Make The Rules Or Follow Them

“When you think about it, its just gangster shit.”

“You may not have to worry about getting shot but a motherfucker will stab you in the back.”

“The criminal spirit is entrepreneurial.”

“In business there is no fair and unfair.”

“In business, the guy with gold makes all the rules and you want to be the guy with the gold.”

“Follow the rules until you are the guy making them.”

“If you are willing to eat shit, expect nothing for 2 years and work 12 hours a day you will be a millionaire.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:40
  • Similarities Between Corporate America & The Streets: 4:00
  • Back Stabbing In Either Environment: 17:40
  • Difficulty and the Disconnect: 23:10
  • Nothing Is Fair: 34:30
  • Patience and Commitment: 48:10
  • Being Feared vs. Being Loved: 55:10
  • Mixing Business and Personal Relationships: 1:06:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:17:00


People in corporate America act and think like people in the streets do. The difference is they aren’t packing guns and the ramifications are either non-existent or at least not physical harm. People work to undercut and out maneuver one another just as much in either environment. It is encouraging honestly for people who are in the streets because they could potentially operate effectively in the corporate world. In the legal/corporate world they use money and criticisms to prevent a competitor from growing whereas in the streets they resort to violence. Both sides demonstrate the ability and will to take over someone else’s territory, the means are just different.¬†In businesses and even churches they operate in a similar way to the streets. There is an admission fee of things you have to do or something you must give in order to gain acceptance or access to what the organization has to offer. They do this in a respectful way but it still happens.

In the streets, people will pool money to buy drugs in mass amounts so they can get the product cheaper, get it from one place and place accountability on one another. Sprint and T-Mobile essentially did the same thing. They got together and basically told AT&T and Verizon to fuck off. This is the entrepreneurialism that exists in the streets. Guys form an alliance so they can get product together. They may even be competitors but they recognize that everyone can make a lot more money if they get along. When it comes to business vs the streets, in the literal sense you won’t have someone coming to shoot you but a motherfucker will stab you in the back metaphorically. People may not be literally hiding in your bushes waiting for you to come home but there are always people who are waiting for you to be vulnerable so they can make their move.

The biggest difference between the two environments is difficulty. It is hard to develop a business that is sustainable and kicks out revenue, profits and is able to scale. It is easier to build a drug dealing operation than a legitimate business with all the rules and red tape you must operate within. All those little things that you can’t do in real business that you can do in street business is why discipline separates the two. There are a lot of inherent skillsets from drug dealing that can transfer over into the legal world. There is a different vocabulary in each world which makes the crossover seem more distant than it actually is. Using the business vocabulary is how wealthy people talk. That is something people in poverty don’t have growing up. Many people running drug rings have an entrepreneurial spirit but have never been exposed to anything of enough substance to demonstrate the other path.

In business there is no fair and unfair. There is only the people who make the rules and those who follow the rules. You are either the one making the ask or the one being asked. When you work your way up to the top, you can leverage your position to get the most out of people. When you go to people in high up positions you must recognize that you must pay the piper but you cannot let them know that you think you are paying the piper. It is a game of nuance. You have to be somewhat sly about the way you operate around people you are working for when trying to move up in an organization. You must have a plan of attack. In business, the guy with gold makes all the rules and you want to be the guy with the gold. If you think this is bullshit then work hard enough to make yourself the guy with the gold.

Our society does not preach the value of commitment. It is more driven around the idea of if you don’t like what is going on then change it. While this is true of some circumstance, when we make a decision to do something we must stick with it and hold true for awhile because we can extract something from that situation. With this commitment comes patience. Patience and commitment go hand in hand and in today’s society it is near impossible to find because literally everything we want is on demand. Everything in our world today is so instantaneous that we are not used to exemplifying patience. If you are willing to eat shit, expect nothing for 2 years and 12 hours a day you will be a millionaire. People do not take life seriously enough to handle this ask.

Being feared versus being loved… Fuck being feared. Rather than being feared you should command respect when you walk in a room. Leading through fear is not a sustainable way to build anything. The ideal combination is when people love you and are inspired by you but you also have their respect because of what you have done. Being loved comes through your actions not commanding it. Whether it is fear or love, you want to hang in the middle with respect as a leader.

Even if you are getting along with someone really well, if they get an opportunity to that will improve their situation they will take it. Even if it crosses paths with what the two of you were doing previously. A huge part of growing in business is eliminating the naiveté. One way you can save yourself is to stay out of the emotional space and to outline expectations and the dynamic of the relationship. Do this at the onset of the relationship. Get the hard, ugly shit out of the way at the beginning of the relationship because once both sides clearly understand the expectation that is how you have successful business relationship. If you do not outline this stuff at the top of a business you will run into problems down the road. Guaranteed.


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