Business, Sports and Their Numerous Parallels

“The business must be bigger than the personality.”

“I’ve made a lot of money not giving a fuck about shine.”

“If I went and bought an Aston Martin tomorrow I would feel cool for two weeks, then I would just be driving a car.”

“That is the visual embodiment of a guy who says ‘I wanna be the boss. I’m not so I’m going to pout like a bitch”

“Lebron is basically a student of Jay Z”


  • Welcome Back: 1:35
  • Build Others Up: 4:20
  • Improving The Team From A Secondary Role: 21:45
  • Being Selfish In A Team Environment: 29:35
  • Doing It For “Shine”: 39:35
  • The Business Side of Athletes: 56:30
  • Is The Competitiveness Gone?: 1:08:35
  • The NBA Competing With Lavar Ball: 1:30:05
  • Closing Remarks: 1:38:05



Many people take their superior talent and use it as the be all end all for themselves. The proper thing to do on a team or in a business setting is to use it to prop others up. To help build the team rather than monopolizing the glory. If you use your talent only to expose your talent then you are not creating an environment that is scalable. You can do a lot of the driving but you cannot be the only thing. The team needs to be the center because if anything happens to you, the team must be able to take over. With the analogy of Lebron James, the Cavs are him. Without him they are completely out of it. You cannot be the only driving force or the only sustainable piece of the organization. Invest in the other people in your organization that you see as potential major players. This way the individual personality never becomes bigger than the business. The goal is to build something that if you had to leave the organization that it would still function on a high level. Teams can develop without one stand out “all-world” person when each person is able to prop up the other. If one person is having an off day then the person next to him/her will be there to pick up the slack every time. That is essential to building a scalable entity.

You can improve the whole even if you are not the leader of the team or business. If the leader is humble enough then you should be able to provoke some thought in them and ask for their time to help you build up your weaknesses. You need to have initiative if you are in the organization. The leader has a full to do list. As the guy who wants to come up, you must take initiative with the leader and tell them what you want. As the leader, you can build up this initiative by creating healthy competition between the people in your business. Successful teams want to beat the person next to them but they recognize that the team comes first. Building comradery within an organization by doing things outside of work together can be huge. Whether it is going out to eat, going bowling or whatever you want it to be and whatever is feasible for the size of your business. Building that sense of friendship in your team can make all the difference.

We can preach about having the team mentality to our employees and teammates but it is not uncommon for us to root against our teammates for selfish reasons. If someone on our team is having success that limits the success we can have. Business is selfish. If you find yourself rooting against your teammate you need to check your ego because if you are doing that then the business is not going to work in the long run. It is not about being the superstar. It is about running knowing your role and understanding your weaknesses. That is when great partnerships can flourish. Find someone who compliments your weak points that is how you build a sustainable relationship. As you scale a business you should have intentions of creating studs rather than trying to be THE stud who overshadows everyone else. Do not set out with an objective of getting shine. If your skillset brings shine then it will come naturally but that should never be the goal. Of course it can take a shot at your ego when the people around you are gaining notoriety when you aren’t.

The mentality of wanting all the notoriety, wanting all the shine and doing the job for material things might put you on top for a moment but 5 years from now your fancy cars and homes will be repossessed. The way to build sustainable success is to focus on the team. When all you care about is that your business card says “CEO” you fail to utilize the team.

Dan Gilbert (owner of the Cavaliers) while he may not like the fact that Lebron can do pretty much whatever he wants he puts up with it because Lebron brings in so much money that Gilbert is able to capitalize on. He is buying properties and accumulating even greater wealth thanks to Lebron’s financial impact. All these guys are taking the Floyd Mayweather business plan where they are running themselves more like a business than an athlete. They are thinking on a deeper financial level than they used to. This generation is looking to own and entrepreneur the fuck out of the situation they are in. They are making power plays for their personal finances. It is less about the competition of the game. Lebron recognizes the economic impact he has on the game of basketball around the world and he is capitalizing on that. It is certainly possible that the killer competitiveness that guys like Michael had is fading. There is a cultural shift going on because these athletes are wanting to operate more in line with someone like Jay Z who made money in his craft and parlayed it into a massive business empire.

Guys who care only about winning, unfortunately are a dying breed. Nowadays kids have camps and AAU shit from the time they are six years old. All that is a business. People are now skipping out on their high school teams to go play on an AAU team to manufacture their success. College for basketball players is non-existent. The entrepreneurship is screwing up the competition. The dollars have been introduced to the game and when that happens the money becomes the driver instead of the competition. The colleges hate this because it is now easily recognized that these kids have a lottery ticket to make millions in professional athletes. The days of kids playing 4 years in college for free and risking injury are gone. John Callipari is smart enough to recognize that and that is why he is able to recruit so damn well. Because he preaches the idea of only being in school for one year.

The NBA has also come out with a G League now where kids who are 18 can go and basically just prepare for the NBA. This directly fucks with the NCAA and it a response to Lavar Ball starting his league where players can go to get paid six figures straight out of high school. That is only their salary. These kids are no longer amateurs and can accept endorsements, just adding to the incentive to skip school. Say what you will about Lavar Ball but it seems like he actually knows what he is doing. The theatrics are what give him the notoriety but he uses it to the max.


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