Trump, Race & Other Things We Shouldn’t Be Talking About

“We have conditioned ourselves to be so locked into that little computer screen that social interaction has suffered.”

Just to have that spirit like ‘I’m alive motherfucker I’m working, I’m going somewhere’ I get excited just talking about it.”

“If I am willing to move at the speed of light and others are not, what does that say about my chances of being successful?”

“Most people when it comes to work have the ‘have to’ mentality. They don’t have the ‘want to’ mentality.”

“The lack of commitment drives the lack of urgency.”

“Do not sit and count another person’s money.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:30
  • Talking Politics… Yikes: 4:30
  • Eliminating Noise: 12:45
  • A Lacking Sense Of Community: 19:00
  • Positive Correlation Between Technology and Violence?: 27:30
  • A Lack Of Urgency: 41:50
  • Committing To One Thing: 54:55
  • You Are Not Entitled To Anything: 1:00:50
  • Closing Remarks: 1:16:00


John is feeling very strongly about the current political climate of our country. Between the scandals with President Trump, the seemingly reckless decision making and what appears to be the sacrifice of the rules for personal gain the country is in a pretty scary place right now. Rather than getting better, things seem to be getting worse as well. At the end of the day as people we do not want to be dropping missiles on anyone. Regardless of where in the world it is, we should not be damaging the lives of innocent people. In addition, the way this was done appears to be done with no strategy. If the goal was to attack Asad and go after this man then there needs to be an attack strategy in place. Rather what appears to have happened is the United States dropped bombs and then pulled back. As with anything we should have a strategy and commit to the strategy to accomplish our goal of capturing or taking out this evil man. We cannot start to go after him and then pull back. This will only harm us. Trump is at war with Jeff Bezos because Bezos owns The Washington Post. He is picking a fight with Bezos because of the reporting own Trump being in a negative light. Essentially all Trump has done with this bombing, it seems, is change the news cycle to focus on something other than his personal scandals.

It doesn’t matter whether it is the country, your business, your family etc. if you have this much chaos around you it is going to be a disjointed mess.  When there is this much drama, this many people going in and out, this many people you are trying to fend off you can’t help but have your judgement and decision making suffer. You cannot afford to have this much static or noise surrounding your life if you want to prosper in any way. If in your life or business, it looks or sounds like the White House right now that is a recipe for disaster. Strive to eliminate all of the static and drama because these are the things that take you off the line you are own toward success. It is the discipline that you implement into your life that enables you to avoid and do away with the noise.

True politics is about the people. This is the problem when a businessperson runs the country because when you are out for your own company you work to serve your best interest. Not the interest of all your competitors and yourself. Politicians do get dicey and can serve their own interest too but a true politician is focused more so on the greater good than on personal gain. At least in an ideal world. Where we have missed in the past is we have gone one way or the other and have not found the best of both worlds for a long time.

In today’s culture the norm has become to avoid eye contact, avoid small talk, take out your phone and pretend to be busy when passing someone on the street or entering an elevator with them. This is a sad turn in society where we no longer greet others with a smile and a polite nod but rathe treat strangers on the street with a sort of contempt or indifference to their existence. There is a lack of community in society today and a likely culprit for this is technology. People begin to create these cultures and communities through their phones rather than in the real world. Instead of turning to your neighbor for friendly companionship or support, we tend to turn toward social media and validation through “likes” on our Instagram profiles. We have conditioned ourselves to be so locked into that little computer screen that social interaction has suffered.

John makes an interesting theory about the correlation between the rise of technology taking away the sense of community and a significant increase in violent acts such as school shootings. When you look at the scourge of this nation that is over 320 school massacres per year now, which was kicked off by Columbine, the rates can be tied to an increase in these digital communities rather than real personal relationships. Whether this could be due to people being less hesitant to cause physical harm to others because they don’t have strong personal relationships resulting in a decreased empathy is not something we can say for certain but the timing is eerily similar. The isolation compounded with the rise in technology at the least likely exacerbates the issue.

It is easy to talk about the moves you want to make or the business you want to get done but people tend to move in sort of a lackadaisical manner. There is a lack of urgency when it comes to getting things done especially in most of corporate America. People are having meetings about meetings just wasting time and feeling like they are doing something when in reality nothing actually gets done. That is why so few people are successful. Action is what is required, action is change and people are scared of change. Acting with a sense of urgency is a huge competitive advantage for success because most people don’t. When working with people it is hard to manage your expectations. You cannot expect everyone to operate like you. Most people when it comes to work have the ‘have to’ mentality. They don’t have the ‘want to’ mentality. When you do it because you want to, you attack the day with a fire that those with the ‘have to’ mentality can never achieve. When you are engaged in something how do you not search for a sense of perfection? How can anyone just say ‘eh well the job is done and the work is good enough’? The way you operate will always be more important than skill or natural talent.  If you are someone who is constantly looking to improve upon your work, figuring out how you can do more, going the extra mile, doing more than what you are paid for then that is how you will win in the long run!

There is no other way. The way is the fucking way. There is no get rich quick schemes that work. That is the definition of easy come easy go. The price you pay and the sacrifices you make to be elite in what you do is what is required. There are no shortcuts. There are flash in the pan people who fizzle out quickly but those who sustain success do so through true time involved in their craft. From the most simple standpoint, you have to want it more than anything and you have to be willing to sacrifice for it.

Technology has given people the ability to see an enormity of possibilities. People can look at these possibilities and say to themselves maybe “I’ll do A, B or maybe even C but then what if an opportunity for D comes around then I can pursue that!” This drives a lack of commitment to one thing. It is good to keep an open mind to the options around you but this mentality drives a lack of commitment and in turn results in a lack of action or sense of urgency. People today are not committed to anything. If you want something so bad that no one can talk you out of it then you have your path but in order to be successful at it you must want it that badly!

If you think you are owed anything, you are limiting yourself forever. When start hating on someone else because they are doing better than you you are fucked. When you quit worrying about others and why it hasn’t happened for you yet the world opens. It happens when it is going to happen. All you can control are your daily actions. There is no specific thing that you are owed. There is no guaranteed timeline for when your success comes. Success and getting what you want in life, starts and ends with you. Any help you get along the way is a bonus. Your path to success is yours so you must take ownership of it.

Never count another person’s money. When you do they become your focal point and you begin to measure your success against how they are doing rather than against your own progression. Then if you want more you need to drive more value. If you want to drive your compensation then start taking more responsibilities. Do everything you can to make the organization better. You take 5 people’s jobs, make them your one job and execute on them at a high level then you will drive your money. Remember your process is your process. Maybe your runway strip to get your plane in the sky is longer than someone else’s but that does not detract from what you are doing or what you ultimately accomplish.


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