STOP Letting Others Dictate Your Life

“How can someone else know what is best for me?”

“Don’t suppress yourself for anyone.”

“What we all have in common is that we wanted it more than anything and that is how we got here.”

“You can make whatever you want to make of yourself with a level of focus.”

“You disqualify yourself from being effective and able to lead when you believe you are above others.”

“Do you even know what you’re doing” “Motherfucker I didn’t know what I was doing but I figured it out.”

Ultimately, everything boils down to you and fuck the outside noise.

The world is for the dreamers. Dreamers create the world that we live in”


  • Welcome Back: 1:30
  • Dealing With Exterior Pressure: 4:00
  • Don’t Suppress Yourself: 15:30
  • “Isn’t that more of a hobby?”: 25:30
  • Quitting Too Soon: 36:30
  • Control Your Thinking: 45:30
  • A Message To Those Currently Struggling With This: 52:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:00:30


Follow your path. So many people will try to put their limitations on you. Whether it is parents, friends or even strangers. People will tell you what you “should” be doing. If that is not in line with what makes you fulfilled then fuck their opinion. These people don’t have your mind. They don’t have your passion or ambition so don’t allow them to put their own limitations on you. Sometimes we give this power to other people by asking them what we should do because we are not certain of what we truly want. Once again, this is why introspection and understanding of who you are and what you want is so important. At the end of the day, is everyone that you are hanging around where you ultimately want to be?

The people around us could mean well when they suggest the “safe route” or an “average life.” They just don’t know the kind of ambition you have. This is why you must believe in yourself and believe in whatever it is that you are chasing. When you are focused on what is internally driving you, do not listen to others. If someone challenges you, fight back with ideas and knowledge. It is hard to share entrepreneurial visions or dreams with people who are not entrepreneurs. Not that they are bad, these types of people just don’t think the same way. People who are more entrepreneurial they tend to think about possibility. When you have an idea it is often coupled with a great deal of enthusiasm and a want to share. When you share with someone else who does not have the same mindset, they often meet you with negativity and speculation. This can easily take the wind out of your sails. Share your ideas with people who see possibility. Realistic people who aren’t going to just be “yes men” for you but those who have an open enough mind to see what is possible. Look at the people you are hanging around with and if you take their advice, you are about to get their results.

Don’t suppress yourself for anyone. Be yourself. Be your ambitious, idea ridden self in all situations. If another person does not like it then that is on them. The ultimate thing with this is to control your life. Gain control over your life and gain control over your destiny. When you start allowing other people to put their ideas or limitations on you, you relinquish control of your life.

People tend to look at mentors as being infallible. Just because someone is in higher standing than you for the moment does not mean that they do not have flaws in how they operate. They oftentimes have their own ceilings and when you develop yourself consistently, you reach a point where their advice is no longer pertinent to you. Then it is time to move on to something or someone in a higher standing. It is also dangerous because we can limit ourselves by looking at where the mentor is as our own ceiling. This is cheapening your ability.

In any entrepreneurial venture, you are going to come across people who do not understand or will tell you that your dream is more of hobby. This can be difficult to hear and unless you have developed yourself mentally, it can be easy to take that “advice.” By developing yourself and fostering that ultimate belief in yourself you can learn to tell these people to go fuck themselves. Remember, more people don’t make than who do. Therefore by law of averages you are going to run into more people who will say you can’t accomplish something compared to those who believe in your vision.

People give up too easily. Once the going gets tough and significant critical thinking is involved to move beyond a road block, many people throw in the towel. People just say fuck it, I don’t feel like thinking. I don’t feel like solving a problem. You can make whatever you want to make of yourself with a level of focus. Rather than quitting, this adversity should create a new level of urgency for you. If you call it a day when shit gets hard then you prove everyone who ever told you that it wasn’t going to work right.

If you are the owner of a business you cannot allow yourself to fall into the mindset that you are too good to do grunt work. There is always a time where you need to get over your ego and do the shit the intern does. Not only to lead by example but as the owner, when shit needs to get done ultimately it falls on you. You must know how to do every job in your organization. Understand how each department operates enables you to lead effectively and take the reigns yourself when the time comes in.

If you let doubt creep into your head and let these other people rent space in your mind you are hindering yourself. At the end of the day it is about you. Stop thinking about and worrying about what other people think of you because this is your life. It is freeing to know that you are thinking for yourself and not on a predetermined system. When you think freely and for yourself you maintain operational control of your life. This gives you the ability to believe in yourself enough to move beyond any obstacles that are thrown in front of you. Ultimately everything comes back to you. Fuck all the outside noise.

When dealing with loved ones telling you shit you do not want to hear, politely let them know that this is your life. When you let what other people say affect your life you are giving them control and that is not something you are willing to do. When those people start chirping in your ear, you put on earmuffs and block it all out because you need to do you in order to get where you want. You can also point to people who are absurdly successful and explain that “hey if they can do all that, then my goal really isn’t that crazy.” Frame it so it puts you in a position to inspire them essentially by saying that they don’t dream big enough. If your environment is fucked up and putting these limitations on you, change your environment. You can plant the best seeds but if the soil isn’t right it won’t yield anything. Plant your seed where you can grow.

Ultimately, this life is not for everyone. When everyone else wants to quit, you need to fight harder. You have to be willing to put in the work that others are not willing to. What you have inside of you, what you love is your purpose in life and you need to protect it at all costs.


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