Freight Train Mode

“When I get up, I don’t have to try to get out of bed.”

“Everyone is searching for harmony.”

“People think their time is so much more valuable than it is.”

“In order to have staying power there is a level of grind that you must have.”

“Preaching lifestyle is more important than any monetary value.”

“I just don’t believe that I can get injured lifting weights.”

“Whatever you put into the world, the world will return to you.”

“Real power can’t be given, it must be taken.”

“The life that you have is the life you create. Just as the problems you have are the problems you create”

“Have hard conversations fast.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:40
  • Why Won’t Maurice Lift With Cory?: 3:40
  • Moving For Purpose/Building The Studio: 10:00
  • Searching For The Project That Gets You Excited: 19:20
  • Patience and Belief: 28:40
  • Building A Body of Work: 35:40
  • Running To The Uncomfortable: 48:40
  • The Way We Look At Money: 1:04:10
  • Waking Up To Do Something: 1:14:10
  • Ignorance Is Bliss: 1:23:00
  • Eliminating The BS: 1:32:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:47:00


When you set out to achieve, everyone thinks in their mind that once they get to a certain place then they will be good. They think I can work from my laptop or cell phone from the beach and just kick back, but you got to that beach by getting high on productivity. It will be cool for a few days but then you can start to feel idle. This is why John has moved to Columbus. Just because you can, you don’t change when you get “there”. Go somewhere for a purpose.

When you are starting something you should have a feeling of excitement and urgency that pushes you to go out and get stuff done. The getting started, creating your own path is the exciting thing. Figuring out what you’re going to do and how you are going to do it is the most exciting part of the process. If you are not doing something you truly enjoy, you will never feel the kind of satisfaction Cory, John and Maurice feel. Then figuring out how to monetize that passion is the icing on the cake. When the focus is on the task because you truly love what you do rather than being on the money, you are on the right path. When the focus is money, your attention is everywhere. You are less dialed in to perfecting your craft. Going back to a couple episodes ago, it is about chasing what makes you smile. If you recognize that something in your life is not making you smile you need to eliminate that from your life. Be conscious of what is making you smile and continue to follow that.

A lot of people stop when they see that the money is not coming in. If you stop after one year because you are not making money yet, then you go back to zero and now you can double the time you have to put in for anything to make money. It is all about your burn rate. If it is not costing you money and you enjoy what you are doing then keep with it! This is why it is so important to chase what makes you happy so you can have the will to continue pushing even when you aren’t making any money. The most important thing is that inside of all experiences when you are developing yourself, the monetary gain is not the only thing you should be focused on. If you spend too much time and energy worrying about the money you will miss opportunities and and chances for personal development. The more you are open to learning the better you can sustain a level of success once you get there. No one knows when the finances are going to pop but we have complete control over how we develop ourselves.

If you are patient and the losses you experience do not take you off the path of your belief then you will be better prepared for what comes your way. No one wants to have a body of work anymore. With the internet nowadays people can gain notoriety without creating a real body of work. They can cheat the system through social media. These people are limited longterm because nothing unreal exists. The younger generation cannot distinguish these fake people from whats real because they do not have the experiences. It takes time involved to be able to truly discern what is real but eventually those fake people will fall off because what they put out is not sustainable.

When shit gets uncomfortable people like to change course. Run to what makes you uncomfortable because that is what yields growth. When you run from it you are a quitter. If you take the uncomfortable head on you are saying you will never quit.

We look at money the wrong way. We believe that we need to have a stock pile of money if we want to have freedom and do what we want. That is not true. All you need is a situation that compliments your lifestyle. You do not need to have millions in order to live your ideal life. Everyone should go chase positive shit. The more you give of yourself, the more time and advice you give hoping to uplift other people the more you get in return.

Adults love to take themselves too seriously. It becomes awkward as we mature to call up our friends and ask if they want to “play” but when you think about it we do these things in other manners. We go to the gym together, organize events and things to do with one another. Everyone thinks they need to be some big bad ass business owner but maybe we should take the focus off that a little bit and concern ourselves with just being a little happier this year.

Maurice doesn’t believe in injuries. Ignorance can be bliss because if you don’t know or don’t believe that something is even a possibility then you dramatically decrease your chances of that negative event happening. When Maurice was building The Redzone he didn’t know what the hell he was doing but he had the wherewithal to figure it out as he went. When you begin to overthink about what skills you lack you start to put limitations on what you can accomplish. You are defeating yourself. You create the life you live just as you create the problems that you have. Real power cannot be given, it must be taken. The question is can you power through and stick to your plan no matter what happens along the way?

Have the hard conversations fast. A confrontation is not a fist fight. It is an uncomfortable conversation that can be moved past very quickly if it is approached the right way. Once it is out of the way, it is out of your head and then it is not affecting you anymore. The time that people spend in the hatred or angst is the time they need to accumulate the wealth they want. Create a hard break from anything that deters you from your path. No matter what comes into your path you must feel like a freight train that is just powering down the track to accomplish your mission. When you are not concerning yourself with all that other bullshit you have all that extra time to develop yourself and develop your business.

Those who have time have no money and those who have money have no time. People who are building something don’t have time to deal with trivial bullshit. There is no idle time to just sit because there is always something to be done. You grow out of the ability to socialize all the time and hang out.


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