Beware Of Fake F*cks

“You wanna know the secret to success? Get ready to go to the metaphorical ER a million times. You are going to get your ass beaten so many times and you must keep getting up.”

“Everything you won’t do that someone else will, is your loss, bitch.”

“Humility is the beginning of all understanding.”

“If you are not searching out your weaknesses and are only propping up strengths then you are a weak motherfucker.”

“Do the shit that makes you happy, then monetize it.”

“Your spirit has infinite access to develop into what you want to become. If it is fed the right way.”

“You have the choice to believe in yourself.”

“Grind your ass off, work, wake up the next day, grind your ass off, work, wake up the next day. That is the fuckin process right there.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:35
  • Misleading Headlines and Content: 3:50
  • Deciphering What’s Real From What’s Bullshit: 17:35
  • Just Put In The Damn Work: 25:35
  • Focus On Your Weaknesses: 33:20
  • When Did “It” Click?: 53:05
  • Where Does The Belief Come From?: 1:04:20
  • Closing Remarks: 1:21:35


When people tell you what you want to hear they are telling you that because they know you will listen. Not necessarily because it is the truth. People will throw headlines at you on social media, such as “Make 100k this year from your couch!” Then there will be an image of some guy getting on his private jet. This does nothing but serve the individual who is selling that service. It does not serve those who consume their content. Be aware of the fake people who are out for their own benefit. Just like you choose your friends and your partners, choose very carefully who you listen to because who you listen to is typically who you believe. People who lead with the private jet they grab people because they hit on their materialistic desires. Then the focus becomes on the material item rather than on acquiring skills. In addition these programs sell the idea that there are shortcuts, that you don’t need to acquire skills or become better in order to achieve. They can sell the idea that all you need to do is follow their 8 week course and you’ll be a millionaire. What you don’t want to hear right now is that 80% of those people walking into private jets on Instagram is bullshit. Oftentimes its fake or if it is real then it took a lot more work and a lot more stress than they would have you believe. They lead with all the shit you want to see but it is nothing of substance. You bypass the whole vetting process when you just go off the Instagram guy who is renting cars and houses just to show off online and give the persona that you made it when you may not actually be making any more money than the person paying them to teach “the way”.

The good deal is one where both sides win. That is how you build a sustainable business. You cannot build anything sustainable when you are tricking a client base into thinking you are leading a very different life than you are. Of course there are unicorns who make 50 million at 20 years old but we cannot base our expectations off the smallest group of people. Those who make that kind of money at that age often have a natural genius and/or invented something that would make that money. The 24 year olds who post a Bentley on Instagram and say they can show you how they did it is something to always be cautious of. These people are only interested in their own self promotion and could give a fuck if you made any progress from their “program”. This is the same as the motivational speaker who will get you all hyped up but will give no direction. You can get all hyped up but if you don’t know how to play the game then it doesn’t do anything for you. It is about learning how to decipher the real from the bullshit. Get around people who can teach you how to lead a better life not those who just make you feel good. The only thing that is going to make you bulletproof enough to make it through the inevitable difficulty that will come your way on the path to success is the consistency of constant self development. Its the time spent working on yourself in the gym, through reading, through being disciplined in your daily life. That is how you build the skillset to make it through the tough times. You don’t take some online course for a month then immediately start making 7 figures. It just does not work that way. You are going to get the shit kicked out of you by friends, colleagues, partners and competition so you must prepare yourself. The preparation is how you make it to the top. Not by posturing some fancy house and cars. What you get when you win is the easy part. Everything you won’t do that someone else will, that is your loss. Start doing shit and stop just listening. Listen and learn then go and fucking DO. Those who are super successful didn’t get there by sitting in a conference hall watching a slideshow of some guy’s Ferraris. They were out doing shit.

You learn how to work smarter by going through the hard work and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. You cannot build your first business on 10 hours of work each week and claim you just know how to work smarter. That is not going to work. You will need to bust your ass in the beginning to figure out what will work so that one day you can make that business build a more passive income where it doesn’t require all your attention all the time. That path is made from working your ass off. Keeping yourself in a place of humility is what enables you to look objectively at a situation. Humility is the foundation of all understanding. All of these fake hustles lead with materialism so if you are unsure whether the person you are listening to is a fake motherfucker then look no further than what they put value in. If they are leading by promoting a materialistic life then odds are they are running a hustle that is only going to benefit themselves.

Spending time or money listening to someone tell you what you are good at is a waste of time. All that does is feed into your ego which can be more damaging than anything. The focus should be on how you can become better. For this reason it makes no sense to focus on strengths. Focus on your weak points. If you are not searching out your weaknesses and are only propping up strengths then you are a weak motherfucker. If you want to get better at anything look at your weaknesses. Your strengths can show you your path but focusing on your weaknesses is how you upgrade yourself.

What people love to leave out of their “motivational seminar” is that once you get to the point of buying the Ferraris and flying private etc. there is a point of maintenance. Work still needs to be done if you want to keep any of it. These people are not all just chilling on a beach somewhere with their millions. They are working continuously to keep it. Subsequently you are not a failure if you don’t have a Ferrari in your twenties or early thirties. There is no set timeline. Most successful people don’t get there until much later in life the issue is the 20 somethings (real or fake) are the ones showcasing their “wealth” online. People who really have money they don’t post shit on Instagram about them getting on private planes.

People do blow up fast but that is the minority of the minority. Playing the long game, taking the path of most resistance is how you truly win in the long run. The reason you are not making 100k/month is because you have weak points that must be improved upon and this takes time. You have to evaluate yourself, who your watching and what you’re doing.

A lot of people want to have success and they want to start at success. They won’t mind grinding if they have the private jet and all that shit but that is backwards. It doesn’t work like that. You need to bust your ass when you have nothing so that one day you can continue to bust your ass while you have shit. That is the truth about the life you are choosing to chase and it is not for everyone. One of the biggest things for you to understand in life is to do shit that makes you happy then monetize it.

When you understand the infinite possibility that you possess then you can operate with a sense of belief that will propel you forward. The power of concentration and belief despite all the other shit that comes up in life is immeasurable. If you are not learning to be the best, if you are not trying be the best at what you are doing then why are you doing it? You do not get to number one on accident. You don’t start your business with the aim to look successful. Or maybe you do but if that is the case you won’t make it very far for very long.

You have the choice to believe in yourself and making that choice comes from supreme confidence in yourself. It is okay to go a little crazy along the way. Being isolated, feeling like you are better than you are is something special. As long as you are in that space constantly growing, constantly hustling you are on the path. You are conditioning your mind to push through the struggle. Anything in your life that makes you uncomfortable is something that will push you to be better in the long run. The underlying factor behind any success is the belief in yourself. Even when people doubt you in the beginning as you show that it works they start believing too and they want a piece of it.

Before you can get into the mechanics of turning 10k into 100k then into 1M you have to develop the mindset. You cannot get into the mechanics without being prepared to turn that wrench or pound the hammer. It is getting your mind right so that you can go out and execute on the mechanics.


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