Leading With Support & Battling Pressure

“Suffering is all part of purification.” 

“If there is power, money or women involved people reveal themselves.”

“Wherever your treasure is, your heart is.”

“When they make it they don’t know how to manage it, they think money is made to be spent.”

“Through desperation people do desperate shit.”

“If you are on Instagram, haven’t had massive success but want to look like you have, quit being a fuck head.”

“Let the passive income pay for the liabilities.”

“The best way you can reinvest back into the world is to give what you have gotten.”

“I don’t look up to anybody, I just want to get better.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:50
  • Experiencing Going Out On Your Own: 4:20
  • Geography Based Racism: 11:50
  • People’s Intentions: 20:50
  • Maintaining Relationships: 27:20
  • The Pressure To Succeed Early: 37:20
  • Stop Going Out On Tuesday: 46:00
  • The United States/Second Chances: 1:07:00
  • Dont Blame Anyone Else: 1:25:30
  • Closing Remarks: 1:32:15


When you stay around the same people and environment your entire life there is a built in ceiling for what you can achieve. There is tremendous value in going out on your own in a place that is unfamiliar because it forces you to build new relationships, learn new things and gain experience in figuring things out.

There are still places in the United States where segregation and racism is very prevalent. Maurice has experienced the fact that many people only treat him the way they do because of his athletic background. He has to be very careful of the people he hangs around because many would not want to be around him if it weren’t for his football career. That is why he and Cory were able to develop a real friendship because there was no money involved. Anyone can develop a relationship when money is tied to it but the odds of that relationship being real and beneficial on a personal or spiritual level to both parties is slim to none. People can view Maurice as an entertainer. Its the same with musicians or that new hot rapper who just came out with a new popular song who is your favorite artist for 2 months until that song fizzles out then you forget their name. Few people provide real relationships that is why you must value the ones you do have. You want to believe when you are young that everyone has good intentions but life teaches you otherwise. You learn that not everyone wants what is best for you and even further very few even give a shit.

If Maurice is doing business with someone strictly for business purposes and they are negotiating a deal, he will straight up tell them what he wants. If he has a personal relationship with them as well he will switch it and ask “what do you think is fair?” In their answer he will understand how they feel about him and his worth. Everyone can always find ways to make money and use people to make more money. But when you have real relationships that get screwed up because of money that is the thing that hurts the most. As an adult, even though you want to be super independent you want a real friend just like when you are a kid. The reality of the situation is you only have about 3 or less. Life happens so don’t get wrapped up in the little bullshit drama of life in High School or College. There are very few people from these times that you will stay in contact with let alone maintain a serious relationship with.

People get caught up thinking oh no I’m 30 or 40 years old and I haven’t made it yet. Warren Buffet did not have money until he was 48 years old. There is not time limit on success. Maurice’s friend who just got out of prison, after being locked up for 18 years still has a chance to be successful and live a good life especially because he has a true friend like Maurice who is willing and able to help him through the process. It is perspective. You can gain something and leverage positives out of any situation. His friend doesn’t need to just get a job at Walmart and accept that as the default for the rest of his life.

There is a pressure cooker for young people these days where they can feel that if they do not achieve a certain level of success at an early age then they never will and that they are failures. The way to combat that is as individuals understand that we control it. It is just a thought. It doesn’t exist if you choose to not participate in it. Otherwise it will just keep building and building. We are seeing young people who would rather be featured on a social media post than work for a company that yields opportunity. In order to get out of your own head, fact check it. You create these scenarios in your own mind so if you can speak objectively to yourself, you can enable yourself to not participate in that form of thinking. There is a narrative in people’s head as to be impressive to people. You are setting yourself up to have low self esteem and failure. If you haven’t done shit then don’t act like you have. No one wants to be seen building their shit. They just want to show that “they are killing it.” Even though that is not the truth. Focus on getting a thing going, selling a product or providing a service consistently to where the money comes through and you can then legitimately live the lifestyle everyone wants to portray.

Every single person can find a convenient reason for why they can’t get their shit done. You have to commit and recognize that when you are trying to build something that needs to be the priority at all times. It does not matter if it is your girlfriend’s birthday weekend. You cannot let that pull you from your path. Sure celebrate her birthday so you can maintain homeostasis in your life but you cannot let it hinder your productivity. It is very easy to show up on game day but motherfuckers don’t want to put in the practice. The practice and preparation is what separates people. The discipline is what makes you feel good the next day. People just don’t understand how good they can feel. For so many young people, their lives are consumed by their social life. You must prioritize your social life in the right spot. If you want to win on a high level, you have to sacrifice aspects of your social life. If you put discipline into your life you are rewarded.

One of the biggest problem in this country is that people break down into sects and divide themselves. Creating the division every one claims to hate by classifying a republican or democrat and then automatically opposing the other side without listening. Everyone needs to give the other side a chance because both sides have perspectives that are valuable when creating an informed opinion about an issue.

If you are able to leave a legacy on someone and help them through a tough time that is truly what life is about. The best way you can reinvest back into the world is to give what you have gotten. There are so many people who only have people around them because they have money. You should strive to be the person who people want to be around because of your personality and who you are. Not because you are able to pick the check at dinner. Friendships and personal relationships should never revolve around money.

You can always identify in any situation why you are to blame for a problem that you had. People love to blame those around them but if you are allowing negative influences in your life then that is your fault. As long as you continue to deflect blame on other people you never address the real issue. Therefore you never become any better and negative shit keeps happening to you.


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