because we are not taking the future of the country seriously. If we want to be the America we think we are, we have to start taking the education of our youth far more seriously. Right now, we are taking advantage of our own with the college system.

From a young age we are taught that if we go to school, get good grades and graduate college then we will be successful and have a good job. There are few people who could have told their parents that instead of going to college they wanted to pursue something else and have the parents be supportive of that decision. In addition, society makes you feel like a fucking loser if you don’t go. There is a stigma about the person who doesn’t go to college. It is assumed the person who only graduates high school will just be a burnout degenerate who won’t make it far in life. In some cases this is true but it also true of many people who do graduate college. You can be successful either way. It is about what you do during that time. If you have the drive and the will to be successful without going to college, if you are disciplined enough to sit down and learn what you need to on your own, then fuck a degree. There is a population of people who want to do something and go after something but they don’t really know where to go other than college.

With the world getting smaller, people are becoming more and more entrepreneurial. You can take an idea, even if you don’t have all the information you can go out and find the resources to learn or bring in other people who can help you turn that idea into a business.

All three men on this podcast took time to learn wha they needed to. They just didn’t do it in the typical organized fashion most do. They didn’t waste their time with BS General Education courses. At the end of the day, you have to look at your investment into school as just that, an investment. This may seem like common sense but many people fail to recognize it as that. At school you are told that you need them and then you can graduate to the real world. That is a crock of shit. If you have a talent and a drive, pursue it. It comes back to this, entrepreneurship is a trade. Entrepreneurship is a skill. People who don’t understand it, don’t believe that. They think that because they can do one thing then they will automatically be able to succeed in entrepreneurship.

You need a ton of self discipline in order to make sure you actually give yourself every chance you can to succeed in whatever you decide to try instead of college. That is the thing about college, it provides structure so it forces you to put time on certain things, oftentimes it just isn’t the right stuff. Most people can’t create their own structure. Don’t get energized from this and be like, fuck it I’m out of here and then go and sit on the couch. You have to provide structure for yourself. You can’t just work on yourself when you feel like it. If you don’t go to school, take the time to write down a day to day manual on how you are going to operate in order to succeed. An entrepreneur does not get trained on a process because he or she has to create the process.

A lot of people get mixed up when it comes to entrepreneurship versus business mentalities. People will say they want to be an entrepreneur when really they want to be a marketing executive or they say they want to be a businessman when they are actually imagining themselves as an investor. There is a creative aspect that is often overlooked in the world of entrepreneurship. That said, one can be a businessman and function with an entrepreneurial mindset. The creative side of entrepreneurship cannot be taught in a classroom. It is on you to develop and cultivate that creativity.

“I am one with the world. My thoughts are connected to the world. I can see the things I’m visualizing. I’m actualizing it in front of my face. Everything in my life feels real and it comes from living what is in your mind. Living what is in your thoughts.”

Your success is not on America’s time clock. When you are supposed to be successful may not be right when you graduate college and people are expecting you to have your shit figured out at 22. Take your time to learn and do things on your own time frame. We live in a world full of opportunity and freedoms. Take advantage of this. Go work for free. Go observe how to succeed in the world and only when you are ready is it your time. Develop as you develop and let life unfold for you. The journey is never past tense, it is happening on a daily basis.

So many people don’t understand how good they could feel if they dialed in their lives.

When you over extend yourself in a lifestyle you can become so wound up in that lifestyle that you never want to risk losing it. In turn, you never pursue what you really want in life. Live below your means and pursue what makes you happy.


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