How ANYONE Can Be Successful

“Everyone in this office loses respect for you when you aren’t on time”

“What you do in the small circumstances, you’ll do in large circumstances.”

“People who are great and have repeated success in business never fuck up the small things.”

“You can’t cash the reality checks.”

“Show more value and eventually it catches up.”

“People notice the motherfucker who is on the extra mile.”

“It feels like the world is meditating at 4:30 in the morning.”

“Crazy people get you crazy results. Average motherfuckers get you average results”

“The body is the servant of the mind”


  • Welcome Back: 1:15
  • Being On Time: 3:00
  • Attention To Detail: 16:45
  • Going The Extra Mile: 22:15
    • Getting Up Early vs. Staying Up Late: 30:15
  • Be A Team Player: 38:55
  • Be Fun To Be Around 54:15
  • Finding Your Spot: 1:03:45
  • A Heartfelt Story From A Listener: 1:14:15
  • Closing Remarks: 1:20:35



These are the intangible things that make successful people and they are 100% FREE.

When someone is consistently not on time, they are speaking through their actions and what they are saying is, they don’t value the position they are in nor the opportunities in front of them. The habit isn’t about not being on time, it is about how you carry yourself and how you operate. If you do not put value on punctuality, you are saying to everyone else, “this is not that important to me.” Being on time is free. Anyone can do this small thing that makes a big difference. Doing the free things is what can put you ahead of those who are naturally gifted. You shouldn’t change your behavior based on who you are around. We are all people. If you would show up 10 minutes early for a meeting with the president, then you should show up 10 minutes early for work. In not doing so consistently you are blatantly disrespecting the leader of your company. By coming in late, you are delaying other people from doing their job. There are tasks that depend on you. People are waiting for you to get your job done so things in the company can move forward. You are depended upon to execute your task so the whole machine can function properly. When you fail to do so, you handicap the organization. People who are great and have repeated success in business never fuck up the small things. What being on time ultimately translates to is reliability. If you are not reliable then no one will want to work with you more or give you any more opportunities.

Attention to detail is also free. If you have no education and are up for a job against an Ivy League grad, attention to detail is something you can do better than them. So fucking do it better than them. All you have to do is make that decision and do it. They have the upper hand from the start but if you can beat them on what you have control over, you will win in the end. When people become employed, the most important thing is to figure out how to do your jump as easily as possible. Figure out how to do it more efficiently. The common thing to do is to come in and just get by. By breaking it down, making sure that everything is done right, that is how you get noticed to move up and make more money.

Go the extra mile. Do your job and then keep thinking critically, do more research, overdeliver. Underpromise and overdeliver. Even if you stretch take it too far, no boss or superior is going to get mad at you for it. It will only display how badly you want to be in that organization and move up. The space that people begin to function in, outside the 9-5 space, into the “extra mile” space is the entrepreneurial space. Functioning outside the normal paradigm is how you become successful. One of the best things you can understand and do is start taking other people’s responsibilities after you have mastered your own. Those above you will notice that shit moves because you move. John is up at 4:45 studying color schemes for t shirts before getting on the phone with Cory and Jacob to discuss apparel. Does he have to do this? Absolutely not, but he know that in order to grow the brand, this is something that should done. This is going the extra mile.

Getting up early provides a sense of calm and freedom because the world is shut off. There are no expectations of you at that time. There is no inbound information or people coming at you. You have the freedom to think and do as you please. It is as if the world is meditating at 4:30 in the morning. The difference compared to staying up late is, there are other people who are awake and doing things that are not as pure. This is not to say you are wrong for working at night. It is just a different feeling early in the morning versus late at night. The morning is a time you are supposed to spend with yourself and you lose some of this when you don’t wake up early. If you really love yourself you are going to get up and take care of your mind and body in the morning. You can get in tune with your thoughts and feelings.

Being a team player is about uplifting others. Something that is so important to people and has no cost to you is credit. If you pass off your credit to someone who could have or did work with you on a project, you identify yourself as a team player. You will always be  respected if you can take your ego out of the equation. Too many people want to be the captain of the yacht when it can be an honor to just be on the yacht in the first place. A team player is someone who is willing to switch positions simply so they can help the team win. A team player doesn’t complain about getting some responsibility taken away from them or being given more responsibility without additional pay.

It is important to be fun to be around. John used to believe everyday was war to force him into a kill or be killed mentality. This mindset made him, not so fun to be around. He was on a mission of self interest and everyone around him wanted to avoid him. None of them wanted to do anything to help him. He came to realize that it is far easier to become successful when everyone is having a blast. This creates an optimal environment for creativity and ideas to flow. No one wants to be around someone with a shitty ass attitude. Its easier to do the hard tasks when you are in a good mood. When you carry a positive attitude in to every interaction, you bring the best out of people. You can do all these things. It is simple but it is not easy.

When you identify yourself in an organization as someone who does these intangibles, then the higher ups want you to win. They want you to succeed and will look to give you more opportunities to do so. Someone who exemplifies these qualities is an employers dream. These people are picked up so quickly by the first company that they come across that it is impossible to find the people who show these qualities. As a leader in an organization, when you come across someone with these qualities, this is where you want to invest your time because at the end of the day this is a person who is going to be a great long term asset and/or partner for you. If you are doing these things you don’t have to say anything, you only need to do them. You do not need to let others know you are doing these things. If you are the guy saying that you are doing it all, then you are on the path to your dream. Everything that has been talked about on this podcast comes down to effort and effort is always a choice. Everything we do in life is a choice. Aspire to take all the information you can from the higher ups in this organization. When you do take things from this person and learn from them, do not take what they taught you and then go somewhere else and try to compete directly with them!

Everyone has battled with some sort of negativity or depressive states. No matter who you are, when you feel that coming over you get out of your own head, get into your body and go do something physical that you enjoy. Find something that you truly love and want then harness your energy into it.


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