“Most people just overthink themselves out of success.”

“If somebody else can do it, I know I can do it better.”

“Today is the day I start without all the answers.”

“There are detours all over this path.”

“There is a true relentlessness to fucking get it. No matter what I just fucking want it.”

“I don’t even give a shit what they pay me. I just understand the value of being active and speaking.”

“Embrace the long game.”

“If you are obsessed with accumulating tools in business, you will win.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:30
  • Are You Overthinking The Process?: 3:30
  • Not Knowing The Outcome Can Be A Blessing: 16:30
  • Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself: 25:00
  • The Opportunities That Come Your Way: 38:15
  • More Than The Dollar: 54:30
  • Thoughts On Living Lavishly: 1:07:30
  • Closing Remarks: 1:28:30



Everyone does something for the first time. No matter who we are looking up to, they have done something for the first time. Starting is an experience that every entrepreneur has gone through. Everyone has struggled with this, there will be bumps along the road. You are not going to do it all the way right. It is a constant process of learning and evolution. You are going to make mistakes but that is fine because everyone does. Then along the road, the Steve Jobs and Warren Buffets of the world refined their process. When you are trying to live out your dreams or imagination, you are taking your boat into uncharted territory. Every time you implement courage you become desensitized to the fears that come along with beginning. The person who succeeds is the one who can get over those initial butterflies and learn along the way. Everyone is just a contender getting started. If you are just starting you cannot be comparing yourself to the veterans of the industry. If you a paralyzed by fear or you are excited to begin acting your thoughts are going to manifest either way. Have the right thoughts so you can manifest what you want. You don’t have to ask anyone permission to begin your dream. You JUST DO IT then fix the fuck ups along the way. Most people just overthink themselves out of success. The only questions you need to ask yourself are am I willing to commit and am I willing to go all in? When you go all in there is no 80% in. It is ALL IN everyday. That is how you add to your toolset. When in doubt, you can always lean on a crazy ass work ethic. If you know you are willing to put in more time, energy and effort than anyone else you can excel in whatever you pursue.

Not knowing what will happen is not a bad thing some times. You can put such an investment into something that you have no option other than succeed. Not knowing is a constant, no matter who you are. Everyday you can wake up and know, today is the day I start without all the answers. Everyone is worried that they don’t have all the answers but there is not a soul on Earth who does. You can become comfortable with this by starting and learning along the way. No matter how many business books or magazines you read, you will never have all the answers. This is why having the supreme confidence in yourself is so crucial. You must believe in yourself to such an extent that you trust, no matter the fact you don’t know exactly what you are doing, never mind that the odds are stacked against you, you are going to figure it out. Not only figure it out but learn from it and become better along the way. We live in a generation where we are driven by instant gratification. Because of this, everyone looks at the successful person and overlooks the years and years of hard work that it takes to be there. Anyone who has any level of sustained success has learned through the process. The ability to learn through the process requires something society lacks today, PATIENCE.

If your burn rate when you are starting is time and not money then you are in the best position possible because you don’t need to stress the bottom line. You can focus, observe, see how people respond and adjust accordingly. When there is money running against you it is harder to do this. Shit is not linear. You do not go from A to B to C to D. You get in the game and then when you get in the game, you meet people and you may gain opportunities. When you are in the game you may be forced to turn left when you wanted to go straight but it turns out that left turn is what takes you to the promised land. When you Just Do It, you get in the game and give yourself the opportunity to be put in unique positions and become better for it. The situations where your back is against the wall is where you see what you are made of. This where you have to bet on yourself and the more moments like this you have, the better you become at handling them.

No experience in business whether it is a success or failure, is a true failure because of the lessons you can pick up along the way. Every wrong decision puts you in a spot to be better prepared for the next one. You acquire these experiences by constantly Just Doing It. When we think about your dreams we don’t really look at the mechanics of it or the financial impact. We just know it is what we want to do. These are the things we have to figure out how to do along the way.

There are detours all over this path. We have no clue what is coming are way. Thats why there is no such thing as a 5 year plan if you really want to be successful because if you are so focused on hitting your 5 year plan to a tee you will overlook the opportunities that come before you. As we embark on this path, the experiences we have show us who we are and show us what we need to learn. Then as life unfolds and changes you become better at recognizing opportunity and building the confidence to pursue anything. You operate from a new perspective. You no longer act or fail to act out of fear. You gain the core competencies that make you who you are in your space. On your journey you must be mindful that there are things you must gather in order to make it to your ultimate destination. The accumulation of experience and knowledge is the real goal when you Just Do It. When you accumulate these things, they do not always come with a big paycheck. Do not set your sights on a paycheck. Especially early on, you are not going to get paid to learn these lessons. If anything you will likely be hurt in the process of learning. If you have a great product or service then give it away for free so that one day you can charge for it. You know how the candy shops in the mall get you to buy more chocolate than any human needs, they stand outside and give samples. You weren’t going to enter the shop at all until they offered it to you for free then the next thing you know you’re in the door and purchasing a ten pound Reese’s Cup. Everything does not have to be attached to the dollar. Anyone who knows what they want is happy to just be in the system and have the opportunity to learn. When you are the fly on the wall it takes away some of the fear or paralyzing doubt of not knowing where to begin. The paralysis by analysis can be defeated through observing how the people who are doing it operate.

Success can happen at any age. Do not put a timeline on your success. It is about learning the process. The value is in the process. Warren Buffet did not blow up until he was 48. The founder of McDonalds did it when he was 55. You do not need to have it all figured out at 22 when you are entering the world. It may feel like the world is pressing on you non-stop but the real value is in the process. Also, if you are not millionaire that does not mean you have a bad life. People pose to have these lives on the internet whether it is they actually live like that or not, they give the perception that the only way to have a good life is to have millions and millions of disposable income. When that is simply not the case.

It is fine to do and have nice things but where it gets twisted is where the money begins to be the only focus. You no longer care about having a positive impact on others. You’re sole focus is on accumulating more and more for yourself so you can show off how much “better you are” than everyone else. At the end of the day it all just stuff. It cannot define what you are about or who you are. If you begin to look at business as a competition when you want just want to beat the guy next to you. You don’t flex with seven Bentleys but rather you accumulate skills and win in at the negotiation table. This is a healthier way to view it. It is about winning and nothing else. Worry about bettering yourself, helping others and winning, the ‘nice things’ will come.

Just Doing It by definition is a change from what you are doing today.


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