We Live In Two Worlds: Inner & Outer

“It doesn’t matter what I do or what I have, I feel good about myself.”

“The deepest accomplishments come from your sense of self.”

“Your creativity is one thing that you have that no one can take away from you.”

“You can make as many mistakes as you want but they are not really mistakes. You are on a journey.”

“If pain isn’t part of the process, is what you are doing real?”

“People don’t realize how good discipline can feel.”

“When in doubt, the truth is the ultimate answer.”

“Hustle ideas, not people.”


  • Welcome Back: 2:00
  • What Is The Inner World: 4:30
  • Operating With The Want Of Nice Objects: 12:15
  • John Sees Auras: 26:30
  • The Pain Of The Process: 37:30
  • Inner Work To Achieve Happiness & Success: 57:00
  • Searching For The Truth: 1:07:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:16:00


There is a reality that many people over look. We have an interior world and an outer world. The interior world is what happens in our mind. It is what is within us. Compared to the outer world which are things such as materialistic items or vanity. Most young people think their identity comes from the world around them rather than coming from within. Our society conditions us to think this way. This leads to people just going with the flow and following the standard conveyer belt of the average American life. In order to identify this thing we refer to as the inner world, we must first quiet the exterior by eliminating external inputs, anything that draws your attention out of yourself. Focus on what you are thinking about and without judgement take note of your thoughts. Get to know yourself and figure out if you really agree with everything that is being said and told to you. You begin to develop who you are in the context of how you are relating to the world.

Of course we all want to drive a nice car, live in a nice house and be financially successful. That is all fine. While these are external items and can seem vain they are not inherently bad. They only become bad when they are the primary motivator for what we do. If these things become your identity then you are placing your value on the wrong thing. Your true identity is inside of you, not on the Bentley you want to buy. People feel like they need to have these external things in order to validate themselves. These external things are changing all the time. If you are connected to and prize these items there is no stability. The deepest accomplishments come from a sense of self. This can be a lonely and difficult path but when it starts to grow within you, the reward is worth the sacrifice. You are able to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. The inner development and creativity are things that can never be taken. You should always invest in the qualities that cannot be taken away from you.

When you start to track your thoughts, take note of what is going on inside of you and recognize that you do have your own little world. People can say, “oh you’re just off in your own world” and present it as if there is a negative connotation to that but there doesn’t need to be. Being in your own world, having that ability is one of the most valuable traits you can have. When you possess the ability to retreat into your own mind with an understanding of the self, the benefits are immeasurable. When you lose this, when you stop dreaming and pursuing what you really want out of life then you die a little. There is a necessary step in combatting this. It is not giving a fuck what other people think of your goals.

Since John has been a child he has been able to see auras. Auras are colorful representations of energy that surround people and living things. They represent that person’s emotional state. Each person emits energy and if someone gets upset he literally sees the color red around them. This is something that anyone can do, it is essentially a sixth sense. The importance is being open to it and it not being pushed against. The material things are gifts, if you are coming from the right place and have gratitude. We all are so much more than a grade on a test, more than a fancy car or a salary. If you have all these things but have not developed your inner world then you are still losing.

There are artificial ways we can tap into the inner world. Through alcohol and drugs we remove ourselves from reality to experience a sort of high for a period of time and then we come down into reality and experience the adverse effects of our decision to engage in those behaviors. What people fail to realize is that we are able to do this naturally through techniques such as meditation and personal development. The issue people have with these is they are not always easy but pain is part of the process. For anything sustainable that is of significance, pain is a prerequisite. There are two parts to this. The first is to recognize that there is a different world exists in everyone, the second being to learn how to tap into this world. In order to wake this up within you, you must be quiet or tune out all inputs and begin listening to yourself. Just notice where your mind goes and begin to understand yourself. Through this process you learn what your automatic response to controversy or things not going your way is. You begin to understand what thought processes or behaviors may be holding you back. The inner dictates the outer. The outer does not dictate the inner. For the person that doesn’t like their job, they tend to blame the external things such as their boss or circumstances but what they are failing to understand is all that can change with some adjustments inside themselves. The key is taking that time with yourself to understand where the adjustments need to be made.

A quick test to see if you do this already or if you are capable (we all are) is to think without distractions. Your mind can wander and may go to day to day concerns or what you are going to do for lunch that day but through consistent practice it becomes much simpler to be more introspective. Meditation is an incredible tool for this process. Dialing in to this allows everything to move slower. You are able to be intentional and conscious of your thought process rather than just being on a conveyer belt of automatic behaviors. Operating on this conveyer belt is when you are lead by the outer world.

The truth is the ultimate answer. For any situation or question, if you can remove yourself from the situation and look objectively you can get to the truth. This takes stepping back from the situation, moving your ego away from it and understanding that you may be the problem. When you are living your life in truth you don’t need to think about what to say or how to act. You should also understand how to discern truth from facts because truth can be subjective to people based on their experiences and level of consciousness. We all view the world through different filters and we cannot force other people to see the truth as we see it. That is their journey.


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