Strategies To Defeat Your Anger

“Without this adversity I am not me.”

“Anger is a self-defeater 100% of the time.”

“Anger is an opponent that you are going to battle for the rest of your life”

“Nobody wants to be around a fuckin angry dude.”

“Anger is a son of a bitch”

“You never earn the right to let anger be part of what you offer the world.” 


  • Welcome Back/Maurice’s Guest Appearance On Short Story Long: 1:45
  • Turning Negatives Into Positives: 6:45
  • Back From The Fire/Channelling Anger: 26:55
  • Being Conditioned To Respond With Anger: 39:45
  • Anger In Personal Relationships: 46:45
  • Power and Anger: 52:45
  • Closing Remarks: 55:45


In life, when talking about a life and death situation there are no second chances. Everything else in life you can redeem yourself. In a life and death scenario there is no chance for redemption. When John woke up from his overdose he was at rock bottom. He was completely isolated on the floor of his home covered in vomit and blood. At that point he realized he now had a second chance. He felt he had an obligation to take advantage of this chance. He needed to go to his family, his friends and he had an obligation to himself to not waste his a God given ability and skills. When you go through a bad situation you must identify it for what it is, a bad situation, then ask yourself ‘what good does it do me to stay like this?’ If you don’t know how to get out of this depression or sadness then seek professional help. This is how we can make positive changes in our lives and progress through our lives.

If you are trying to better yourself you get these mini wins along the way that can show you what is possible for you. Then when you go through the negative situations it is hard to find the positive in them. That is why the you continue on your journey the mini victories can help propel you forward. The most difficult situations in your life can provide you with perspective for the rest of your life. You can always draw on the strength you have gained from that time and recognize that your current situation is not all that bad in comparison. It doesn’t matter if you miss out on a business deal, lose some money or someone doesn’t like you when you compare it to the more difficult times.

Many people will take this pain and hide it from everyone. They don’t want to talk about it with people. You should share it with people and provide an idea of who you are. In sharing this information it will form a closer relationship with those who you want to be close to and then can push away the people you don’t need in your life. You create a much deeper relationship with these people, it ensures the relationships you do have will be the ones you want. A lot of people don’t want to go to this level because it is scary and they are vulnerable in that moment, but if you continue to run from it you will stunt your growth as a person.

Everyone experiences a degree of anger in their lives, some more than others. Everyone has or should try to find a way to channel this anger so it does not negatively affect them or anyone else. Anger can be a deteriorating emotion and can ruin relationships so it is best to find a way to channel it into something productive. For Maurice, that is exercise, some kind of physical activity or reading. This can help you develop a new strategy or perspective to handle whatever you have going on at that time. Essentially this is separating yourself from the situation to gain some perspective.

Anger is a self defeater 100% of the time. There is something that feels good when you let it out for that second, just like a drug. But after that one second of letting that punch go or letting those words fly you realize the wreckage that you have created. This wreckage is the product of letting the anger use you. View your anger as an opponent that you must defeat every time it wants to lash out. If you are going to win you will walk away, breathe, think, activate your mind because anger is a reflex. When you activate your mind you are able to respond rather than react to a situation. Take some time away, give yourself some space and then come back to it. If you go through these steps you will never come to the decision to hurt someone. The anger helps for one second but when you lose your shit and start punching inanimate objects or lashing out then you look around see how the people around are looking at you and realize how childish and immature of an action that is. It really is embarrassing more than it is empowering. In addition no one wants to be around the person who is angry all the time or is liable to fly off the handle given the smallest provocation.

You do not want to put yourself in a position where you are conditioning yourself to respond in an angry way. Then when something that happens that isn’t so serious you naturally respond with out of proportion aggression because you are so conditioned to respond with anger. An individual becomes very dangerous when they become angry because all the cognitive skills, information processing and thoughts of consequences go out the window. You don’t want to put anyone at odds with you because they are scared of your temper. People have different perspectives and tolerances for what they are used to seeing. A person’s background plays a large role in how they perceive an “outburst” of anger. Something that may seem insignificant to you such as slapping a table could be incredibly serious to one who is not from a place where that kind of behavior is standard.

When we are battling anger, the people that we affect matter and if you are letting your anger control you people who are not as physically large or as powerful as you will feel fear. Anger can push people away and leave you wondering why. People won’t want to tell you that is the reason because of fear that you will get angry. Anger is a destructive emotion. The awareness of how dangerous anger is, is something we most always be conscious of. In a relationship, you are there to protect the other person. When you let anger get the best of you, you go from the protector to the aggressor. If that person does not feel safe around you then you are not going to have a successful relationship.

In reaching a certain point of success in business one can feel that they have earned the right to get angry, lash out and behave however they want. Maybe some people can’t say shit or talk back to you but you never earn the right to let anger be part of what you offer the world. A bad day or stress does not give anyone the right to act out of anger. Anger is your life long opponent that you must battle and it can beat you if you do not see the importance of it.


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