THE Mental Strength Episode

“I stopped feeling like I was in prison when I started working toward something”

“What you’re working toward now may not be your end goal but it will help you get there.” 

“There are some amazing parts of business sometimes but its not like you riding a unicorn on a rainbow all the time”

“The more significant shit you are trying to do, the more significant your problems will be.”

“In business, money is the scorecard and you are worth whatever you are getting paid.”

“People want to run from responsibility and hope and pray that is going to happen. Nothing happens. We create our lives.”

“You need to be crazy enough to believe in yourself.”


  • Welcome Back/Maurice Visits John In LA: 1:35
  • Someone Who Is Mentally Strong: 9:35
  • Accepting Circumstances: 17:45
  • The Present Is Training Grounds For The Future: 26:05
  • Weathering The Storm That Is The World Of Business: 48:35
  • You Get Paid What You Are Worth: 56:35
  • Seizing Opportunity: 1:04:35
  • Crazy Belief/Closing Remarks: 1:14:35


Decisiveness is the first thing that comes to mind for John when he thinks of the mentally strong. For him, the mentally strong spend time looking into themselves and understanding why and how they operate. When you spend time doing this, it conditions you to be more decisive in handling your problems, handling people and handling your business. When you are mentally strong you have the ability to make a decision whether people agree with it or not. You are able to then back up that decision with legitimate reasons. Someone who is consistently calm is a symbol of the mentally strong. Come hell or high water, remaining even keel is a key trait of the mentally strong. If you are able to stay calm and not let what others do or when things go wrong affect how you handle the situation. These people are able to respond rather than react to situations. The ability to make decisions in a calm, confident manner is a sign someone is mentally strong. To do these things publicly further demonstrates one’s mental fortitude. It can be simpler to come to terms with difficult decisions for yourself but when you can go to a group of people and calmly express a decision that you made even if it is an unpopular one. Showing belief and optimism in the face of adversity.

When in a difficult situation, the ability to accept your circumstances without succumbing to them is imperative if you hope to be mentally strong. When Maurice was in prison he could have been angry, in denial and fallen into the cycle that many do. Rather he decided to accept that as his current situation but managed to make the most of it and use his time secluded to develop himself rather than make himself worse. He did not let that fluster him. There is a high level of anxiety people feel when they are placed in conditions they are either unfamiliar with or do not want to be in. Those who make it out are the people who are able to make the decision internally that they are tougher than whatever conditions are thrown at them. One of the things that helped him is to learn how to breathe inside the moment. He was able to figure out a plan. It becomes more stressful when it is looked at as how much time is left and by focusing on how trapped they are. He worked a plan to develop himself. The conditions that he was in did not stop him from living. It doesn’t matter if you are in prison, in a bad neighborhood, in a difficult family situation etc. these strategies transfer. Life is always better with a define goal ahead.

Whatever you are working toward right now may not be the be all end all for you. It may not be your ultimate goal but it is grooming you so that you can tackle what comes next. Those who are mentally strong are people who can celebrate change. When people don’t want to change at all they don’t grow any more. Life is a constant revolution of change. If you can embrace this you will be better able to excel in the game of life. Those who resist, will remain stagnant. Do not fight the current of change. If you try to fight it you will lose because the universe is stronger than any of us. The mentally strong accept that nothing in life is permanent. Change is a moment where you can find out what you are made of. These situations test you to see how well your life has trained you up to that point. Change is going to happen. It is all about how you respond. You must be able to detach from various things in life, whether it be your business, or personal relationships you cannot wrap your identity into them because in the event that you lose them you will lose yourself.

As you become more successful there are more people who will want to see you fall and will harass you. As they are commonly known “haters” will come from the woodwork to try and bring you down. As you climb higher, the further you have to fall so you must be wary and not let them drag you down to their level. You must be selective as to what you engage with. The ability to look the other way, ignore, forget, forgive, whatever is said is crucial if you hope to be mentally strong. Have the discipline, fortitude and focus to not allow these people to derail you.

When you look at a successful person’s office there are some commonalities. Something you will oftentimes see is a painting or picture of a ship in the middle of a storm at sea. That is because this is the perfect analogy for life as an entrepreneur or someone running a business. There are constant battles. It is not all rainbows and butterflies. There is real shit coming your way at all times and it is up to you to navigate the storm. Metaphorically, business is a huge shit storm hurricane the you are stuck in the middle of with your crew. It is on you to figure out how to best handle it. The more significant shit you are trying to do, the more significant your problems will be. So when you are facing real problems see that as confirmation that you are chasing something that holds real purpose. You are chasing something worth while when the problems get bigger. Then in order to deal with these problems you cannot just operate with the information you have now. Getting yourself energized and motivated is great but that won’t always help you solve problems. You need to introduce yourself to better information by reading books and listening to people who know more than you. One must also recognize when something is not working. You must foster the ability to process the situation and figure out what needs to be changed. You cannot operate with your ego in charge where you are so confident that your opinion is the right one that you are unwilling to listen to or take in information that goes against your preconceived notions.

If you believe you should be making $500,000 but your bank account says you have $20,000 then you probably should only be making $5,000.00. You get what you are worth. In business money is the scorecard for how well you are doing at the game. You are not as sweet as you think you are. No one is. The free market means you are able to earn as much or as little as possible. You can go out and get what you are worth. No one is stopping you from getting what you are worth. You are the only one preventing yourself from making more money. It takes time involved and learning the skills necessary. If you are not making the money you want to, figure out what you are lacking and then get better at it.

Nobody in life is going to put you where you want to be. You have to put yourself there. No one else is waking up with the focus of putting you in the position of your dreams. People can put opportunity in front of you but it is fully on you to seize the opportunity and make it happen. People want to run from responsibility and hope and pray that is going to happen. Nothing happens. We create our lives. The more you can have a definitive picture in your mind of what you want to take place, the more those things are presented to you. Life is nothing more than a point of creation. You can set your intentions on something and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone other than you but you can create it. The seizing of opportunities requires a ton of sacrifice in order to prepare yourself for when the opportunity comes about. Creating opportunity is not a binary thing. People tend to view it as, getting the interview, getting the position, next comes the promotion and then becoming the CEO. It is creation. It can come in any form.


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