Our Views On How Spirituality & Business Intersect

“Everybody makes mistakes but at the end of the day, I know when something is not right”

“Service to people is why I am where I am at”

“Your distractions and your blessings usually weigh the same. The bigger the distraction the bigger the blessing”

“When you do not forgive, you are letting another individual be your puppet master.”

“He who angers you, controls you.”

“When I stopped chasing the money and started developing people, my whole world opened up.”

“Life is process of discovery and I am just trying to figure out more.”

To avoid the trap of money, “Be the same motherfucker who had ten bucks and has ten million dollars. Do not let money define you.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:10
  • The Need For A Moral Compass: 4:50
  • Accessing Your “God-Like” Potential: 17:30
  • Grappling With The Idea of Spirituality: 26:25
  • Forgiveness, Letting Go Of Grudges: 34:10
  • Dealing With Anger: 50:10
  • Avoid Getting Caught Up In The Bullshit: 1:10:50
  • It Can’t Be All About The Money: 1:16:20
  • Closing Remarks: 1:38:20


Coach Tom Ryan of Ohio State Wrestling says when you begin anything in life, the first thing that you must decide is whether or not you belief in a higher power. If you do then you can use that as your moral compass and surround yourself with others who do the same to help guide you. If you do not, that is fine. If you don’t believe then you must decide what will be your moral compass because when you are making decisions daily, you must have that backbone. There must be some sort of bottom line. It does not need to be rooted in a higher power but figure out what code you will live by and follow it. There no box you have to be in to be a person of faith. You can live a good, generous and kind life without going to church every day. Some of the most moral people operate without an organized religion. Then there are those who go to church every week but when they are out in the world, they do not behave in a kindly manner.

Everyone has god like potential. Meaning, everyone possess goodness inside of them. We are better able to access this goodness and understand what is happening in the world around us when we clear out the noise. The noise being the negativity and constant input from from things like social media, television, negative people etc. When we can operate in a space free of such things we can access our own goodness, “god-like” potential. By being a good steward of the gifts you have been given you gain a greater ability to make use of them. Our egos oftentimes get caught in the way of accessing this.

Inside us we can recognize when something truly is not right. When you know something is wrong and pursue it anyway, you should be able to understand when there are negative repercussions for that action. When you have a gift that can impact even one person that is a form of some kind of god coming through you. Recognize the gifts that you have and double down on them. Use your gifts to put people in a better place and help them. When you focus on doing good things, you will get a return. It may seem like those who work through maniacal and devious means have all the success but that is not true. These people ultimately wind up unfulfilled and lose in the long run. In doing good, helping others and operating your business with integrity you will not only see a financial return but a spiritual or self-fulfilling one as well.

If you feel your gifts coming through you, don’t deny it. Even if you don’t fully understand, because no one does, allow the goodness to come through. This is where faith comes into play for spirituality. Everyone goes through tests of faith and times of questioning. This ties into business because a cornerstone of faith or this internal goodness is forgiveness. We need to understand that we destroy ourselves by holding grudges and not forgiving people. This tears us down personally and professionally. There will be people who will backstab you in the office but down the road you may need help from them. If you are still carrying a grudge toward them you will be less inclined to seek their advice no matter how much you may need it. This could ultimately lead to hindering your performance. Aside from the more serious downside of crippling you mentally by holding onto these negative feelings. Let it go and then you can be free to progress. Do not allow these grudges to rent space in your head. Now the question is how? You make a choice to release this. Recognize how holding onto the grudge is preventing you from operating in higher space. Your adversity is your sparring parter and everything comes down to how you choose to view it. When you do not forgive, you are letting another individual be your puppet master. They are controlling your thoughts, mood, behavior etc. He who angers you controls you. There is no way you can think clearly or successfully execute on a plan when all these things are pulling on your mind. Becoming less attached to things, negative feelings and ego is what can enable you to reach new heights. People can easily scrutinize the person with a drug problem because the issues can be seen easily. There are habits that are just as damaging to a person’s well being and chance of success but go unnoticed because they are not as easily seen as the cause. Things such as being lazy, thinking negatively, constantly lying or being so angry toward others or situations can be equally damaging to a person’s wellbeing.

Anyone who gets angry and wants to act on something that feels good, that is when you are in an absolute danger zone. There is not active positive thought in that moment. It is all ego responding to the situation. When an act feels good when you are angry, thought does not enter that, therefore you put yourself in a great deal of danger. This is where shit happens and you can end up in ruining relationships permanently or ending up in prison. When angry alway remove yourself from a situation. Always go back to something that can calm you. Do not act when angry. When you get in a space like this you must have safety nets in place to ensure you can calm yourself and think before acting. We always want to strive to respond to situations rather than react to them. When you react rather than respond, you put your future at risk. The higher you ascend in our culture you need to be conditioned to handling people’s bullshit. Somedays you will feel like a punching bag because you have so much more to lose than the person on the other end. You need to build the ability to walk away. Do not engage in the bullshit that can come your way.

The realest form of human interaction is to use your gifts to uplift others. When you achieve things, you realize that helping people is far more rewarding than making 100K in a single day. It is never about you. It is about offering more to the world. The more you educate yourself the better you can do this. When you pour into others with good intention it comes back plentiful. If all of your relationships are based upon a dollar value then all your relationships are fucked. When you start to value the other shit that you can get out of life, that is when you know you are truly living. There is so much more to life than the dollar. When life becomes about that, you are caught up in the culture. When money is intermingled with personal relationships, the relationships can be completely destroyed. Money is what people tend to focus on when they don’t have it. Money is not always evil, it can give you freedom and do great things but it can also deteriorate relationships. To avoid the trap of money, be the same motherfucker who had ten bucks and has ten million dollars. Do not let having money change you. Money does not change who you are. All it does is allow you to extend your net of positivity and giving. All you did was deposit a check. Why would going to the bank and depositing a check change who you are. Money can skew you to think you’re better than you are if you really go that route.


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