Personal Initiative: Mandatory

There are two types of people who never get far in life. Those who cannot do what they are told and those who can do only what they are told. 

“You must push yourself every day at an expectation level that is above everyone else.”

“Personal Initiative is just getting off your motherfuckin ass everyday and getting it.”

“I’m tired of people talking about what they are gonna go get when they haven’t even gotten the fuck up off the couch.”

“I’m still working my ass off like I don’t have a dollar in my account”


  • Welcome Back: 1:25
  • The Golden Rules of Napoleon Hill: 3:25
  • Consistency: 11:25
  • What About When You Don’t Want To?: 20:40 
  • Doing What You Want To Do: 25:25
  • Stop Hating: 33:25
  • What Paralyzes Initiative: 48:40
  • There Is No Timeline On Success: 1:01:00
  • The World Is Trying To Kick Your Ass: 1:13:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:18:00



The teachings of Napoleon Hill are just as relevant today as they were when he wrote it. Personal initiative is a non-negotiable of success. If you are not taking initiative then you will stay put. You must be willing to blaze your own trail. Understanding that you have to be a self starter if you want anything above mediocrity is a staple of Napoleon Hill’s writings and anyone who achieves success. Being a self starter and doing more than what is required has a compounding effect. You don’t need 100 people to tell you what to do. You can start on your own and find your way. You are never going to get anywhere significant just sitting on your hands. You will never get anywhere if you are waiting for someone to come along and show you how to do things. To move above mediocrity you cannot do only what you are told to do. You must exceed expectations and be the one who takes the initiative and continue to take the initiative. The consistency of taking initiative is what drives you beyond mediocrity. Personal initiative is what gets you out of bed, its what lines your day, it is what pushes you to accomplish your tasks throughout the day. Yes, you need it in the beginning but you also need to double down on it as you grow. It is about consistently demonstrating that initiative, pushing yourself and holding yourself accountable to a level of expectation that is above everyone else’s. Then it comes down to how long you can maintain this. It isn’t the person who can do it the fastest. It is about who can sustain the initiative. There are not any secrets to any of this. It is straight forward. Initiative is just a cute word for ‘get off your fuckin ass everyday.’

Of course everyone has days where they wake up and don’t feel motivated but at that moment you need to have enough will power to drag yourself out of bed, get to the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself to stop being a fucking bitch. At least thats what seems to work for Cory and John. You say you want to be successful. You say you want to run shit. Well, a necessary piece of that is busting your ass when you don’t want to. If you have these huge aspirations then you must be willing to get up everyday and give yourself every opportunity to be successful. Hitting the snooze button, pulling the comforter over your head and saying “I don’t wanna…” is not going to get you anywhere. The struggle of getting up every day, even when you are successful is what those feel good motivational speakers and people fronting on social media leave out of their 4 week “How To” guide.

If you cannot separate what drives you as an individual from what your family wants for you, you will never take the initiative that yields success. The drive that gives us the ability to work 100 hours each week is impossible to have if you are trying to live out someone else’s idea for your life. It only works when you are living out your personal initiative. Follow the smile. Follow what makes you smile. The thing that you are doing where you find yourself smiling for no apparent reason, that is what you need to pursue. Anyone who tries to pressure you into doing what they want, they are stealing your personal initiative if you give in to what they want. the amount of effort you put into something shows your wanting for what you are going to do. If you are not putting in the effort for something then you don’t want it like you say do. Anything you want is going to take a level of personal sacrifice. Your journey does not have to start on these grandiose levels. It begins with what we enjoy doing, finding someone who does that and asking them questions. It is that simple.

People stack the deck against themselves. When they think that just because they registered their business with the state they feel like they must go on to the internet and act like they are hitting home runs all day every day from day one. It takes grinding your ass just to make the business sustainable. You can derail yourself from your path when you do this because you are putting attention where it doesn’t belong. Don’t let your want to feel important/accepted overtake you. Don’t let that lie in your brain drive your behavior because that is destructive to building a real business. When you do this, the hustle becomes to build a facade. “Being a boss” is not a goal or even a real thing. Strive to be a good leader of a successful organization. If you are referred to as a boss it is because you have built a long lasting reputation. It happens because you have earned it. You become a so called “boss” by doing the things that are not sexy. Take the idea that you must have 50 million dollars by 25. If you focus on building your process the success will come. There is no time limit on “making it”. Just because your 40 and you don’t have millions do you say you didn’t make it? Are you done trying? You can always make it if you continue on your process. There is no timeline.

You don’t need to tie working your ass off to having a bad attitude and just trudging through life. You can work your ass off and live a happy life.


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